Best Sex Positions for Men: Exploring Pleasure and Intimacy

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September 14, 2023 10 minutes read
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If you’re a sexually active man looking to boost your sex life, trying out new positions is a great start. While we often fall into our familiar favorites like doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl, there are plenty more. Add an exciting element to your bedroom antics with our best sex positions for men. From deep penetration to visual arousal and everything in between, let’s delve into the world of intimate connections.

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What Sex Position Feels Best for Men?

The sex position you enjoy the most entirely depends on your preferences and your partner’s needs. Most of us will have a favorite, but some sexual positions will feel better for men than others. Start the intimacy with foreplay to boost pleasure from sex. Are you ready to try a spontaneous position next time you’re intimate? Let’s take a look at what sex position feels best for men.

Having their partner on top in either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl can be a highly pleasurable experience for men. It takes some of the pressure off performing and allows men to relax while their partner takes control. Not only that, but men can get a great view of their partner, which can boost their visual stimulation. This works for both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

If you’re having sex with a female partner, cowgirl can also allow you to perform clitoral stimulation. It’s far easier to pleasure your partner with either your fingers or a sex toy, like a vibrator. This can enhance sensations for both parties.

Typically, the deeper you penetrate your partner, the better it feels. The Anvil is a highly pleasurable sex position for both of you. It involves putting your partner’s legs over your shoulders to improve your thrusting abilities. The Anvil allows you to get deeper than ever before, enhancing sexual pleasure. This position also allows for intense G-spot stimulation if you hit the right angle. If you’re struggling to reach the G-spot, move into a planking position by leaning further forward.

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Best Sex Positions for Men Looking For Visual Arousal

Most men rely on visual stimulation as part of their sexual experience. Seeking sex positions that allow you to see your partner can, therefore, lead to a better climax. While Cowgirl can be very attractive to men, it can often be overused. For an exciting experience, try setting up a mirror on the side of the bed. That way, you can watch yourself having sex with your partner from a different angle. Positions like Missionary or Doggy Style can be especially arousing as you watch each other’s reactions and movements.

Let’s take a look at some other sex positions for men that are visually arousing:

  • Seated Lotus. Both partners sit facing each other, with legs crossed and bodies close. This position provides an intimate connection and allows you to maintain eye contact, enhancing the visual connection.
  • Reverse Cowgirl. The receiving partner faces away from the penetrating partner while straddling them. This position provides an explicit view of the receiving partner’s backside, adding a visual element of excitement.
  • Lap Dance. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner’s lap. This creates an intimate power dynamic and offers a direct visual view of each other’s movements and reactions.
  • Erotic Artistry. Use props like feathers, blindfolds, or silk scarves to engage in sensual exploration. Positions that allow your partner to be blindfolded and touched in various ways. This creates a heightened sense of anticipation and visual satisfaction.
  • Intimate Dance. Incorporate slow, sensual dancing into your intimate experience. Move together, maintaining eye contact and sharing soft touches and kisses as you explore each other’s bodies.
  • Bedside Tease. Have your partner lie at the edge of the bed while you stand or kneel beside it. This position offers an enticing view and easy access to teasing touches and oral stimulation.

Best Sex Positions for Men Wanting Deep Penetration

For men seeking deep penetration during sex, you can achieve the desired sensation in several ways. Here are the best sex positions for men looking for deep penetrative sex.

  • Doggy Style. This classic position is renowned for its ability to allow deep penetration. The penetrating partner enters from behind while the receiving partner is on their hands and knees. This position offers a direct angle for deep penetration and allows for a range of rhythms.
  • Pile Driver. In this position, the receiving partner lies on their back with their hips raised. They can do this by either placing their legs over their head or resting them on the penetrating partner’s shoulders. This angle facilitates intense penetration and allows for deep exploration.
  • Bridge. Both partners lie on their backs with their hips raised, creating a bridge-like shape. The penetrating partner enters from a kneeling position, allowing for deep and intimate penetration.
  • Bent Over Furniture. Similar to Doggy Style, this variation involves the receiving partner leaning over a piece of furniture, such as a table. This position allows for deep penetration and can be visually arousing.
  • Deep Impact. The receiving partner lies on their back with their hips slightly elevated. The penetrating partner enters from a kneeling position, allowing for a direct angle of deep penetration.
  • Kneeling Spoon. Both partners kneel facing each other, with the receiving partner’s back to the penetrating partner. This position offers a comfortable angle for deep penetration while also maintaining an intimate connection.


Best Sex Positions for Men With Small Penis

Sexual satisfaction isn’t all about penis size. It’s only one factor among many that contribute to satisfying intimate experiences. Focusing on positions emphasizing emotional connection, clitoral stimulation, and overall pleasure can lead to satisfying encounters.

