Breath Play Kink: A Must-Read for the Sexually Adventurous

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August 10, 2023 11 minutes read
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Although it might seem risky, breath play kink has its appeal. Find out why this BDSM-style kink is becoming popular and how to incorporate this safely into your sex life. We will also give you some options for kink-friendly dating sites you can use at the end of the article. 

You’ll know everything there is to know about the breath kink and where to find others with the same interest!   

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What Is Breath Play Kink? Introduction to the Fetish

Breath play kink is a sexual activity that involves the restriction of oxygen to enhance sexual pleasure or orgasm. People often include this type of sex play in BDSM.

You can do this through solo play or partner play, in which you have submissive and dominant partners. Some say that this is one of the most controversial BDSM techniques. That’s because the practice involves putting your life in your partner’s hands.  

Now that we’ve answered ‘What is breath play kink?’, why is it so appealing to some people? 

The first reason is that you’ll feel the release of endorphins when airflow resumes after constriction. The release of endorphins and the rush of hormones during sexual intercourse will create an intense sensation. 

That might apply to the submissive partner, but what about the dominant one? Well, it turns out that breath play also serves as a useful instrument for manifesting power in a BDSM relationship. Which is how the dominant partner will get their high. 

Other reasons that people want to try this technique are curiosity or wanting to try something new. Some also found an increasing level of trust in their partner. Lastly, there’s a sense of taboo in the practice that people find arousing.  

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Different Types of Popular Breath Play Kink Techniques

There are different types of breath play or erotic asphyxiation. These range from low-risk techniques to riskier ones. 

The low-risk ones are breath swapping and neck holding. Breath swapping involves locking your lips together and exhaling your breath into your partner’s mouth. Neck holding is a type of breath play where one partner puts a hand on a partner’s neck without pressure.

A step up from the low-risk technique is breath holding and nose pinching. Breath holding is simply holding your breath until you experience lightheadedness, and nose pinching is pretty self-explanatory.

Lastly, there’s choking, using hoods or chest compression. These techniques completely restrict oxygen and can be risky because the control is in the partner’s hand. One wrong move and the outcome can be less than ideal. Both partners need to know each other well and use precautions such as safe signals before diving in. 

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How To Incorporate Breath Play Kink Into Your Sex Life

There’s no denying that unsafe sexual acts can lead to BDSM fatalities. So when it comes to the topic of breath play, you need to know how to minimize the risks

First and foremost, you always need to gain consent from your partner. Communicate clearly what you expect from the encounter, and never catch them by surprise. Remember that consent given in one scenario doesn’t automatically roll over to the next session. So reiterate consent every time you are divulging into breath play kink.

Establish safe signals and non-verbal cues with your partner before you start. Usually, people use safe words during BDSM play. But this is hard during erotic asphyxiation because your breath is restricted. Instead, use designating actions such as signaling time out with your hands.  

There’s also the option of preparing extra precautions by knowing CPR and having safety scissors present. That way, when emergencies occur, you’ll know what to do. 

Lastly, we recommend you stick to lower-risk techniques such as breath swapping to avoid the risks. In addition to this, you can also try tantric breathing, where you use different breathing patterns. Combine this with commands or other forms of kinks to induce the BDSM nature. 

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6 Best Dating Sites & Apps To Try Breath Play Kink

So are you ready to try breath play kink? When it comes to finding matches, online dating is the best option. Whatever your preferences are, you can find a platform that meets your needs.  

We made a list of the best sites where you can find your matches. These platforms are great to look for those who have an interest in BDSM play. With these sites, you can finally get into the real world and try out your kinks with a consenting partner.

Fetlife: Find Your Kinky Match With a Social Network

Fetlife is a superior bondage and fetish website, and it has a huge BDSM community. Most people call this site the Facebook of Sex because it works just like the social media platform. 

On Fetlife, you can openly discuss your desires, bodies, and kinks without shame, thanks to its open-minded users. It has its friend networks, feeds, photos, comments, pages and event recommendations. 

The platform has a “list of fetishes” page to find people who are also into breath play kink. But if you’re new, the best option is to find groups for shared kinks and find out more about them. By joining the group, you can attend gatherings and slowly get into BDSM.

