Asexual Dating App: Where Love Takes Center Stage

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September 19, 2023 9 minutes read
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Navigating the digital sea of modern dating can feel like riding a roller coaster. But for the asexual crowd, it can sometimes feel like they’re on a completely different ride. According to Healthline, asexual people don’t experience sexual attraction. So, how do these individuals find an asexual dating app that speaks their love language?

Being asexual isn’t about sidestepping love. It’s about the bonds formed through shared experiences, mutual respect, and emotional alignment.

Imagine an app where the focus shifts from the typical to the meaningful. An environment where you’re not defined by societal standards but celebrated for your distinct approach to love.

Intrigued? Stick around as we journey into the vibrant landscape of asexual dating and the digital platforms championing it.

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Everything You Need To Know About Dating an Asexual

Asexuality is not a one-size-fits-all label. It represents a vast spectrum of personal experiences and feelings. Some might wonder: Do asexual people even date? Absolutely! But asexual relationships have nuances distinct from what many might consider ‘traditional.’

Let’s uncover the essence of asexuality and delve into the supportive role you can play when dating an asexual.

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Understanding Asexuality

It’s important to know that asexuality is a spectrum. On one end, some people might never feel a hint of sexual attraction. On the other, some might occasionally feel this attraction under specific circumstances. People often call these variations ‘gray asexuality’ or ‘demisexuality.’

Many asexual individuals feel romantic attraction towards people and form life partnerships. They might crave holding hands under a starry sky or having heartfelt conversations that stretch into the early hours. The primary difference? Sexual desire might not anchor these relationships.

Some might partake for various reasons, like building intimacy with a partner or wanting children, while others might abstain altogether.

Supporting Your Asexual Partner

In every relationship, mutual understanding and support are the foundation stones. Here’s a roadmap to nurturing a loving, understanding relationship with an asexual partner:

  1. Active Listening: Before diving into solutions or opinions, it’s essential to listen genuinely. Grasp their feelings, understand their perspectives, and recognize their boundaries. It’s the primary step to establishing trust.

  2. Avoid Pressuring: Never push your partner into situations they’re uncomfortable with, especially regarding intimacy. Asexual individuals have their own boundaries, and respecting these is paramount.

  3. Celebrate Emotional Connections: Recognize the beauty of your deep emotional bond. While many relationships prioritize physical intimacy, yours may thrive on profound conversations, shared dreams, and mutual goals.

  4. Open Dialogue: As the relationship progresses, keep the lines of communication wide open. Discuss everything – from future plans to concerns.

  5. Respect Their Identity: It’s crucial to understand that being asexual isn’t a phase or something that can be ‘fixed.’ It’s an intrinsic part of who they are. Accepting and celebrating this, along with gender identity, forms the core of genuine support.

Building a solid relationship with an asexual partner is not so different from cultivating any meaningful relationship. It requires trust, understanding, and mutual respect. Celebrate your partner’s identity, and you will ultimately create a strong bond.

Is There a Dating App for Asexuals

Is there a dating app for asexuals? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, there are many to choose from.

Asexual individuals often find mainstream dating apps lacking in nuance and understanding. The emphasis on physical attraction and immediate chemistry can feel isolating. The need for asexual dating apps is gradually being fulfilled. More and more tailored apps are emerging and championing inclusivity and understanding.


The Best Dating Apps for Asexuals

Today’s world has dating apps tailored for almost every conceivable niche, including asexuality. These apps prioritize genuine bonds over fleeting connections.

Many platforms are claiming to offer the best experience for the asexual community. So, how do you sift through the noise and find the best dating apps for asexuals? Fear not. We’ve delved deep to bring you a curated list. Let’s introduce you to some of the most promising dating apps for asexualsHinge

Hinge has made a name by promoting “designed to be deleted” connections. While not exclusively for the asexual community, its inclusive settings have made it a popular choice among asexual individuals. Here are the features of Hinge:

  • Preference Settings: Users can set their sexual orientation, including indicating they’re asexual and ensuring they’re matched with like-minded individuals.

  • Connection Over Swipes: Users like or comment on specific parts of others’ profiles instead of mindless swiping, initiating more meaningful conversations.

  • Designed to Be Deleted: Hinge’s philosophy focuses on helping users find lasting relationships rather than casual encounters.

  • Advanced Filters: Beyond just asexuality, users can filter potential matches based on various factors, from religious beliefs to hobbies.

