Signs a Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

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May 17, 2024 8 minutes read
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Are you in the midst of a flirty, fun, and exciting casual relationship? But at what point do they transition into something more? It’s sometimes hard to tell when things start to get a bit more intense and a long-term relationship begins. What are the signs a casual relationship is getting serious?

When we like someone, wanting things to progress is totally normal! But are you on the right lines about your relationship status? Are you ready to dive into the world of casual relationships and explore the signs to look out for? Let’s get into it! 

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How To Know if You’re In a Casual Relationship

Before we explore the more serious side of relationships, it’s essential to know what a causal dynamic actually feels like. 

Let’s say you’ve matched with someone on a dating app, and you meet up twice a week. During the meetups, you might go on a steamy date and enjoy some nice food and drinks. Or, you might go to their place and have some flirty, fun sex. However, you wake up the next day, get ready, go back to your life, and leave them in theirs. You might not even text them for a few days. This is a casual relationship! 

Here are some more signs that you’re in a casual relationship:

1. You’re Both Seeing Other People 

If you’re involved in a casual dynamic, you’re probably also seeing other people. So, you might have a couple of flirty messages with one person and a raunchy rendezvous with the other. Without the commitment, you still have the freedom to explore other sexual relationships! 

2. You Don’t Mention Future Plans 

In relationships, talking about future plans is usually a promising sign that things are going to last. But, when things are casual, this isn’t the case as much. You might not even mention when you’ll next see each other, let alone a vacation in a year! 

3. Limited Introductions 

In casual relationships or casual hookups, you generally don’t meet the parents. You might meet some of their friends, but it’s only brief. If you don’t really mingle with each other’s people, it’s probably because of the low-pressure environment. Are you meeting your parents for dinner on Sunday? Well, your casual partner will have to give it a miss! 

Being in a casual relationship has a lot of perks. Plus, people find the concept of a lack of ties really appealing. But at what point do things start to change? 

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Signs a Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious Reddit Opinions: Online Insights 

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you’ll know how useful it is for giving insights. According to Business of Apps, “Reddit had 70 million daily active users.” They also state that the site has “approximately 850 million users who use it once a month.” So, it’s safe to say it’s pretty popular! 

Looking for some signs a casual relationship is getting serious Reddit insights? Here’s what we found:

1. They Become More Consistent

According to Redditors, consistency is a huge sign that a relationship is transitioning towards serious from casual. Basically, if you notice a shift in how often you see and hear from them, it’s a good sign. They might make an effort to make more time for you, showing that they’re ready for something serious. 

2. Their Effort Increases 

On Reddit, the word “effort” comes up a lot. According to Redditors, if you notice a shift in effort, it’s likely that the transition is happening. Let’s say you have plans to meet them on Friday night. Instead of meeting you at the place, they’ll pick you up. Maybe they bought you flowers to impress you. Or, maybe they spent some time cooking you a nice meal. This effort is a positive sign that they’re ready to take the next step. 

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3. They Discuss Future Plans 

Redditors also comment on future plans creeping into conversations. If you’re involved in a casual fling, you probably wouldn’t want to commit to plans. However, if you notice someone mentioning going to a certain place in a month, it’s a big green tick! They clearly see you guys working out, and this is their way of telling you! 

4. They Don’t Disappear After Sex 

Unfortunately, a casual dating relationship can sometimes result in people moving on quickly after sex. On Reddit, users discuss the positive sign of someone remaining interested even after you’ve slept together. If they want to develop deeper feelings, sex is only one element of your relationship! 

Thanks to Redditors, you can look out for these signs in your own casual relationship. Is your casual partner making more of an effort to show up consistently in your life? Or are they planning a fun event for a few months or even a year’s time? We won’t lie to you; these are pretty big giveaways! 

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Signs a Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious: Spotting the Transition

Is your casual relationship transitioning in front of your very eyes? This transition phase is really exciting, but how do you know if it’s really happening? We have some ideas! Here are some more signs that casual dating is moving toward a relationship: 

1. You Have Deeper Conversations

Are they telling you about their childhood? Bingo! During a casual encounter or fling, the conversations tend to avoid deeper topics. You might talk about sports or your day at work, but it’s all quite surface-level. If they’re asking you deep questions or opening up a lot more, they want to enhance your connection. 

2. You Spend More Time Together 

Are you seeing this person multiple times a week? Doesn’t sound very casual to us! It sounds like the opposite! You might find yourself planning a vacation together or going away for the weekend. Spending quality time together will deepen your connection and crank up the seriousness. 

3. They Introduce You to Their Friends and Family

Are they organizing an event where you can meet their friends and family? If you’re casually seeing someone, they won’t go through the effort of doing this; what’s the point? Introducing you to their friends and family means they’re proud and happy to show you off! Plus, it also shows that they want you to be more involved with their life! 

4. The Feelings Slip Out 

Did they accidentally say “I love you” at the end of a call? Or are they suddenly overwhelming you with compliments that make you feel like you’re in a romantic relationship? If their feelings are slipping into the air and they’re becoming more vocal, it’s a good sign! They clearly like you and feel the urge to tell you. 

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5. They’re Way More Affectionate 

Are they doing cute little gestures like kissing your forehead or holding your hand? If physical intimacy is increasing, so are their feelings! If you find yourselves cuddling or kissing a bit more often, you’re probably getting more comfortable together. If they act more loving towards you, it’s likely that they want to take things to the next step. 

6. They Take an Interest in Your Life 

Aside from spicing up the bedroom, are you and your casual partner asking about each other’s days at work? If they’re showing genuine interest in your life, it shows they care about you. Furthermore, if you find yourself wondering how they are, your feelings are probably developing, too. 

7. You’re Trying To Impress Each Other 

Trying to make more of an effort to impress each other is another sign of the transition. When you’re with someone casually, sure, you want to look good. However, you might not think of surprising them with a reservation at their favorite restaurant. Or, you might not care too much about cleaning up before they arrive at your place. When you get serious feelings for someone, you really want to impress them with the little and big things. 

These signs can sometimes be subtle. But looking out for them is a great way to work out your relationship status. Another way to find out is just simply to ask, “What are we?” Sure, this is a scary thing to ask, but clarity is critical! By recognizing these signs, you can enjoy the flow of the transition and watch as your feelings blossom. 

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