Size Kink: Do You Size up Your Man?

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November 27, 2022 8 minutes read
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It’s not about the size, they say. Well, if you have a size kink, then size is a huge deal — pun, intended! But there’s more than one way to size up a man if your motto in the bedroom and in life is, “Bigger is better!” So ready your magnifying glass and let’s get up close and personal with the anatomy of this kink!

What Is a Size Kink?

We have to move away from any penis fixation to accurately define what a size kink is. Yes, this kink goes beyond the size of a man’s schlong. According to Urban Dictionary, a size kink is “Being turned on/aroused [by] a distinct difference in size in comparison to your partner.”

In other words, size kink is characterized by an intense attraction to somebody because of their size, or certain features that are relatively a lot bigger or smaller than yours. These physical features may be their hands, feet, torso, height, weight, or, yes, their penis. So size kink is not just about a sexual obsession with something being deliciously big — it goes both ways; your sexual preference may be for someone a lot smaller.


We have to reiterate that we’re not just talking about what one might answer to the question, “What physical traits do you find most appealing in a guy/girl?” You can say you’re attracted to men who are over 6 feet, or those with body-builder muscles, or who are literally hung like a horse. A man might say that he prefers his partner to be petite. But a distinct preference for a particular size only qualifies as a size kink when the thought, sight, or feel of it makes you horny.

Gay Size Kink

In the gay community, is gay size kink all about penis size? According to a Gay Male Journal article, “cock size is going to be a big issue” for gay men who are interested in hooking up. “Dick size is tied for first place with “are you a top or a bottom” in the hookup world.” When it comes to serious dating and relationships, “penis size can be significant, depending on the guys. But, most want to find someone who can satisfy them sexually, which always includes cock size. Yes, even if they don’t practice anal sex often. Oral sex is an integral part of gay male sex, so size will still be relevant.”

So it seems that size kink among gay men may not be just about penis size, too. As it is among heterosexual pairings, size kink for some gays may also refer to overall body size or the size of a specific body part other than the penis. There are gay men with a size kink who prefer their partner to have a dick that is much, much bigger than theirs — the longer and thicker, the better. The same can be said about women who have the same preference, however. But penis size may be a bigger deal when it comes to male gay sex compared to hetero ones.

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Why Is Bigger Better for Some?

We must also address the elephant’s giant trunk in the room (watch out for more puns, folks!) and talk about our fascination with penis size, particularly the jumbo ones. It’s well established that larger penises are linked to higher rates of sexual satisfaction and female orgasms. This study on how “Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness” also draws a very convincing and enticing picture.

According to the study, there is a linear relationship between penis size and attractiveness. However, “Penis size had a stronger effect on attractiveness in taller men than in shorter men. There was a similar increase in the positive effect of penis size on attractiveness with a more masculine body shape (i.e., greater shoulder-to-hip ratio). Surprisingly, larger penis size and greater height had almost equivalent positive effects on male attractiveness.” In other words, how much penis size affects male attractiveness is largely dependent on whether or not a man already has other attractive traits to begin with.

For most women, gay men, and even some straight men (think penis envy), a colossal junk automatically makes a man a thousand times more sexually appealing. For those with a penis size kink, on the other hand, only the size of the mondo junk matters.

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Size Kink Smut

There are many ways to get your size kink fix, and size kink smut is a guilty pleasure you will definitely want to sink your teeth into. Check out these size kink book recommendations from Goodreads.

Size Kink Featured in Monster Erotica

There’s no better way to explore the limits of size kink smut than with monster erotica.

  • Monster Labs, Inc: Monster Erotica Collection (Monster Labs Inc Book 1) by Eva DeMoan. In this short story collection, a young woman will be left bound, naked, used for bait in the woods, in hopes of luring the reclusive bigfoot. But what happens when bigfoot snatches her and takes her back to his lair? — A creature at the lab that is half-man and half-squid will his tentacles claim every inch of the human female left bound for him to f*ck. — A young woman will flee the labs and end up in the arms of the very wolf-man who has used her body once a month, unbeknownst to her. But it isn’t just his cock she’ll have to accept. She might be his, but his entire clan will take her however and whenever they want.

Size Kink Featured in Menage/Reverse Harem Romance

Menage romance offers the perfect plot to satisfy size kink fantasies.

  • Huge F-Buddies by Stephanie Brother. It’s supposed to be a summer fling until my heart gets involved. When my absent father drops into my life and invites me to stay, my planned summer of fun becomes a vacation of discovery. I go from being an orphan to having a family, including four huge step brothers. Anderson, Jefferson, Carson, and Brayson are my dad’s best players and rivals to my university football team. Tall and broad with bulging muscles and sexy tattoos, it’s all I can do to keep my cool. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m burning up the moment I arrive. Give me temptation, and I’m all over it like a rash. After all, I’m only young once, and having four F-Buddies is better than just one, especially when they’re under the same roof. Four times better, to be exact!

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Female Macrophilia

This one’s a rare literary size kink find, filled with stories featuring larger-than-life women.

  • The Macrophilia Manifesto: Extremely tall voluptuous beautiful women loving and dominating tiny men by R.B. Greenfield. Macrophilia is defined for this book as “lover of large” tall, voluptuous women and giantesses. The Macrophilia Manifesto begins with an important essay about sexual freedom and acceptance of self and others. You’ll find that Greenfield’s writings in the genre of beautiful large-to-giantess women and petite men are a little different from the usual. Yes, we indulge generously into creative and extreme sexuality. However, even more important is the development and evolution of the characters as they learn to find intimacy and emotional/spiritual growth. Also key in these stories is an element of joy and humor along the way – no matter how dire circumstances may get.

Satisfying Your Size Kink Online

If you’ve had your fill of adult movies and erotica reads, or if neither of these are enough to satiate your size kink cravings, you can try an adult personals site where anything is possible and all kinks, fetishes, and fantasies are welcome — a site like DoubleList.

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