How To Do Wax Play: Heating Up Your Sex Life (Literally!)

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September 15, 2023 9 minutes read
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The bedroom—an arena where desires and fantasies take center stage. If you’re feeling like your sex game needs some electricity, listen up! We’ve got a steamy little secret for you. It’s time to learn how to do wax play.

Yep, you heard it right – wax play! It’s not your grandma’s candle collection we’re talking about.

Now, don’t raise those eyebrows just yet. We’re not suggesting you unleash a full-blown circus in your boudoir. But let’s be real. Sometimes, even the tamest of turtles need a nudge out of their shells. And that’s where wax play struts into the spotlight.

Maybe you’re the kind who loves a good roller coaster. Or you’re just looking to turn up the heat (way up). Either way, wax play might just be your ticket to the land of pleasure.

But hold on thrill-seekers. Wax play isn’t your average candlelit dinner. Safety is your wingman here, and communication is your co-pilot.

Would you jump into a hot tub without checking the temperature? Probably not. Thus, the main question here is, “How to do wax play?” We’ve got the scoop on all the do’s and don’ts.

If your bedroom diaries need a plot twist, the wax play might be the page-turner you’ve been waiting for. Get ready to dip into this steamy adventure. After all, life’s better when it’s lived adventurously, especially in the bedroom!


What Is Wax Play? Introducing Heat to the Bedroom

Alright, let’s cut to the chase – have you ever seen those fancy candles that look too good to burn? Just imagine that you’re using the candles as tools for seduction.

You’ve got a sizzling-hot partner, a bunch of candles, and thrilling ideas of dripping hot wax on your skin. Yep, you heard that right. It’s not a candlelit dinner. Let’s just mention – tolerance for heat is a must!

What is the goal? Oh, it’s simple: tease the senses, spark the curiosity, and melt away whatever’s been cooling down your bedroom adventures.

Are you wondering, “How to do wax play, and is it complicated?” Think of it as a teasing dance between hot wax and bare skin. What about the candles? Those are not your basic birthday candles, folks. We’re talking mood-setting, high-quality wax designed to thrill. The kind of wax that makes you say, “Let’s do this again”.

Get ready to sculpt some memories that’ll stick long after the wax has cooled.

How To Do Wax Play: Reasons To Indulge the Heat

Do you ever wonder what happens when a hot candle’s wax touches your skin? It’s the moment you step into the sensual world of wax play. If you are thinking about it, here are some reasons to try it out. Let’s spill the saucy details!

First up, say hello to the thrill of the unknown. You and your partner are navigating uncharted territories that scream the adventure.

Now, let’s talk senses. We’re not just talking about the basic five. We’re turning the volume up to eleven. Sight, sound, touch – they’re all invited to the party.

But there’s more! Are you ready to level up the intimacy? You will take the pleasure to new heights. The temperature in the bedroom will be higher than ever!

A quick tip – don’t worry about the fact you are a beginner. You will quickly learn how to do wax play. Once you see how simple yet thrilling it is, you’ll be glad you didn’t back off.

Are you ready to break the routine and give your senses a rollercoaster ride they won’t forget? If so, wax play is the answer. Get ready to melt, mold, and experience unforgettable moments!

How to Safely Do Wax Play: Beginners Guide

Are you ready to dive into the world of wax play like a pro? Luckily for you, we’ve crafted a guide that explains how to safely do wax play.

From the conversation with your partner to the proper wax selection, we’ve got your back. It’s time to enter the wax play and enjoy the game without any “oops” moments. Learning how to do wax play is simple and incredibly fun.


How To Do Hot Wax Play: Talk to Your Partner First

Before you dive into the world of wax play, let’s chat about something important: communication. Surprises are great, but when it comes to melting hot wax on the skin, a little talk is necessary.

You may want to surprise your partner, and your partner’s got no clue. But hold up – what if they’re allergic to that wax or have a skin sensitivity? You want to avoid any risk of skin infection. Not a single person wants to deal with an unpleasant surprise.

