Singles Near Me: How To Go From Lonely to Loved-up ASAP

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February 21, 2023 9 minutes read
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So you’re hitting the keys looking for “singles near me,” eh? We can’t blame you. Everyone likes their alone time on occasion. But you’re probably yearning for company once you’ve recharged and caught up on Netflix. And if we’re being honest, the more convenient, the better.

To find singles, you could hunt for a club for singles or singles event bulletins. But wouldn’t you rather just cut to the chase? For the direct dater, dating apps and sites are the way to go. Forget about the old-fashioned dating scene. Scroll through our list of the best apps and websites for locating singles near you. We’ll guide you to the best services for women, men, LGBTQ+ folks, and more.

Apps vs. Websites: Which To Use for Finding Singles Near Me

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Whether you want a nearby hookup or love, online dating is the best option. Real life dating (while romantic in theory) takes longer. You can spend hours at bars and still end up going home solo. But with internet dating services, you can filter through the options without leaving your couch.

Looking up “singles near me” on the web? The two main options are dating sites and apps. Not sure which to choose? Here’s our take.

Use Dating Apps if you want:

  • On-the-go dating.
  • Short, simple profiles
  • Focus on photos
  • 18-40-year-old daters

Use Dating Sites if you want:

  • Desktop convenience
  • More detailed profiles
  • At-home privacy to browse photos
  • 40+-year-old daters

Whichever method you choose, you can discover any type of situation you’re looking for. There’s no shortage of sites for hookups and apps for DTF daters. The same goes for serious relationship-seekers. In fact, many of these services cater to both casual encounters and committed connections.

Finding Singles Near Me by Gender


We could walk you through how to find local singles based on multiple factors. For simplicity, we’re going by gender. We can’t speak for all genders and gender identities. But we’ve put together suggestions for dating women, men, and non-binary people.

How To Find Single Women Near Me

Calling all people wondering, “How do I meet single women near me?” This is your one-stop shop. The first answer to this question is: the same way you find “singles near me.” A few dating sites and apps universally work for all genders, sexualities, etc. They welcome all daters. It’s up to you to add specifications to your dating profile.

The two most well-known examples of this are Bumble and Hinge. Bumble is fantastic for meeting women because it requires women to make the first move. If you’re a guy, you don’t have to worry about messaging uninterested ladies. Just sit back and wait for them to come to you.

Hinge doesn’t follow this same rule, but it’s an excellent app for everybody. As long as you’re interested in a committed or serious relationship, that is. Try Tinder if you’d rather match with a woman down for a hookup.

But what if you want a woman-focused experience? For lesbians, bisexuals, and other queer women/female daters, HER is the top option. This dating app is a woman-only space. You can use it like a conventional dating app. Or, use the community functions to discover nearby singles seeking networking and friendship.

If you’re on the prowl for an older woman, eHarmony gets the job done. We recommend eHarmony over for finding women because they have a higher percentage of female users. Who doesn’t like increasing their odds?

Best Way To Find Single Men Near Me

What if when Googling “Singles near me,” you’re picturing men? Not to worry. You can start your dating journey here. Let’s start with the fellas looking for fellas. For a time, Craigslist man for man was THE online hangout for gay guys. But the site shuttered back in 2018. Don’t despair. Plenty of gay dating platforms have stepped up to the plate since.

For example, who could forget the always iconic Grindr? Download this location-based app to find a hook-up in your immediate area. It’s as close to enjoying a gay bar near you as you ever have to be. For free gay dating sites, try MenNation for casual encounters, hookups, and sexy fun. This option has no shortage of horny daters looking to get off.

If you’re a woman trying to find Mr. Right, you can use some of the apps we mentioned earlier. Like Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. But for the website lovers out there, give a try. As we mentioned before, eHarmony is better for daters seeking women. has a greater ratio of men to women. So you’ll have your pick of the litter.

How To Find Non-binary Singles Near Me

The internet search results for “singles near me” tend to focus on the binary. You’ll mostly find results for men and women. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t viable options for gender-nonconforming folks. You can find like-minded singles on some of those same mainstream dating platforms. Just go into your dating profile and specify your gender identity and sexuality.

The most enby-friendly mainstream dating platform is OkCupid. The service offers over 60 identity label options. Plus, according to recent survey findings, OKCupid users are majority LGBTQ+ friendly.

That said, some non-binary people prefer an app built specifically with their needs in mind. For this, Lex is your BFF. Lex is for queer folks, by queer folks. You can freely share your identity with the words and terms that feel right to you.

On top of that, you don’t have to use the app solely for romance. You can use it for friendship or queer-friendly community events nearby. And you never have to worry about homophobic or transphobic harassment, thanks to Lex’s safe space policies.

Finding Singles With a Shared Background Near You

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We’ve answered, “How do I encounter singles near me by gender?”. Now it’s time for part two. Let’s get into dating according to your background. Many people date across cultural and racial lines. However, some people of color prefer to date within their communities.

This could be for countless reasons. For one, daters may feel safer within a POC community. For another, they may desire to bring up their families in a shared lived experience. We’re not able to cover every racial or ethnic community. But we have pointers for Asian, Black, and Latino daters hoping to connect with fellow singles.

How To Find Asian Singles Near Me

According to the US Census Bureau, 20.6 million people in the country identify as AAPI. That means that 6.2% of the population is Asian, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian Native, or Pacific Islander. Depending on where you live, you may struggle more or less to date AAPI people.

For example, search “Asian singles near me” in LA, NYC, or San Jose, California. You’ll likely have more success in these areas than most. Why? Because these three cities have the largest asian-american population. Here you’re more likely to reach singles at active events in your community. You can try looking for an Asian American heritage or community center for in-person dating.

Regardless of your location, however, online dating is still a great way to find other Asian singles in your area. According to SFGate, the number one dating app for Asian singles is Zoosk. This service isn’t exclusive to Asian daters. But they do make up a large percentage of the user base. This app works pretty similarly to other services. You build a profile, select your preferences, and get to swiping. You can use it for free or upgrade to premium for additional special features.

How To Date Other Black Singles Near Me

Are you asking yourself, “What’s the best way to meet other Black singles near me?” Never fear. There are a few ideal internet dating options on the market. For one, the classic: The name says it all. This is a dating website for Black people to connect, date, and more. In general, this site is closer in vibe to eharmony or That means it’s a little more traditional and skews towards relationships.

For the gay app lovers out there, Jack’d is worth a download. This app was designed with diversity in mind. Many gay dating services try to be inclusive but can’t quite conquer racial stereotyping. Jack’d, however, considers itself a harassment and racism-free zone for BIPOC men.

Best Online Services To Find Latinos Singles Near Me

Oftentimes, Hispanic and Latine people struggle to find a dating app catered to their experience. The community is incredibly diverse, and even the term Hispanic or Latino/Latina/Latine means something different to everyone. If you’re trying to connect with Latino singles near you, we recommend trying or CHISPA.

The former is from the same company as, so if you like the classic dating website formula, give it a go. If you prefer dating apps, go for CHISPA. This service offers different profiles you can swipe through as you would on Tinder and Hinge. The difference is, CHISPA is exclusively for Latine daters.

Interested in finding “singles near me,” no matter your sexuality, gender, race, or location? Consider DoubleList. Our site is a simple, easy-to-use way to find a date, fling, relationship, etc, in your area. DoubleList is available in most major US cities. The best part? It’s 100% free, and your anonymity is always protected. Sign up today!

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