Top Hook-Up Apps: 10 to Download Immediately

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January 10, 2023 11 minutes read
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Are you trying to sort through the endless sea of dating apps and hookup services? Yeah. We’ve been there. That’s why we put together this list of 10 top hook-up apps. If you go to the app store or do an online search, you’ll run into millions of options. Including several scams or two. No one wants to be stuck shuffling through the BS when they’re chomping at the bit.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered for finding hookups. From the most popular sites with the most variety to those niche sites for your specific pleasures, we’ve found and gathered them right here. So, get your thumbs ready for swiping; this is going to be fun.

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1. Grindr

Ah. Grindr. We couldn’t talk about the top hookup apps without the ultimate DTF service. In fact, Grindr might be one of the top gay hookup apps. It’s that old familiar friend that knows how to hit you where you live. Literally. Sometimes, you just don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 

Grindr is the quintessential gay hookup app, the best hookup site, etc. The app technically accepts all queer people, but you’ll find that it’s mostly for gay men. It’s especially ideal for location-based matches. So, if you’re hitting the search bar with “hookups near me,” your best bet will always be Grindr. 

This app lets you pop in a photo, a basic profile, and your GPS. From there, just give it a few minutes, and you’ll see a scroll of locals raring to go.


  • With over 27 million users, Grindr is the biggest gay dating app, hands down.
  • Free version available.
  • Great for immediate and local hookups, an online alternative to finding a gay bar near you.
  • Oriented towards casual relationships and to find casual sex.
  • Now offers protective features like blocking screenshots and a video series to educate users on app safety.
  • After connecting and chatting with another user, you can initiate a video chat.


  • Grindr’s new focus on safety comes after government crackdowns on the company’s security breaches and data leaks.
  • NSFW photos and content are par for the course on Grindr. So if you’re not cool with getting unsolicited dick pics, keep moving.
  • Not ripped? Then don’t expect loads of messages.
  • Video chat capabilities are limited to 1 minute. You must upgrade your account for additional video chat time.


2. Tinder

Want casual sex or a one-night stand without much effort? Ship Tinder. Like Grindr, it’s known for being among the top free hook-up apps. In fact, it IS the top hook-up app in the US, with over 100 million downloads and 66 million users

Unlike Grindr, however, this app is for everyone. Whether you are straight or LGBTQIA+, you can use this swiping service. You can use it for finding anything from a casual connection, potential dates, or even sugar daddy/sugar baby situations. 

Similar to Grindr, you can also view matches based on proximity. However, instead of seeing an endless scroll of singles, Tinder also factors in an algorithmic match score. From there, you swipe right (say yes to) or swipe left (reject) on other users.


  • Available in free versions as well as paid membership tiers.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • It’s more customizable than apps like Grindr.
  • Open to all sexual orientations.


  • Fake profiles are aplenty. Obviously, no adult dating site is immune to bots, scammers, and catfishes. As always, review best practices on how to stay safe when meeting or talking with someone online.
  • A limited number of swipes on the free version. If you want to see more than 100 profiles a day, you’ll have to pony up.
  • Glitchy filtering. Lesbians report that even after putting in their sexual orientation, the app still sends them hetero men.

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3. Her

Ladies and gentlemen, HER. It’s no secret that many dating apps cater to men. So if you’re looking for a female-led space for queer women, check out HER. This app makes our list as one of the top dating apps for hooking up for many reasons. 

One, it’s perfect for all the lesbian, bi, queer, or non-conforming women and femmes out there. Here, you don’t have to worry about pervy dudes pestering you or trying to “find a third.” For another, it’s more than just a place for sex. 

It’s also a great free dating app, and you can add the “something casual” tag on your profile. This lets other users know you’re looking for something low-key. But if you’re looking for friendship or community, the app has a whole section just for that. You’ll find like-minded people ready to sprinkle your life with fun, sexy time, and all the gay emojis imaginable.


  • It’s a dating app for queer women, by queer women.
  • HER welcomes all lesbian, bi, queer, non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming folks
  • You can use it as a dating app, hookup app, or social media site to connect with others.


  • You must have a Facebook account to use the app. According to HER, this is for extra security. But you can’t use this app if you aren’t on the Zuck’s site.
  • Limited filters on the free version.

4. Scruff

Sending a bat signal out to all gay dudes: are you ready to graduate from Grindr? Then, meet Scruff. 

This is the app for men-loving men to date, hook up, or make friends. We’d put this app in the same category as HER. Basically, it’s a more sophisticated experience with plenty of social media-like options and filters to get the proper connection. 

With all these options, it’s no wonder that Scruff is on our list. For example, join sub-communities specific to your identity and interests. Like a group for twinks, bears, leather kink, military bros, and more. This app also comes in clutch when traveling. Use it to find partners in any part of the world or connect with local gay-friendly travel guides.


  • More specialized options than Grindr
  • There is less of a focus on explicit content than on other gay dating apps.
  • Great for international travelers.
  • It can function as a social media platform.
  • It is easy to filter matches for casual connections.


  • Frequent pop-ups and ads on the free version.
  • It is geared more towards larger cities. If you live in a small town, you’ll likely have a more challenging time finding hookups.
  • It has a website you can view on your computer but doesn’t have a desktop version of the app.


