Guide to Adult Cosplay: Dress Up Your Sex Life

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March 24, 2023 9 minutes read
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One of the best ways to spice up things in the bedroom is by being someone else. Let your imagination run wild and put on a costume that turns sexy time into a full role-playing fantasy. Not sure where to start? Welcome to our guide to adult cosplay.

Learn what adult cosplay is, how to make it sexy, and some of the best erotic costume ideas.

Guide to Adult Cosplay: What Is Adult Cosplay

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Before we slide into the sensual side, let’s define adult cosplay at its bare bones. Cosplay is a combination of “costume” and “play.” It means dressing up as a character. Mainly a fictional one from a book, movie, TV show, or other media piece. Cosplayers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some make cosplay costumes from scratch or use patterns for women and men. Others order premade options from retailers.

An adult cosplayer might mean someone over 18 who cosplays. However, “adult” has entirely different connotations depending on who you’re talking to. To some, the adult is a slang way of saying something is sexual, erotic, or generally inappropriate for children. Like “adult content” or “adult classifieds.”

That’s the kind of adult cosplay we’re discussing for the rest of this article. That branch of the costume play world means something else. It includes people who dress up as characters because they either derive sexual pleasure from it or to please others.

Sometimes these customers still wear outfits as detailed and accurate to the original character they’re playing as non-sexual cosplayers. However, others vamp up their characters. They incorporate more provocative elements. Like showing more skin or adding kinky features like BDSM gear. Whatever you find sexy and involves dressing up as someone fictional qualifies as adult cosplay.

How To Enjoy Sexy Adult Cosplay

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Next up in our guide to adult cosplay: how and where to enjoy it. You can technically participate in sexy adult cosplay in thousands of different ways and spaces. But for time’s sake, we’re outlining some of the most common (and tantalizing) ways to play naughty dress-up.

  • Watch (or put on) a cam show. One of the places where X-rated cosplaying thrives is online. A world of content creators dedicates their platforms to playing fictional characters to arouse viewers. They do live streams ranging from full-sex acts to teasing burlesque. There’s a long list of sites to check out for these services, but OnlyFans is an easy place to start.
  • Check out Porn. This one speaks for itself. Anything you might be into, whether a dom/sub relationship or a CNC kink, exists in video form on Pornhub. The same goes for watching people dressed like Zelda and Link doing the deed.
  • Join a cosplay dating app. There’s a dating app for everyone, including cosplayers. For lovers of all nerdy, pop culture, and obscure, check out SoulGeek. We can’t guarantee that every person on the app wants to fuck in a fur suit. But the odds are way higher.
  • Try it out for yourself. If you’re excited just thinking about sexy adult cosplay, why not bring it into your life? That way, you can play out the same fantasy you want in real life.

Guide to Adult Cosplay: How To Bring It up to Your Partner

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Are you reading this guide to adult cosplay because you’re unsure how to incorporate it into your raunchy romps? We feel you. Bringing up your dirty dreams to your significant other is not always easy. If it makes you less stressed, we advise you to start small and keep it tame.

First, read whether your partner likes the idea of cosplaying in general. (Skip this step if they’re a Comic-con regular.)Then, ask them what they think about roleplaying or wearing sexy costumes in the bedroom. If they’re open to that, but you’re still worried about the cosplay part, start there. Try fun outfits during foreplay. You could go with classics like a sexy nurse outfit or librarian.

Suppose your partner enjoys adding that to the mix; bring up cosplay sex. It’s not a far leap from roleplaying to cosplaying. You can explain that a specific character drives you wild or a storyline you want to reenact. If they don’t know as much about the subject as you, try introducing them to the original media piece. Watching movies, TV shows, or anime might ignite their interest in this fantasy.

However, if your partner tells you they’re not into cosplay sex, respect their boundaries. Not everyone shares the same turn-ons, and that’s okay. As mentioned above, plenty of other ways to enjoy this kink exist.

