Most Popular Kinks: Everything You Need To Know

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April 24, 2023 8 minutes read
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The dating world is as varied as the people in it. Everyone likes something different, and that’s a good thing! There’s much to learn about the most common kinks, from praise kinks to CNC. But don’t worry. This comprehensive guide has everything to know about the most popular kinks in the dating world.

So, whether you’re a newcomer to the Kink community or if you’ve had many sexual partners, there’s something for everyone in this ultimate guide to the world of Kink. But first, let’s define Kink. What is a Kink?

The words Kink and Fetish are thrown about liberally in the dating world. But what are they? And what is the difference between them? According to PureWow, a Kink is a sexual act a person likes to do with themselves or consensually with partners. Kink differs from Fetish in that it is not required to arouse someone. It’s simply an add-on to the experience. Examples of kinks include rope bondage, the degradation kink, spanking, exhibition, and role play.

Most Popular Sexual Kinks

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Did you know that three-quarters of men and two-thirds of women say they have a kinky side? But it is noted that men and women having affairs said their lover is more likely to experiment with Kinky elements of sex. So, it’s important to keep your mind open. Buckle up! Let’s learn about the most popular sexual kinks among men and women.

What Kinks Are Most Popular Among Women?

We’ll start with the girls. So what are the most popular kinks among women? Guys have been trying to figure that out for centuries. Finally, here’s some insight to spice up your dating life.

Most Popular Kinks: Size Kink and Public Sex

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If your woman has a size kink, she’s into everything big. But luckily, size kink is not all about the dong. Women with this popular kink also get aroused by the difference in the size of other body parts. Think hands, torso, height, and of course, penis.

Suppose you’re lucky enough to be blessed like a bodybuilder. Or if you have a python between the legs, finding a woman that likes size is your top priority.

If you’re a showman or woman, having sex in public is right up your alley. Public sex, or exhibitionism, is one of the most popular kinks for women. Over 40 percent of females will say they would be excited by having sex in public.

Exhibitionism is all about being caught, putting on a show, and being desired by those around you. But be careful! Public sex is illegal, and getting caught can land you in serious trouble. But that only heightens the fun!

A good starting point for those interested in having sex in your car. We’ve all done it! But what if you went to a place where people could see you? Fuck in the bathroom at your favorite bar or restaurant. Or upgrade to having sex in front of consenting friends or on sites like Omegle.

And there’s always an orgy. Believe it or not, Orgies are a popular kink amongst women. It combines elements of public sex, same-sex experimentation, and group play. A question on Quora sums the situation up perfectly. “They’re arousing. They’re blissful. They’re exciting. They’re surprisingly intimate. They’re sexy. 10/10, highly recommend.”

Orgies can be hard to organize. But if you’re lucky enough to find one or if you feel motivated to organize your own event, go for your life!

Most Popular Kinks: BDSM and Consensual Non-consent

Another of the most popular kinks is BDSM. The mainstream image of BDSM is all whips and chains. But BDSM can take many different forms. From simple rope play to degradation and humiliation kinks. Some like to tie their partners up by a tie on the bedpost, and others prefer investing in chains, St Andrew’s crosses, and rigging that hangs from the roof. But really, women who reported liking elements of BDSM simply stated they like to submit. So, guys, get aggressive! But remember, these are a consensual kinks, so getting the ‘yes’ is important.

If BDSM sounds like it’s for you, communication is key. Start slow, create safe words, and, most of all, have fun!

But if you’re looking for something that will test your limits, consider consensual non-consent. It sounds like a paradox. But consensual non-consent, or CNC, is a favorite among women. In simple terms, CNC is a type of role-play that simulates an overpowering partner. It’s a form of BDSM that takes the act to its extreme. This is for experienced kinksters only and requires extensive communication, rule setting, and trust.

To start with CNC, the submissive party needs total control over the event’s planning. This allows them to give complete consent and enjoy the action. It’s important that everyone is comfortable and gets what they want out of the experience. Always double and triple-check consent!

Most Popular Kinks for Guys


While many of the most popular kinks for women also apply to guys, males have their secret desires. From homemade movies to humiliation plays, the scope for the most popular kinks for guys is endless.

Most Popular Kinks: Home Movies and Threesomes

It’s no secret that guys like the visual elements of sex. We live our lives in the digital world nowadays. Why not include sex in that? Filming yourself having sex can lead to an extra spice in the bedroom. And the resulting video can be used as foreplay later.

Another aspect of filming yourself having sex is related to self-eroticism. In the old days, people would have to have sex in front of a mirror or set up a camera to enjoy one of the most popular kinks.

Now you have your smartphones. You can prop up the camera, have fun in bed, and watch yourself back later. Having images and videos ready to go on your phone can heighten tensions throughout your day so that when you get home, you’re already hot and heavy and ready to go.

Sometimes two is the company, and three is the crowd. But not in this case. Threesomes are a fantasy for many and a reality for some. There are many kinds of threesomes. Male-male-female, female-female-female, the combinations are endless. But men are known to desire the holy grail of threesomes, male-female-female. It can be rare to find a female excited to have sex with a male-female couple.

But there is a couple of ways to help you find your special person. Some like the digital route, opting to turn to date sites for their search. Others are old school and go to swingers’ parties. Whatever your route, ensure you discuss boundaries, safety, and consent when finding your person.

Most Popular Kinks: Cuckolding and Humiliation

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But if you like to watch, cuckolding is one of the most popular kinks among men. A cuckold is a person who enjoys watching their partners have sex with other people. They’re aroused by watching their partner gain pleasure. Often the female’s external partner, or Bull, has a larger penis than the cuckold and likes seeing the pleasure their partner gets from the extra length (or girth).

It also allows some heterosexual and bi-curious males to explore their sexual orientation. They can use their partner as a surrogate for their own experiences with other men. But the majority of males report that they crave the humiliation aspect.

In this circumstance, many partners degrade their cuckolds while being watched by them during sex. But most desire humiliation from someone else pleasuring their partner while unable. And it can get extreme as well, adding elements of BDSM into the mix. You can use cages to lock your cuckold in. Then have sex on top of it.

If cuckolding gets you going, it’s important to approach it the right way with your partner. You don’t want it to come across like you want to cheat. Like always, communication is key!

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