5. OkCupid

We’ll come out and say it: OKCupid is a lousy name for a dating app. It’s also not as talked-about as one of the top hook-up apps versus Tinder or Grindr. This possibly has to do with the app’s focus on personality-type questions. Also, in recent years, the app has attracted much more attention from left-leaning users and socially-conscious millennials. 

But hey, if you’re turned on by someone having the same political views as you, make it happen with OKCupid. You can still filter your matches by “hookups” only. Just don’t act surprised if you get more questions about who you voted for rather than super smooth sexting.


  • Best free app option by far. You don’t have to pay to get great features like searching for matches or messaging.
  • Plenty of profile-building questions so you can get to know your f***-buddy in more detail.
  • Offers a vast range of pronoun and sexuality options.


  • Skews towards millennials and older Gen Z daters. If you’re outside that bracket, you might not have much luck.
  • Don’t expect to feel at home if you’re apolitical or conservative.
  • There’s a downside to OKCupid being a free app. It’s more prone to dead accounts or people just using the app without meeting up.

6. Pure

Even with all the clear filters and labels on dating apps, sometimes your friends with benefits still catch feelings. That’s where Pure comes in. 

This is the app for all your NSA dreams. Pure earns its spot on our rundown of the top hook-up apps because of its blunt, sex-only approach. Other apps try to sell you on finding your soulmate. But Pure states in its rules that you should “pretend like your strangers” after hooking up with fellow users. 

Unlike the skeezy, borderline dangerous vibes of sites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, Pure emphasizes sex-positivity and privacy. Messages, photos, and other content you upload self-destruct every 60 minutes. So you don’t have to worry about leaving a paper trail. Plus, you can blur out explicit content or get alerts if someone is sending you nudes. Need we say more?


  • A clearly defined sex-only app.
  • Free version available.
  • Plenty of privacy features to keep your sexscapades low-key.
  • Location-based matches only.
  • Unlimited free chatting options
  • Low number of fake profiles


  • You can only upload one selfie per profile.
  • Because messages and likes have a time limit, it’s hard to plan a meet-up.
  • It doesn’t use an algorithm to match you with someone, just location.
  • Low number of users.


7. Hinge

To be clear, we almost didn’t put Hinge on our list of the top 10 hook-up apps. After all, their whole tagline is “the dating app designed to be deleted.” Clearly, Hinge’s reputation rests on being the exact opposite of Tinder. But, because of some features and its successful algorithm models, we decided to put it in this blog post. 

The app is good at matching customers with like-minded, compatible people. Which, even if you’re not looking for a long-term thing, is always a bonus in the bedroom. In terms of filters and features, you can add multiple photos, personal stats, and even answer playful prompts. As long as you’re honest and state in your profile that you’re looking for hookups only, you’re golden.


  • Easy, aesthetically-pleasing interface
  • You get about everything you need with the free version (minus unlimited matching).
  • It offers many ways to personalize your profile, from video and voice messages to icebreaker-style questions.
  • Like OKCupid, you can list personality and lifestyle traits, including political affiliation, if you drink or smoke, etc.
  • Links to your Instagram, resulting in fewer fake profiles and scammers.


  • Skews towards relationships.
  • Not-so-friendly towards sexy and/or NSFW type of content.
  • Lack of hookup-specific language.

8. Feeld

Calling all threesome lovers. If you’re looking for a third, then Feeld is for you. This entry on our top 10 hook-up apps list is a place where everyone is on the same page. You don’t have to worry about surprises; all users are looking for a threesome. 

Whether you’re a couple or a singleton, you’ll find like-minded people searching for fun. This is also a great alternative to those cringy, ad-filled sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison. This app is all about consensual non-monogamy.


  • Great for people looking for threesomes or poly romps.
  • Offers a wide variety of sexuality and gender options to choose from.
  • Free version available.
  • Strict moderation and security.


  • More men than women on the app.
  • You must link to a Facebook profile.
  • Small membership pool.

9. Reddit Dirty R4R

It wouldn’t be a day in Internet land without mentioning Reddit. We’ve included this in our top 10 hookup apps because too many people sleep on Reddit. The site and app have subreddits or forums for just about every type of person. 

r/DirtyR4R is ideal for finding casual sex, cam encounters, BDSM lovers, or anything else that gets you off. You can stay anonymous as you like, and it’s 100% free. What have you got to lose?


  • Completely Free
  • Post ad-style personals, meaning you can skip all the annoying questionnaires of conventional dating apps.
  • Diverse, LGBTQIA+-friendly, and sex-positive app
  • Easy to locate inside the Reddit app.


  • Hard to filter down by location
  • Limited audience
  • Some people want to be so anonymous it’s difficult to meet up in person.


Top Hook-Up Apps Number Ten: DoubleList

Are you looking for a dating app alternative that lets you get straight to hooking up? Try DoubleList, our favorite recommendation from the top hook-up apps. Our site is an entirely LGBTQIA+-friendly dating and hookup site perfect for finding someone who’s DTF. You can search for casual encounters, threesomes, hookups, and more. 

Similar to Reddit, you get to put up your own personal ad. However, you won’t have the same problem of not finding matches in your location. Why? Because we have forums for most major cities in the US. Let people know what you’re looking for, and you will find a casual encounter. 

Signing up is as easy as pie, and anonymity is guaranteed. Register, and soon, you’ll browse local listings for hookups near you. The best part? Membership is 100% free. Sign up for a free account today!

Unlock your wildest fantasies and connect with locals today!

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