Sober Dating App: Find Real Relationships on These Platforms

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September 21, 2023 8 minutes read
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Recently, sobriety is gaining momentum, which coincides with the rise of Gen-Z. Today’s singles are more aware of their health and wellness. All of this is thanks to the information available from social media and the internet. Whether you’re in recovery or a teetotaler, sometimes it’s hard to find like-minded people. Don’t worry because we’re here to help. Read on and find out the best sober dating app to get you back in the game. 

Sober Dating Apps and How To Start Finding Sober Love

It’s hard enough to meet singles, let alone looking for a sober relationship. People usually go out drinking to break the ice during their first date. The solution to this is to filter your matches by using a dating app for sober singles. Is there a sober dating app? Yes! Plenty of online dating platforms cater to the sober community right now. 

Before you jump into the dating scene, here are some tips on sober dating:

  1. Be honest about your core beliefs with potential partners

  2. Maintain your boundaries, especially when it comes to drinking

  3. Have fun dating while sober by doing healthy activities

  4. Use online dating platforms to filter your matches easily!

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Is There a Sober Dating App? 7 Apps for Sober Love 

Yes! You can choose from free dating apps to premium ones. Exclusive sites often have fewer users than mainstream dating platforms. Each dating site comes with its unique characteristics. Your choice will depend on your needs. Here are the best sober dating apps that you can use today. 

1. Meet Mindful: A Health-Focused Dating App for Sober Singles

More people care about their wellness now compared to years ago. The industry is booming, from fitness classes and wearable technology to mindfulness apps. That’s why Meet Mindful is gaining popularity. The app is a dating platform for people who love a healthy lifestyle. 

Once you sign up, you’ll create a profile with in-depth information. The process will take a while but helps weed out incompatible users. Currently, the app has 300,000 active members. Most users are teetotalers who want to maintain their peak physical fitness. Meet Mindful will suggest a list of matches that fit your descriptions. 

A downside to Meet Mindful is its price. You need to pay a monthly premium fee of $29 to message and match with people. 

2. Loosid App: Get Connected With a Community on This Free Dating App

When it comes to exclusive sober dating apps, Loosid is always a popular choice. The platform is an overall sobriety app that focuses on different aspects of your journey. It has a section for tips on sobriety, chat groups, guides, and mentorships. There’s also a community board to access information on sober events. These events are great alternatives if you still want an “offline” touch to your dating life. 

Loosid’s dating section lets you swipe through potential dates and find matches based on compatibility. You can sign up for the app for free, but you need a premium membership to message your matches. The premium version also gives you access to Sobriety and Addiction Mentor or SAM. SAM is an AI assistant that tracks your progress and motivates you to stick to your program. 

3. Clean and Sober Love: The Platform Known As Sober Tinder

Clean and Sober Love, or CASL, is a relatively new app that’s free to download. The app connects a community of sober people looking for love. Currently, the app has over 30,000 people. This is a small number if we compare it to mainstream platforms. 

Once you sign up, you’ll put in your preferences, age range, and distance. The app will give you a list of sober individuals in your area who are also on CASL. Using an exclusively sober app can be good for you. You can avoid awkward conversations during nightouts about drinking and boundaries. The app is a great way to start, offering bare essentials for free. Try it if you’re new to online or sober dating. It can work as a starting point before using other platforms. 

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4. Sober Grid: A Social Media Platform for the Sober Community

Sober Grid is perfect if you want a dating app that gives you more than matches. The app connects you to potential partners and gives you access to a supportive community. Sober Grid has a social media section where you can befriend other sober people. 

You can use the built-in calendar to track how many days you go without drinking. There are also forums and message boards where everyone can support each other through their journeys. This platform is much more than just a dating app. The best thing is that Sober Grid allows you to foster friendships that can develop into something more. These types of relationships can be the best kind and are much more meaningful. 

The Best Sober Dating Apps on Mainstream Platforms With Massive User Bases

Niche dating apps mean fewer matches. Most of the niche dating sites above also have premium prices. Thankfully, you can also find mainstream dating apps that let you filter by drinking habits. These platforms allow you to access their user base and enjoy alcohol-free dates. 

5. Hinge: Find Matches Based on Compatibility 

Do you want to use an app that has the best match rate? Try Hinge. This mainstream platform lets you communicate your lifestyle on your profile. Choose “Never” on your drinking habit to let other sober users find you. You can also choose to like or dislike by looking at people’s information. Utilize its millions of user base and search filter to find the one that’s perfect for you. You might need to sift through a few profiles, but the result will be worth it.  

6. Bumble: The Ice-Breaking Dating App for Sober Singles

Do you struggle to choose the right opening lines? Bumble can help you with that. The mobile app boasts over 100 million users worldwide, making it one of the largest dating platforms. It also has an even split between men and women users. Bumble is not exclusively for sober people; you can filter your matches. When you set up your profile, choose sobriety as an important aspect. Let the algorithm do the rest. 

After you sign up, you can swipe through profiles and find like-minded people. After you match, you have 24 hours to respond until the chat expires. The app also has an incognito mode where you can browse in private. It’s a decent app where you can find both serious relationships and casual encounters. 

7. eHarmony: Find Sober Love Based on Your Compatibility

Similar to Bumble, eHarmony is a general dating app that has advanced filters. Thanks to its sheer size, it opens up the opportunity to find more people. The platform will analyze your profile and find your most compatible matches. When you sign up, you’ll answer an 80-question quiz determining your profile. Make sure you specify that you have a sober lifestyle and are looking for someone who doesn’t drink. 

Most people on this dating site are above 30. It’s suitable for someone who wants to settle down and get serious. If that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, you should look elsewhere. 


DoubleList: The Perfect Personal Ads Platform To Find Exactly What You Need

If you’re seeking sober, adventurous encounters, try DoubleList. The platform is a personal ads site for dating and hookups. It’s an inclusive platform that welcomes everyone to sign up, including sober individuals. The platform has millions of members, allowing you to filter through lots of profiles.

DoubleList is free to sign up for. With a free account, you can post and respond to a limited number of personal ads. There are also free forums and blogs that you can access. You’ll be able to find a recovery community and converse with like-minded individuals. DoubleList also has a premium membership that lets you post multiple ads, send unlimited messages, and use video chat. 

You can use DoubleList as a sober dating app by declaring your sobriety on your profile. It’ll make it easier for you to find like-minded people who are in the same boat. Are you ready to jump into the dating pool again? If so, sign up for DoubleList today!

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