Best Erotic Adult Cosplay Costumes


Ready for the best part of our guide to adult cosplay? At last, we’re talking about the top erotic adult cosplay costumes to try out. For you lucky lovers that found someone itching to cum in character, we’ve picked out popular categories to choose from. We’ve also added a couple of costume guides to help you assemble simple base outfits. Of course, if you’re a regular cosplayer, feel free to go as hard as you want. (If you know what we mean.)

Guide to Adult Cosplay: Sexy Superhero

All costume guides need a superhero. The cosplay world is no exception. What’s one of the great things about using a superhero for your sexscapades? That there are already loads of premade costumes out there.

If you’re not particularly crafty, you don’t have to waste time turning a piece of fabric into a super suit. You can grab something from the store or order online. This is also great if you need something quick or are new to this lifestyle. Who wants to wait around for weeks of costume construction to have sex?

However, if you want to create your costume, here are two staples for beginners from our guide to adult cosplay:

  • Harley Quinn. Want to smash more than your hammer? Dress up as the Joker’s maniacal paramore. If you want to stay faithful to the original DC animated universe, you’ll need a red and black catsuit. But for something simpler, go with Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad version. Don barely-there booty shorts, fishnets, and a tight white and red shirt. Add a bleach-blonde wig with pastel ponytails and smudged makeup, and you’re good to go.
  • Batman. Get coital with the caped crusader. This is another one you can lock down with a store-bought version or an at-home quickie. For the homemade option, we think you should emphasize sexing up Bruce Wayne. Maybe he doesn’t need the bat suit. Perhaps he needs his toolbelt and a black speedo. Then put on a mask, and bat ears fashioned from duct tape or paper and a bedsheet for a cape. All that’s left is to practice your raspiest “Where’s Rachel?” voice.

Guide to Adult Cosplay: Alluring Anime

No guide to adult cosplay would be complete without mentioning anime. Anime and manga are huge in cosplay communities. So you know it’s a big part of the erotic side as well. Try out one of these two characters for a DIY and dirty time.

  • Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Punish intergalactic criminals and pleasure your partner as this anime bounty hunter. For a simple version of Spike, grab a navy blue suit. Wear it over a button-down with the collar pop and throw on a half-done tie. Extra points if you commit to the cigarette all through your hook-up.
  • Sailor Starlights from Sailor Moon. Pick from Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer. Dress like any of these scantily-clad alien sailors, and you will surely drive your significant other wild. Opt for black boots, elbow-length gloves, and a bikini. Add a body chain around your waist and a gold headband to your forehead to nail the look. You’ll be the prettiest guardian in the room.

Guide to Adult Cosplay: The Foxy Fighter

Suppose you’d dress like a modern-day woman or man; try out some combat-loving characters for your cosplay sex. This one might be the easiest of all of the suggestions in our guide to adult cosplay.

  • Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. This one’s another slam-dunk costume that’s sure to turn on your partner. Start with denim shorts and a crop top tank. You can sport the Angelina Jolie high-neck or thrill your partner with a low-cut version. Wear your hair in a long braid or throw on a wig. Add straps to your thighs and a pair of army boots. You’re ready to take no prisoners in the bedroom.
  • Maverick from Top Gun. Take your significant other to the mile-high club dressed as the ultimate airman. If you have an olive or khaki jumpsuit, you’re golden. Wear it buttoned up to give your partner a slow and steamy striptease. Depending on how wild you plan on going, leave the helmet on.

Guide to Adult Cosplay: Where To Find Adult Cosplay Sex

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No matter your cosplaying style, you can find adult cosplay sex on DoubleList. DoubleList is the best replacement for Craigslist personals and a fantastic option for finding niche kinksters like yourself.(And we’re not just saying that because we literally wrote the guide to adult cosplay.) All you have to do is write or respond to a personal ad matching your dress-up desires. On DoubleList, you can get as smutty or romantic as you want. Whether you wish erotic cosplay to be a one-night stand or a relationship is up to you.

The best part? Joining DL is free, anonymous, and straightforward. All you have to do is register with your email and then create a username and password. From there, just click on the forum for your city and enjoy. Sign up for your free account today!

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