What Does “Something Casual” Mean on Bumble?

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May 13, 2024 7 minutes read
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We all know the feeling of relentlessly scrolling through options on Bumble and having no luck. Not my type, lives too far away, and I went to school with him. It gets pretty disheartening! But hang on, this handsome stranger looks like a catch! My type, lives around the corner and knows no one I know. You start chatting, the sparks start flying, but then they drop a bombshell. They’re looking for something casual. 

So what does “something casual” mean on Bumble? When you imagine your ideal outcome of using Bumble, was the word casual involved? If not, this might look like a red flag at first glance. However, before you unmatch them, consider what it really means and whether it’s something you can get on board with. To put your mind at ease, let’s explore some more! 

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Using Bumble: What’s It All About?

In the world of the online dating scene, Bumble stands tall for people with all kinds of dating preferences. All those confident women out there will be happy to know that this app gives the ladies all the power. This sets it apart from the other dating apps out there. It offers ladies the chance to make the first move. How exciting!

Like other dating apps, Bumble lets users create a profile with photos and quirky and fun information. So, when the ladies see something they like, they’re free to put it out there. Plus, during the profile setup stage, you get the chance to answer some Bumble prompts. These work as great icebreakers! 

According to Bumble, there are “94,000 new users each day.” The site also says that they “watch 23 million new matches” form every week. So, you’re never searching alone! You also have the option to pay for a subscription or not. If you decide to pay, you can set up advanced search filters to help you find your perfect match. If you go for the free version, you can choose two. 

What Do People Use Bumble For?

The good thing about using Bumble is the amount of options on offer. You can actually use it for any dating preference you want. As long as you’re 18 or over, you can dive right into dating and get searching. 

Whether you want a long-term relationship, some casual fun, or anything in between, Bumble caters to everything. If you’re not sure, you can still enjoy mingling with matches and getting flirty over messages. However, confusion is totally normal! If you’re chatting with someone who’s made you search “Something casual meaning on Bumble,” you might wonder where you stand.

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Let’s Dive Deeper: What Does “Something Casual” Mean on Bumble?

So, let’s say you’ve matched with someone, and it’s going great, and you’re starting to wait for their replies. They reply pretty quickly, ask how your day is, and compliment your photos. The dating app dream! But, as time goes on, you might want a little bit more clarity. The “What are you looking for?” question is great for ruining the flow of a conversation. However, it does need to happen! 

“Something casual” is another way of saying they don’t want a committed relationship or to move in together. Instead, they want the perks of a relationship but no ties, pressure, commitment, or deep emotional feelings. For example, they might want to have casual hookups and a few dates here and there. But, if you’re thinking of meeting their parents, it’s a hard no! 

To make it even more confusing, there are several different interpretations of “casual.” Here are some examples:

1. Casual Dating 

Are you looking for regular sex, dates, and steamy makeout sessions? Sure, you can see them outside the bedroom, enjoy their company, and enjoy a romantic relationship. However, you might also decide to do the same with other people. You have no ties to that person, but you might still have a slight emotional connection. 

2. Friends-With-Benefits 

Another interpretation of “something casual” is a friends-with-benefits situation. This dynamic is all about the sexual perks of a relationship. However, you don’t really go on dates or have a connection. It’s very sex-orientated! These types of dynamics are prone to becoming a little messy, so communication is key! 

3. Casual Hookups

Some people use dating apps to find a casual hookup. They’re all about getting laid. Some people might chat with people on dating apps with the intention of sleeping with them. Usually, they don’t want it to go any further. 

Essentially, if someone is looking for a casual relationship, they don’t want to commit. Do any of these situations appeal to you? A lot of the time, people look for casual on Bumble because they don’t feel ready to settle down. They might be newly single and out of a long-term relationship. Or, it might just not be their style! 

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The Perks of “Something Casual”

If you’ve matched with someone on Bumble who wants “something casual,” you might be freaking out. The truth is, casual can seem quite daunting if it’s not something you’ve done before. The good news is that there are quite a lot of benefits that come with this arrangement. 

Have you been searching “Something casual, meaning Bumble”? Well, it can actually come with a lot of perks. Here are some:

1. Freedom 

Casual dynamics give you freedom as there are no ties or pressures. You don’t have to worry about being there for someone or the pressure of settling down. Instead, you can see them every now and then and enjoy a good time together. You have the freedom to explore with other people, too, and you’re not restricted. 

2. Low Pressure 

Have you ever matched with someone, and it felt like a lot of pressure way too soon? With casual dating, the situations tend to come with low or no pressure. This is great if you’re recently single, as you can just enjoy getting to know the person. You don’t have to dive right into a pressure-filled situation. 

3. Exploration and Experimentation 

Think about it: if you’re casually dating someone you met on Bumble, you can try out new things. You can dive into dating and explore some kinks, fetishes, or desires. You have the freedom to try out new things and experiment with what you like and don’t like. So, when the time comes and you want to find a partner, you’ll know what to look for. 

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4. Fun Experiences 

Are you newly single and looking to have some fun? Casual is great for that. You don’t have to settle down or worry about dating pressures or commitments. Instead, you can just enjoy someone’s company, have some steamy dates and sex, and focus on yourself. Dating when you’re looking for a long-term partner is sometimes stressful, but enjoying a casual encounter is much more thrilling! 

5. Emotional Freedom

We all know how it feels when we get emotionally attached to someone we shouldn’t; it’s the worst! Especially if they’re looking for casual and you’re not! The good thing about someone saying they want casual on Bumble is that you know what you’re signing up for. You can try to stop yourself from getting attached as best as possible. Say hello to emotional freedom and goodbye to stress! 

If you’ve been searching for “Something casual Bumble,” you should feel better knowing what to expect! Being casual is all about embracing freedom and enjoying the dating experience. So, the next time someone drops this bombshell, you’ll feel more prepared. 

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