What Are Adult Personals? Your Guide to Adult Dating Online

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January 10, 2023 6 minutes read
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There are personals, and then there are adult personals. What are adult personals, exactly? What are you going to find when you go on an adult personals website? How are they different from traditional dating apps and sites? If you’re an adult who’s looking to hook up or for a serious relationship, make sure you know where to go to find what you need.

What Are Adult Personals and How Are They Different From Regular Personals?

Today’s online dating scene may seem like either a massive matchmaking festival, or a perplexing house of mirrors in a circus. If you’re asking the question, “What are adult personals?” to properly orient yourself and find the right arrow that will lead you to your dating goal, then we have the answer for you.

When you do a search online for “adult personals,” most of the results you’ll get are sites that are dedicated to casual hookups and encounters. You’ll also see a sprinkling of dating sites that promise lasting love and happiness with your soulmate. But within the context of personal-style ads, “adult personals” often refer to platforms that are sexual in nature. You’ll often find adult content in these sites, or content that is sexually explicit and only intended for adults.

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Are Adult Personals a Sub-Category of Traditional Personals?

Wikipedia defines “personal advertisement” as, “a form of classified advertising in which a person seeks to find another person for friendship, romance, marriage, or sexual activity. In British English, it is commonly known as an advert in a lonely hearts column.”

If we take a look at Craigslist personals, which was the most widely used online personals platform of its time (before it was permanently taken offline), its sub-categories included: strictly platonic, women seek women, women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men, misc romance, casual encounters, missed connections, and rants and raves.

So what are adult personals if they’re not a sub-category of traditional personals? They’re more like an open-minded offshoot of traditional personal classifieds. They often have the same, if not more, sub-categories; and while it’s still possible to forge a serious and lasting relationship via an adult personals platform, it’s mostly for no-strings-attached sex.

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Adult Personals: What to Expect and Tips on Casual Dating

If there’s one bad thing about today’s online dating scene, it’s that it often gives you more than you bargained for. And if there’s one good thing about it, it’s also that it often gives you more than what you expected. It’s a confusing maze out there, with plenty of dead ends, slippery slopes, and dangerous curves. There’s definitely a little something for everybody. So if you know exactly what you want, you just have to know where to look for it. Want to hook up? Then check out an adult personals site.

What You’ll Find on an Adult Personals Site

If you’ve been living under a rock and are genuinely clueless about what adult personals are and what you’ll find on one, then here’s your special preview.

  1. Tons of options. Most adult personals these days are highly inclusive, which means you’ll most likely be given a thorough selection of what you identify as, and just as many options for who you’re interested in/what you’re looking for. Depending on the site, you may also be asked about other preferences, such as age range, ethnicity, interests, educational background, etc.
  2. A tempting dating menu. Just looking for a wild rumpus under the sheets? Have a kink or a fetish you need satisfied? Are you a sub looking for a dom? Interested in a threesome or polyamory? Whatever you’re in the mood for, no matter how vanilla or out there, you’ll find it on an adult personals site.
  3. No strings and zero judgment. You’ll only meet individuals whose dating attitudes and preferences are similar to yours — so you can freely explore your sexuality without worry. And, yes, almost everyone on an adult personals platform understand that any connection they make comes with no strings.
  4. Adult content. You can expect lots of explicit photos, if the site allows them — and listings with graphic descriptions. So if you want to browse an adult personals site, make sure you have privacy.

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Tips on Casual Dating and Hooking Up

If you’re on an adult personals site, it’s understood that you’re interested in casual dating and/or hooking up. Just as we have made it clear what adult personals are, let us also put it plainly. Casual dating means spending time with someone whose company you enjoy but without the expectation of entering into a long-term commitment. Casual dating may or may not involve sex. Hooking up, on the other hand, means sex (or any form of physical intimacy) and nothing more. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Know what you want and be honest about it.
  2. Be straightforward about what your expectations are.
  3. Set some rules and boundaries.
  4. Know what signs to watch out for to protect yourself from individuals with malicious or criminal intentons.
  5. Heed the signs when you see them — always listen to your gut.
  6. Always verify the identity of a person before meeting up with them for the first time.
  7. Follow the dating site’s community guidelines and don’t hesitate to report suspicious profiles and activities.
  8. Don’t mislead anyone whose dating interests don’t match yours.
  9. Always practice safe sex.
  10. Only use trusted adult personals platforms.


What Is the Best Adult Hookup Site?

Finding the best adult hookup site is just as easy as answering what adult personals are. It bears repeating that if you’re only interested in casual dating and casual sex, you should focus your explorations on platforms dedicated to these types of connections. Choosing the right site for your needs will give you the highest chances of dating success.

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