Here are the best sex positions for men with small penis:

  • Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). This variation of Missionary involves the penetrating partner shifting their pelvis slightly upwards. This allows for direct contact with the clitoris. This can enhance pleasure for both partners.
  • Spooning. This position offers a comfortable and intimate connection. It’s less about penetration depth and more about emotional closeness and physical touch.
  • Woman On Top. When the receiving partner is on top, they can control the depth and rhythm of penetration. This allows for a personalized and pleasurable experience.
  • Lotus. Both partners sit facing each other with their legs intertwined. This position emphasizes intimacy and can facilitate close eye contact and emotional connection.
  • The Anvil. With your partner’s legs raised and resting on your shoulders, there can be increased clitoral stimulation and depth.

Best Sex Positions for Men Struggling With Premature Ejaculation

For men dealing with premature ejaculation, it’s important to prioritize communication, relaxation, and focus on mutual pleasure. Here are the best sex positions for men that may help to manage premature ejaculation:

  • Start-Stop Technique. Engage in penetration until you feel close to ejaculation, then pause and focus on other forms of stimulation. This can include kissing or manual touch until the urge to ejaculate subsides.
  • Deep Breathing Positions. Engaging in deep, slow breathing during intercourse can help manage arousal levels. Combine this technique with positions that allow for face-to-face contact and connection.
  • Kegel Exercises. Both partners can practice Kegel exercises, which involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic muscles can aid in the control of ejaculation.
  • Sensate Focus. Prioritize mutual exploration and intimacy without the pressure of intercourse. Focus on touching, kissing, and caressing each other’s bodies, enhancing the emotional connection.

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Best Sex Positions for Men Wanting Intimacy

For men seeking intimacy and emotional connection during their intimate moments, certain sex positions can improve closeness. Here are the best sex positions for men that prioritize emotional intimacy:

  • Missionary with Eye Contact. While engaging in the Missionary position, maintain eye contact and hold each other close. The emotional connection and the ability to read each other’s expressions can create more intimacy.
  • Face-to-Face Standing. Standing facing each other with arms wrapped around each other allows for close body contact and intimate gazing. This position can feel very intimate due to the closeness of the position.
  • Seated Embrace. Sit facing each other, legs wrapped around each other, and embrace closely. This position fosters emotional closeness and the ability to communicate through touch and words.
  • Reverse Hug. In this position, the penetrating partner hugs the receiving partner from behind while lying down. This physical closeness and tender embrace can evoke a strong sense of intimacy.

Best Sex Positions for Men That Are Heavy

If you’re a man with a larger physique, finding positions that are comfortable can be tricky. You may need to adapt standard techniques to ensure you both feel pleasure. Here are the best sex positions for men that are on the heavier side:

  • Spooning. This position is great for couples of varying sizes. Both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction, allowing for intimate physical closeness and easy access.
  • Modified Missionary. Elevate the receiving partner’s hips with a pillow or cushion to provide better alignment and comfort. This variation can offer deeper penetration while accommodating different body sizes.
  • Sideways Straddle. The penetrating partner lies on their back, and the receiving partner straddles their thigh or hip. This position allows for face-to-face intimacy and a comfortable angle for penetration.

Best Anal Sex Positions for Men

Anal sex can be a pleasurable experience for men and their partners. For the ultimate pleasure, start slowly, use plenty of lubrication, and prioritize comfort and relaxation. Remember, anal penetration isn’t for everyone. Ensure your partner is comfortable before proceeding. Here are the best anal sex positions for men to try:

  • Doggy Style. This position is versatile and can be adapted for anal penetration. The receiving partner gets on their hands and knees while the penetrating partner enters from behind. It allows for deeper penetration and offers a different angle of entry.
  • Missionary with Legs Up. The receiving partner lies on their back with their legs raised and bent at the knees. The penetrating partner enters from above, allowing for a controlled and comfortable pace of penetration.
  • Kneeling. The receiving partner kneels with their upper body resting on a bed or another surface. The penetrating partner can enter from behind, providing a comfortable angle for anal play.


Best Sex Positions for Men Looking for Control

Are you a man who enjoys having control during sex? Certain sex positions can allow you to choose the pace and depth of penetration. Communication and mutual consent remain crucial in exploring these positions. Here are some sex positions that offer a sense of control:

  • Pinned Down. The penetrating partner holds the receiving partner’s wrists above their head while being on top. This position can evoke a strong sense of control and dominance.
  • Erotic Wrestling. Playfully wrestle or grapple with your partner, allowing the dominant partner to be in control. This can transition into passionate and intimate moments.
  • Armrest Hold. The receiving partner rests their upper body on a piece of furniture, such as an armrest. The penetrating partner then enters from behind. You can use the armrest for leverage and control.
  • Standing Rear Entry. The receiving partner bends over a surface, such as a table, while the penetrating partner enters from behind. The penetrating partner has control over the depth and rhythm.

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