Fetlife is so much more than a hookup site because it’s an online community first, and foremost. Use it to your advantage and socialize with other users while also educating yourself on breath play kink. Before you delve into BDSM, you and your partner should establish trust. Getting to know each other better through Fetlife is a great way to start. A Site That Welcomes Unique Sexual Desires is for people who are into BDSM and casual encounters. It’s also a well-known platform for couples looking for swingers and threesomes.

Find potential partners using their advanced search options, and the site will show you active users. has a free account option, but to start getting matches, you need to pay for a VIP account. With the paid version, you can message people who also have a breath play kink. 

Another way you can engage in the platform is by joining chat rooms. This is where you can get more info on kink culture and active members that can be potential partners. 

For first-time explorers with secret kinks, you might worry about being recognized. The good news is, does not ask for your name and instead has usernames for identification. But remember to be active because will kick you out if you’re idle after several months.  

AFF: Popular Platform To Find Breath Play Kink Community

Join the largest community of online daters by signing up for Adult Friend Finder. You might already be familiar with this site since it’s the biggest online dating platform with 80 million members. 

AFF is famous as a hookup site, but you can also easily find people who are into breath play kink. The site offers a free account, but to find like-minded people, you need a premium one. With the premium account, you can specify your preferences in detail, including kinks, orientation and even their body size. 

After you select the traits, the site will give you options, and you can start to find your perfect match. When you find them, all you need to do is roll the dice and send a message. You can also try joining chat forums that cater to your kinks available on this site. 

One particular warning for AFF is to look out for scammers. This is due to the sheer amount of users available. You’ll likely receive messages upon signing up, but watch out for spam! 

ALT: Adult Kink & Fetish Hookup Site for Amateurs 

Looking for high-quality dating sites for the BDSM community is hard, but ALT comes close to being the ideal platform. This site is not a typical hookup website, and you won’t find anyone “vanilla” on it. Usually, users are looking for kinks, fetishes, arrangements, or unique lifestyles.

When you sign up for ALT, you will need to specify whether you’re single, a couple or in swinger groups. You will also need to choose your specific kinks when you set up your profile. This makes it easier for you to connect with other users that share your interest in breath play kink. 

ALT has free memberships available, but you need the paid version to connect. Free accounts can’t read messages or see user profiles. The good news is they have several tiers of membership, so you can choose the more affordable one. 

At ALT, you can feel safe because they have strict community guidelines that guarantee everyone’s well-being. So whether you’re a beginner or experienced, we recommend this site for anyone curious about BDSM. It’s the perfect avenue to test the waters, and the matches you’ll get will be worth the wait. 

Feeld: Find Breath Play Kink Partners With a Fun Mobile App

Feeld has been around since 2016, making it relatively new to the game. The app takes inspiration from Tinder, but it’s for people who want to explore their kinks. 

Feeld is a great way to start getting into breath play kink because the app is relatively safe from scams. Another plus point is the anonymity aspect. This means you can explore anonymously and reveal your identity to people you trust. 

The app also welcomes other forms of sexual exploration, such as swinging for couples. It even allows you to link profiles with your significant others so everyone can see the details. The platform has a smaller user base compared to other dating sites. However, it has plenty of active users. 

One downside is that most of their users are in major cities. This makes things difficult when you’re traveling or living in rural areas. 


DoubleList: Find Kinky Hookups With Personal Ads

If you want to be specific about what you’re looking for, try DoubleList. This dating platform is perfect for finding your kinkster soulmate because it works like Craigslist. DoubleList is where people post adult classifieds. 

On DoubleList, all you need to do is post your ads and communicate what you’re looking for in a match. So if you’re looking for breath kink play partners, just include the keyword into your ad. People who have the same interests as you can find you and message you directly. 

You can also go through profiles or use the search option and contact the ones you find interesting. You’ll find plenty of like-minded people who also want to explore their sexuality. 

You can sign up for free to DoubleList and classify your status and interests, such as a breath play kink. Posting ads allows you to be incredibly specific about what you’re looking for. Therefore, you can spend more time interacting with like-minded people. This means you waste less time on conversations with people who don’t share your interests. 

The site is welcoming and caters to everyone that is looking for casual fun, regardless of sexual preferences. The free version offers great features. You can join chats, send photos, view webcams and post comments. 

But if you want to increase your chances of hookups, your best bet is the subscription program. It’s a paid version that lets you send unlimited messages and post more ads. So you’ll get more chances of meeting your match. 

Go ahead and sign up to DoubleList to start your kinky adventure!

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