DoubleList Subscriptions: Which One Is Right For You?

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May 7, 2023 7 minutes read
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Want to meet singles on DoubleList but don’t know if it’s free or if you have to pay for it? You’ve come to the right place for answers. Online dating sites are appealing because you can choose from a large user base of people to connect with. DoubleList is an online dating site that helps adults find the kind of love or sexual partner they are looking for. DoubleList subscriptions allow you to write personal ads that attract the right type of attention from people who share the same interests.

Today, we will look at how you can subscribe to the dating site and which subscription is best for you.

DoubleList: A Craigslist Personals Alternative

In addition to finding jobs, cars, and apartments, people used Craigslist to post personal ads in search of love or hookups. That is until it shut down in 2018.

People love personal ads for many things, mainly because of the format. The format of personals encourages transparency since you read the ad first and get to look at pictures later. 

If a person’s post appeals to you, there’s a potential that you won’t take their physical characteristics into account as much or that you may choose someone you wouldn’t typically see yourself with. This opens up the possibility of pursuing your sexual interests without fear of rejection.

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Using DoubleList subscriptions comes with rules allowing users to enjoy the diverse adult community filled with both heterosexuals and LGBTQIA+ people. This brings up a vital question, and that is.

One of the most important DoubleList rules is that there’s a 0% tolerance for any content relating to children, minors and young adults. Some of the other rules include the following:

  • No advertisements

  • No escorting

  • No massage or therapeutic services

  • No abusive content

  • No incest content

  • No drugs

  • No beastality

  • You can’t pretend to be someone else

You also must be a legal adult who’s 18 years or older to sign up with DoubleList subscriptions. 

Is DoubleList Subscription Only or Free for Users?

For casual hookups and dating, DoubleList is free. But there are also paid DoubleList subscriptions.

You can always continue using your free account, but by subscribing to DoubleList, you can benefit from extra features. DoubleList subscription only perks are similar to what the majority of dating apps and websites offer for their ‘freemium’ pricing model.

DoubleList users can scroll through the numerous pages of ads geared toward sex and dating and join a vibrant community of like-minded people. You can post about yourself, receive replies from other users and arrange meetups.

You also have unrestricted access to DoubleList’s blogs, which contains informative articles on relationships, sex and dating. If you want to benefit from the premium features, you can purchase a subscription plan based on your needs.

DoubleList Requires Subscriptions: Options for User Base

DoubleList has three tiers of subscription model plans which include:

  • Free

  • Hookup

  • Hardcore

When you sign up to one of the paid DoubleList subscriptions, you’ll be charged for an initial period before recurring payments are made to your account (either monthly or yearly depending on what you choose).

DoubleList will send a verification email to activate your account. Check your spam email if the email doesn’t arrive after five minutes. You may also need to verify your phone number to increase security and reduce spam accounts.

You can cancel the subscriptions and change your payment method at any time via your account online.

Cancellations are immediate, and DoubleList will not take any more payments unless you authorize them to. Refunds aren’t provided for any period of time when you weren’t using the subscription. 

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Free Tier

The free tier allows you to post personal ads (live posts), message other users and reply to advertising. This subscription tier has a daily cap on the number of live postings, messages, and page visits, and ads will remain.

DoubleList requires subscriptions to increase these limits.

There are also ads when using the Free tier. Those who are interested in occasionally browsing and messaging a couple of people every now and then can have fun with this account.

We recommend this tier for those who are new to dating or getting back into the scene. It limits the available features, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of the options.

Hookup Tier

DoubleList’s Hookup tier is ideal for those who have hit their daily restriction limit with the free account. You can send 30 messages per day, look through 250 pages each day, and submit six live postings at once with this option. You also have access to age and geographical filters.

The Hookup tier is useful if you’re expanding your reach and want to interact with more people consistently. The increased messages, pages, and simultaneous postings are great ways to explore and make your fantasies a reality.

Hardcore Tier

The Hardcore tier has a premium badge to show off your status as a top site member. You can filter posts by age and location while getting a completely ad-free experience.

This plan has unlimited messages; you can view as many pages as you like. Hardcore tier users also benefit from being able to post 10 personal ads. 

Which DoubleList Subscription Tier Is Best For You?

The free tier is best for casual daters looking to hook up occasionally. It’s also an ideal starting place for people to test the waters of online dating sites. You won’t have unrestricted access, but it’s enough to give you a good taste of what DoubleList offers.

You should consider subscribing to this tier if you want to post more than a handful of advertisements for different kinks and fantasies. The additional messaging feature is also necessary to spread your wings and connect with more people.

If you’re a highly active user on DoubleList and know exactly what you want, the Hardcore tier is just what you’re looking for. Level up to Hardcore if you tried the Hookup tier and still found it restrictive.

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How to Pay for Your DoubleList Subscription

Paying for your DoubleList subscription plan is simple and easy. There are two plans available for the Hookup and Hardcore tiers.

You can either choose to pay a small fee monthly or a larger sum on an annual basis.

Monthly DoubleList Subscription Plan

You can pay monthly and use your paid subscription for as long as you like, even if you’ve never written a personal ad. Users can use the Hookup tier to ease themselves into more social and adult interactions before committing to paying the higher fee with the Hardcore tier.

  • The Hookup tier monthly plan costs $10 per month.

  • The Hardcore tier monthly plan costs $20 per month.

Users like the flexibility that comes with the monthly DoubleList subscriptions. They allow you to unsubscribe anytime you wish. Therefore, if you’re too busy (or inundated with meetups), you can cancel your plan and pay again when you’re ready and want to access the site’s paid features.

Yearly DoubleList Subscription Plan

Consistent DoubleList users prefer paying yearly as it works out much cheaper than paying monthly for one year.

  • Hookup tier – $45 annually

  • Hardcore tier – $90 annually

Why Are There New DoubleList Subscription Plans?

One of the benefits of DoubleList subscriptions is that it reduces bots, scammers, and spammers. Having content behind a paywall helps to remove many of these threats so that genuine users can continue using the site to connect.

The free subscription will always be available. 

DoubleList has gradually introduced the subscription models since they were established in July 2022.

Enjoy Your Sexuality Online With DoubleList Subscriptions

No matter what tier you use, casual and active users of DoubleList can connect with others to satisfy their desires. All users are welcome, regardless of what they are looking for. If you enjoy kinks and fetishes or want to spice up your vanilla sex life, DoubleList is the place to be.

So, join now to meet your match (or matches) and start making new memories today!

Unlock your wildest fantasies and connect with locals today!

Connect with straight, gay, bi and curious!

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