How To Get Laid in College: Study More Than Just Your Major

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July 7, 2023 12 minutes read
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Are you a freshman who feels lonely because you’re away from home for the first time? Or maybe you’ve already spent the past couple of years trying to get single girls to pay attention to you. Not to worry, folks. Keep reading this article because we’re going to teach you how to get laid in college!

By the end, you’ll feel more confident about getting laid in college.

How To Get Laid in College: The Study Group Method

College students aren’t as sex-crazed as movies make them out to be. Yet there is still a large number of the student population who wouldn’t mind knocking boots with you.

Group Study Technique: How To Get Laid in College 101

Joining a study group might sound boring, but bear with us here.

It’s a terrific way to meet beautiful girls in your class and learn how to get laid in college. Let’s face it: class doesn’t let you interact with women.

Study groups are more casual. This means you’ll have more time to flirt with the sexy girls sitting in front of you. All the better if she can assist you in improving your GPA!


You’ve Got a Friend in Me: How To Get Laid in College

Being friendly before and after class is another great method to get laid in college.

People socialize both inside and outside of lecture halls right up until the lecturer begins their talk. Use this opportunity to flirt with the beautiful girls in your class.

Putting the Word ‘Mate’ in Classmate Into Action

When you’re in college, getting study dates can be a breeze. All you have to do is ask the prettiest girl or cutest guy to tutor you. You don’t need to pretend to be dumb. Just ask them if they would like to study with you sometime.

It’s wonderful to have some time apart from class and the study group for the two of you. You’re getting alone time with them so the two of you can get to know each other better. You’ll also connect over the experience of learning the content together. If you can help them improve their grade in class, they will definitely remember it.

Make Your Move and Seize the Day — Or Them

It’s late, and you’ve been studying for hours. Make your move without fear. Remember, if you’ve been talking and flirting and you’re back in your room or theirs, chances are they’re interested. So, wait for the right moment and make your move.

Many people think they struggle with how to get laid in college. They’re simply missing out by not making the first move.

If you’re unsure, you could start with a light touch on the back of her hand. Or teasingly ask them about their love life. If you both have sex on the brain, you’ll surely end up having a good roll in the sheets.

How To Get Laid Easily in College

If you’re struggling with how to get laid easily in college, here are some more steps to follow.

  • Look in the right places
  • Use dating apps
  • Work on your appearance
  • Understand how to approach sexy girls or guys
  • Have a game plan
  • Remember to have fun!

Simple, right? Let’s see how you can make the most out of your college years.

How To Get Laid in College: Looking in the Right Places

Depending on the school you go to, your locations will vary. Is it mostly a college with frat houses? Parties and college gatherings are your best bet. Sexy college girls in a party mood are more likely to want to get laid.

You can meet partners in class or social groups if your school is a little more preppy. It all comes down to knowing where to look.

Take some time to observe your college surroundings. Find out where people tend to congregate. Make sure that you’re in a social and relaxed setting before making your move.

If you’re interested in a hookup with travelers, exchange students, or backpackers, visit places that these people go to. The bars and clubs near hostels are great places to meet travelers and tourists.


How To Get Laid in College: Should Students Use Dating Apps?

Yes, you should use dating apps while in college. If you’re solely looking for beneficial hookups, search for casual dating apps.

You might attend school with a large number of people. But that doesn’t mean you have the same number of opportunities.

Some people are in couples and others may not want to date. Dating apps can help you find out who’s into dating and who’s not. You can use these to determine who might want to sleep with you.

Also, most college girls and guys nowadays prefer to connect through social media and dating apps first.

If you use dating apps, be honest about your desire of looking for a hookup. Be clear that you’re only looking for something casual. Although you may appear to be putting people off, most people will appreciate your honesty.

Say Yes to the Dress: How To Get Laid in College

We know that being yourself and feeling at ease is important. But a makeover can often improve your chances of getting laid. At the end of the day, first impressions are important.

But it’s not just about looking good. You want the hottest girls to think of you as a serious candidate. You can accomplish this by grooming and dressing well.

When it comes to how to get laid in college you don’t have to go to extreme lengths when it comes to getting laid in college. People will notice that you pay attention to your appearance. Put on some nice cologne or tie your hair in a pretty braid. You’re more likely to find someone attractive if you put some effort into your appearance.

The idea is to have a decent sense of style that is also comfortable for you. Get a haircut that compliments your face and dress for your body type. Diet and exercise are also excellent ways to improve yourself if you want to make a significant transformation.

