Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? Things To Know Before Joining

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July 6, 2023 9 minutes read
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Adult Friend Finder is a popular online dating platform that’s been around since the 1990s. It ranks among the best in the world. AFF’s Wikipedia page states it was one of the “Top 100 Most Viewed Websites in the US in 2007.”  But before you decide to join the site, you might wonder, “Is Adult Friend Finder legit?”

This post uncovers the truth surrounding AFF’s legitimacy and why it continues to captivate millions of users from around the globe. By the end, you’ll have a much better sense of whether AFF is a legit dating site.


Is Adult Friend Finder Legit: How Can It Help You Date?

The dating industry is thriving, with new dating websites launching every other day. Despite this, many people continue to struggle in their dating lives. Adult Friend Finder seeks to address dating issues and provides a solution for everyone.

It aims to connect you with your best matches so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time interacting. The social-networking element of the site enhances this experience. It lets you get to know your potential partner in a fun online environment before moving forward.

The dating platform currently has over 50 million active users. People from all around the world use AFF to gain more dating experience.

Those who are thinking, ‘Is Adult Friend Finder legit?’ The answer is ‘Yes’. Adult Friend Finder is legal and licensed. It has helped millions of people find dates and fulfill their fantasies. Let’s dive into what this site has to offer its users and if it’s right for you.

How Legit Is Adult Friend Finder’s Free Membership Plan?

AFF’s free membership plan is legitimate. It comes with plenty of features that you can use to connect with others online before meeting up. The paid Gold membership has unrestricted features. But more on that later.

People struggle to meet romantic partners online, so paying a big premium cost for dating platforms is an added burden. Adult Friend Finder offers you free membership so you can enjoy the world of online dating without stressing about the expenses.

So, how legit is Adult Friend Finder’s free membership plan? Lots of online dating sites offer ‘Free Membership,’ but customers can only view or download the app for free. Most dating sites have hidden fees or monthly subscriptions available. So, what’s different about AFF?

Adult Friend Finder advertises itself as a one-of-a-kind dating social media service. You can check out the public feed and look at pictures and videos to see if they interest you. This is a useful feature included in the Free Membership package. All you have to do is click on a person’s photo or video to get to know them better. You can also leave a ‘like’ or comment on their images.

Furthermore, Free AFF Membership offers access to the exclusive ‘Groups’ feature. Adult Friend Finder, like other platforms, provides groups and chat rooms for members with various interests and preferences.

This tool allows free users to connect with like-minded people, increasing their chances of dating. You can search through the list of Groups to determine which topics interest you. For example, if there is a group called ‘Potterheads,’ you can join it to connect with other Harry Potter enthusiasts.

Is Adult Friend Finder legit for making your fantasies a reality?


Maybe you’ve got a kinky fantasy about having a Dom/sub relationship with the Potions Professor. The Groups feature will bring you that much closer to fulfilling your fantasies.

Free AFF members can also use the ‘Hotlists’ feature. Hotlist, as the name implies, is a type of wishlist or favorites list. If you come across someone appealing, you can add them to your Hotlist to connect with them later.

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Is Adult Friend Finder Gold Legit? Unrestricted Access

AFF’s Gold membership is legit and it offers unrestricted access to finding your ideal dating partner or hookup partner.

Those wondering, “Is Adult Friend Finder Gold legit?” can rest assured that it is legitimate. Here’s a rundown of what the Gold Membership offers to users.

1. Gold Members can read the entire profile of other members. This lets you immediately check out their characteristics and save time if they aren’t what you want. Although if you’re looking for long-distance gay relationships, Adult Friend Finder might not be your first pick. You can try out other gay dating platforms instead.

2. Using the Direct Chat tool, Gold Members can get up close and personal with the people who interest them.

3. AFF Gold Members can add people to their Friend list. This way, they can talk and increase their chances of getting a date or making a genuine connection.

4. The Gold Membership users won’t have to see annoying ads anymore, either. This helps improve their experience on the site.

When it comes to pricing, the AFF Gold Membership Plan offers three payment options. You can try any of these to determine which one works best for your schedule and budget. You can pay a reasonable amount for the yearly, quarterly, or even monthly subscription.