  • Roses: A unique feature where users can give ‘Roses’ a potential match they’re particularly interested in, making their interest stand out.

Hinge is different from your typical dating app. It offers everyone, especially the asexual community, a real chance at finding meaningful connections.



HER was initially tailored for queer women. But with its dedication to inclusivity and community-building, it’s no surprise that asexual individuals have found a home on the app.

  • Inclusivity at Its Core: Originally crafted for LGBTQ+ women, HER’s focus on inclusivity translates well for asexual users seeking understanding matches.

  • Rich Profiles: Users can share photos and text updates, giving a more comprehensive glimpse into their lives and personalities.

  • Friend Mode: Not just for dating, users can switch to ‘Friend Mode’ to seek out new friendships without romantic expectations.

  • Expert-Verified Accounts: HER prioritizes safety and authenticity, ensuring users can trust the profiles they interact with.

  • Tailored Newsfeed: HER’s newsfeed shares LGBTQ+ and community-related news, making it more than just a dating app but a holistic community platform.

HER’ is a unique community. Its features and ethos provide a nurturing platform for asexual individuals to build relationships. Be they romantic or platonic relationships.


Taimi caters to a diverse audience, including asexual individuals seeking meaningful connections. Here are the best features of Taimi:

  • All-Inclusive Approach: Taimi’s dedication to representing all spectrums of sexuality makes it an accommodating space for asexual users.

  • Video Calls: You can initiate video calls within the app. This allows for a deeper and more personal connection before meeting in real life.

  • Digestible Profiles: With a user-friendly profile layout, Taimi encourages sharing personal stories, interests, and aspirations to foster genuine connections.

  • Safety Measures: Taimi employs several safety tools, including two-step verification, profile moderation, and live support, to ensure a secure user experience.

  • Customizable Discovery: Users can set specific preferences in their discovery settings, ensuring they’re matched with like-minded individuals.

Taimi is a blend of dating, networking, and community. It’s a go-to app for many in the asexual spectrum looking for a relationship.


Boo understands that romance isn’t always about physical intimacy. Sometimes, the shared laughter, the mutual dreams, and the cozy evening talks hold the essence of love.

  • Purpose-Built for Asexuals: Boo prides itself on being a platform where asexuality is not an afterthought but the main focus. This makes for a space of understanding, acceptance, and tailored experiences.

  • Genuine Profiles: Boo encourages users to be authentic, ensuring that profiles are real, filled with authentic experiences and stories.

  • Deep Connection Tools: Instead of superficial matches, Boo offers tools like ice-breaker questions, shared interest tags, and personality quizzes to foster deep, genuine connections.

  • Community Forums: Beyond individual connections, Boo boasts community forums where users can discuss various topics, from asexual experiences to favorite book genres.

  • Safe and Inclusive: Boo emphasizes user safety, offering features like verified profiles, user block options, and detailed privacy settings.

In the vast ocean of dating apps, Boo is a lighthouse for asexual individuals, guiding them to genuine, meaningful connections. Whether you’re seeking romance, friendship, or a community that understands, Boo might be the haven you’ve been searching for.


Dos and Donts of Setting up an Asexual Dating App Profile

Crafting an authentic dating app profile, especially on a platform tailored for asexual individuals, is both an art and a science. Here’s a guide to ensure your profile resonates with potential matches:


  1. Be Authentic: Highlight your true self. Let your quirks shine, whether it’s your love for cats, passion for painting, or penchant for philosophical debates.

  2. Clear Intentions: Specify what you’re looking for, be it friendship, romance, or simply an asexual chat. It helps in aligning expectations and forging meaningful connections.

  3. Use Quality Photos: Opt for clear, well-lit images that showcase your personality. A mix of headshots, full-body photos, and a few depicting hobbies can be enticing.


  1. Avoid Vague Descriptions: Phrases like “I love music” or “I enjoy movies” are too broad. Delve into specifics – maybe you’re a jazz aficionado or a sci-fi film fanatic.

  2. Negativity: Steer clear from listing what you don’t want. Focus on the positives and what you’re hoping to find.

  3. Over-Editing Photos: It’s okay to want to look your best but avoid over-editing to the point where images no longer resemble the real you.

Crafting a profile is the first step in your journey on an asexual dating app. With honesty, clarity, and a personal flair, you can ensure your profile stands out and attracts like-minded individuals for genuine connections. 

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