One of the benefits of making an effort with your appearance is that it boosts your confidence. The more confident you are, the easier it will be to get laid.

How To Get Laid in College: Get Out Of Your Head!

Going up to strangers and talking to them might seem scary. However, this is a fear you must overcome to achieve any level of success.

Don’t give up if you can’t find someone who is actively connecting with you. It may be easier to start by approaching people who are on their own. Striking up a conversation with a group of people can be daunting.

So, think of a few things you’d like to say to start the conversation. Remember that if you’re a guy trying to hit on a sexy girl, they’ve seen it all. Try not to use cliched or sleazy pick-up lines.

Make an impression by saying something amusing or interesting. Remember that just because you’re attempting to sleep with someone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort. You should still be charming and flirtatious.

At the end of the day, you must pluck up your courage to approach the person you like. That’s the only way you’ll learn how to get laid in college.

If you enjoy drinking and going out, hang out with guys who go drinking with college girls.

Your roommate could even hook you up with people with the same interests if they’re part of a clique.

When you get to know more people, your chances of finding someone who’s attracted to you increase. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself taking beautiful girls or handsome guys to your dorm room!

H3: How To Get Laid in College: Don’t Be Boring

Questions like ‘What are you studying?’ and ‘Where are you from?’ are boring. This will only last a couple of minutes before you both awkwardly smile and flounder for something to talk about.

Try not to ask questions in rapid succession. You’re attempting to provide a prologue to a fun time together. This isn’t an interview.

2. Think outside the box when it comes to follow-up inquiries. Or ask them if they’ve done something interesting lately.

Overcoming Obstacles: Exploring How To Get Laid in College

One of the reasons it’s difficult to get laid in college is that you live in a dorm. You most likely have at least one or more roommates. Even if someone agrees to come home with you, your roommate being there could make things awkward unless they’re into threesomes.

Talk to your roommate ahead of time to reach an arrangement. If you text them ahead of time, they could leave the room. You could do the same for them when they need some privacy.

Make sure you have condoms in your room and pockets as well. Being well-prepared is sexy!

More Tips for How To Get Laid in College

Are you looking for more guidance on having sex in college? Here are some more tips you can start using today. These simple tips could be just what you need to finalize the deal and sleep with your college crush.

How To Get Laid in College: Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Don’t overthink your strategy. If you notice a gorgeous female you want to chat with, approach her. Worst case scenario, she rejects you. What do you have to lose? So approach her and discuss anything you may have in common. You can start a conversation about almost anything and get someplace.

Getting Laid in College: Introduce Yourself Before Dancing

Picture this: you’re in a party mood and looking for how to get laid in college. You head to a party and see a sexy girl dancing by herself. You go up to her, and then what?

So many men think it’s totally acceptable to start grinding on women on a dance floor. Yes, you’re all horny but have some class. Even if it’s extremely noisy and dark, always ask a girl first if she wants to dance.

A Little Touch Goes a Long Way

Touch is an infallible test, fellas. You’re gold if you gently grip her waist, and she doesn’t cringe and leans into you. You can test how comfortable they are will small touches of the hands or arm. Gauge whether she pulls away or if she likes it.

If you get a good response, take things a step further. Tuck her hair behind her ear. This may seem strange, but toying with their hair is like PG-rated foreplay for girls. They’re not interested if they don’t want you touching something as innocuous as the ends of their hair. They certainly won’t want you touching anything else.

How To Get Laid in College With the Power of Eye Contact

Strong eye contact is something that many people seem to forget. It makes us feel more at ease, conveys confidence, and is the simplest method to express interest.

Don’t be overly creepy, though. When you’re talking with someone who interests you, hold their gaze for 1-2 seconds at a time. Holding this brief gaze before looking elsewhere can be seductive.

You may find yourself looking at their lips. Whether this is intentional or not, it’s a clear sign to show that you’re interested in them sexually. You can convey a lot of non-verbal messages via eye contact.

The more you practice this, the better you’ll get. There’s an art to seducing people, and eye contact plays a major role.


How Easy Is It To Get Laid in College? Reddit Answers

If you don’t mind getting trolled by strangers on the internet, Reddit is a treasure trove of answers.

Many people ask about how easy it is to get laid in college on Reddit. We’ve compiled a short list of top Reddit tips and tricks for you.

  • Start a conversation with as many people as possible around campus.
  • Get involved in activities in and out of class.
  • Be funny and laugh at their jokes.
  • Be confident.
  • Show genuine interest.
  • Don’t be clingy – play it cool.

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