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Is Adult Friend Finder Legit: Benefits of the Platform

Adult Friend Finder claims to be a judgment-free zone. Whether you want to explore kink culture or want regular vanilla hookups, the site does offer something for everyone.

The site is super easy to use with search filters that let you find exactly what you’re looking for. Users also appreciate the secure payment methods that allow for a hassle-free experience.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits that AFF has to offer.

Easy and Fun to Use

Adult Friend Finder is an easy-to-use website as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS users. The platform tries to make the process of finding your right match a fun and stress-free experience.


Perfect for Finding Local Singles

If you want to try your luck tonight, go to AFF and look for suitable partners near you. The platform allows you to search for people based on their geolocation. If meeting singles in your area is difficult for you, Adult FriendFinder can help. And if you’re lucky enough to connect with someone, you can set up a meeting in person.

Stress-Free and Secure Payment Methods

Sharing sensitive information like credit card information online can be dangerous. That’s because there are so many fake profiles and scammers out there. When you join Adult Friend Finder, you won’t have to worry about this. The platform provides a secure payment method, which makes sure that your sensitive information remains private.

AFF provides its members with two membership options. There are benefits to both the Free Membership and Gold Membership plans. As a Free member, you can watch live videos, like/comment on photographs, join groups and blogs, and so on. Meanwhile, the Gold Membership Plan allows you to send direct messages to members and view their complete profiles.

Advanced Search Filters

Adult Friend Finder is a website with lots of advanced search filters. This online dating platform provides a unique user-specific search filter to match you with others who share your interests.

The advanced search filter on the site looks for the ideal partner by providing you with detailed possibilities. You can use this function to search for people based on their age, location, interests and even physical characteristics.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit: Are There Any Drawbacks?

Although Adult Friend Finder is legit and has many benefits, the platform does have its disadvantages too.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit: Are There Adverts?

Adult Friend Finder provides an excellent Free plan that allows you to use many of the website’s tools and services. But it comes with a slew of intrusive ads. Some people don’t mind ads, but others simply cannot bear clicking on a site and seeing it filled with ads.

However, you can upgrade your subscription and remove the ads to have a more smooth dating experience.

Is AdultFriendFinder Legit? Occasional Glitches and Lags

Adult Friend Finder has millions of monthly active users. So, don’t panic if the app slows down sometimes. You might occasionally experience lags and delays on the site.

Scammers Make You Think: Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

No matter where you look for dates or hookup options, you’ll always have bots, fake profiles and scammers targeting you. Despite this, the site has tried to improve user safety and security.

The site uses your email address to verify that you’re creating a real profile. This helps to identify and prevent fraudulent accounts and scammers.

Furthermore, the ISP can help in locating all users, which discourages fraud. The site quickly gets rid of fake profiles.

However, the risk of communicating with a stranger or a fraudster is always significant on such platforms. So, always take precautions.


Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? Reddit Answers Your Query

Even with all of the positives and negatives described above, the question remains: Is Adult Friend Finder legit? Reddit users generally state that, yes, it’s a legit site. But they also say that there are lots of scammers lurking on the site with fake profiles.

The satisfied user base of the Adult Friend Finder site says otherwise. The users’ satisfaction shows the site’s excellent track record and legal practices.

This is a major concern for the users. Given that we’re trying to find out, “Is Adult Friend Finder legit?” we had to address this at some point.

Dating apps appear tempting at first glance, but you might find bots and the same user data. Even well-known apps, such as Tinder, face this problem.

Any website can be safe or dangerous, depending on how you use it. If you don’t follow basic rules, no website is safe. Interacting on any dating platform won’t cause you any harm if you are wise and follow the guidelines the site suggests.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? DoubleList as an Alternative

Adult Friend Finder, like other dating sites, needs you to put in the effort to find the right date. In comparison to real-life scenarios like bars, DoubleList has a significantly broader range of people to communicate with.

Is Adult Friend Finder legit? If this question still concerns you, DoubleList is an excellent alternative. You can post Craigslist-style posts on the site to find what you’re looking for. You can find all sorts of hookup options and kinky sex games.

Fulfill all your filthy fantasies after you’re comfortable with the person. Many people use DoubleList to satisfy their desires without fear of feeling like an outsider. This platform provides a secure haven for everyone to come and find what they’ve been looking for.

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