That’s where talking comes in. Introduce the idea gently and communicate openly. This isn’t the time to be secretive. Share your ideas and desires and see if your partner is on the same page. Not everyone dances to the same song. While for you the hot wax on the skin is a turn-on, ensure your partner thinks the same. If the answer is yes, you can start learning the rest on how to do hot wax play.

How To Do Wax Play: Choose the Right Candles

Wax play is a game of seduction, and choosing the right candles is the grand opening. You can start the journey with soy candles, as these are mild and soothing. They are perfect for the skin prone to irritations.

Now, here’s the clue on what to avoid: dyed, metallic, scented, and stearin-based candles.

Safety first! Wax play temperature candles have a limit to keep your skin safe. Unscented, soy, or paraffin candles are the stars of the safety show.

But if you’re serious about this, invest in candles for BDSM wax. These candles are available for the purpose – specifically for wax play. When you use a kink-specific candle, you’ll avoid potential issues, such as burning your partner, yourself, or the space.

Also, get the candles in reputable beauty stores or sex toy stores. Keep in mind that many of these candles are for massage as well. They are usually infused with essential oils that add an aromatic twist to the play. These candles are an ideal option that will make your playtime unforgettable.

How To Do Wax Play: Preparing the Skin for New Sensations

When learning how to safely do wax play, preparing the skin is one of the vital steps. Skin preparation isn’t just a prelude. It’s your armor against any unwanted surprises.

You’re about to dive into a hypnotic wax sensation, so why not make it a smooth one? Start by shaving. Yes, a pre-wax shave will ensure you have an amazing time from start to finish. Next, focus on pampering your skin with a layer of lotion or oil. Applying lotion or oil serves as your protective barrier, shielding your skin from any unexpected twists.

There you have it, the backstage pass to a seamless wax play performance. Treat your skin correctly, and you’ll enjoy all the rewards that come with the play.

How To Do Wax Play: Set Boundaries and Go Slow

Wax play is an adventure like no other. Thus, it’s essential to learn how to do wax play from scratch. Keep in mind that every step is equally important. If things get too intense or perhaps uncomfortable, you should let your partner know.

In wax play, there’s a good rule: start with less sensitive zones first, such as shoulders or back. As the heat intensifies, you can go toward the stomach or inner thighs. Avoid dripping wax on the face, head, or intimate parts of the body.

There’s no need to rush things. Allow the anticipation to build, teasing your senses with every drip of molten wax. Use slow, deliberate movements to begin with and a quick drip now and then.

Remember to set boundaries and choose a safe word when you need a break. Let slowness be your friend on this journey. Both you and your partner will enjoy every second of it.

The Cooldown: Dedicate Enough Time to Aftercare

Many people wonder how to do wax play and clean the skin when the show is over. Here’s a quick guide.

  • Remember, patience is a virtue as you let the wax cool. Resist the urge to rush into removal.
  • Once the wax hardens, you can use some tools to remove what’s left. A stubborn residue? Don’t panic. That’s normal.
  • You may use a loofah, a butter knife, a comb, or a plastic card to remove what’s left.
  • Ensure to clean all the wax.
  • Now, it’s time to shower. Use a cleanser, and if some residue is still there, it’ll disappear.
  • The burning sensations are amazing, but you may need something to soothe the skin. You can apply a lotion or aloe vera gel after the shower.

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How To Do Wax Play: Find Like-Minded People on DoubleList!

In the journey through the world of wax play, it’s important to follow these steps one by one. From communication with your partner to proper aftercare, everything plays an essential role in the process. If you follow our guide, you can count on the most amazing wax play ever.

Remember, there’s no stopwatch ticking and no rush to reach the end. Go at your own pace, embrace it all, and let your senses experience everything.

Now that you know how to do wax play, it’s time to try it out! Step into it boldly, and don’t forget to have fun!

One last thing. If you’re struggling to find someone to experience wax play with, try signing up with DoubleList. It’s free and quick, so you may as well give it a shot!

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