Dating Acronyms: The Most Popular Dating Lingo To Know

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September 4, 2023 12 minutes read
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Online dating can be frustrating, especially when it involves dating acronyms. As the dating experience evolves, new terms and abbreviations keep showing up. If you don’t keep up with the lingo, there might be a misunderstanding between you and potential partners. That’s why we have this handy guide that lets you know what these acronyms mean and how to use them.  

Keep this article in your bookmark, and you’ll be more comfortable with the lingo in no time. 

Dating App Acronyms: Why People Use Them in Online Dating

Dating App Acronyms are abbreviations of words in the dating scene. As online dating becomes more convenient, so does the means of communication. To make matters simpler, people use dating acronyms in their bios and conversations. Acronyms make profiles look catchy and up-to-date.

But don’t overuse these acronyms to the point that your profile has nothing else. Some found the overuse of acronyms to be a huge turn-off as they make people seem too keen or needy. That’s why you need to find a balance between using these catchy phrases and being genuine. Only use them when necessary and break them up with full words in between. 

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Dating Acronyms List: The Most Popular Acronyms Explained

This dating acronyms list features the ones people use during their earlier conversations. With these acronyms in your pocket, you’ll find it easy to turn your online conversation into a real-life romance. 

Dating Acronyms: FWB or Friends With Benefits Meaning

A Friends with Benefits relationship involves two physically intimate people but not committed. This type of relationship is perfect for people who want non-monogamous relationships or have no time for a serious one. 

Here are some examples of how you can use FWB as  dating acronyms in online dating:

  • Only want FWB in Houston, Texas.

  • Not looking for FWB, serious relationships only.

Dating Acronyms: BAE or Before Anyone Else Meaning

BAE (Before Anyone Else) is a term of endearment for your significant other. It also has a wider meaning for something generally good, but people mostly use it in dating. It’s also a great way to flirt or break the ice during online conversations. 

Here are some examples of how you can use BAE as dating acronyms in online dating:

  • Looking for BAE in dating apps

  • She’s my BAE

Dating Acronyms: DTR or Define the Relationship Meaning

DTR (Define the Relationship) is “the talk” you have with your partner. DTR talks let you determine whether or not you’re on the same page. Although some people often run away from DTR talks, it’s better to do it earlier in the relationship. 

Here are some examples of how you can use DTR as dating acronyms in online dating:

  • Let’s DTR before we go too far.

  • I want to get more serious, so let’s DTR.

Dating Acronyms: LMIRL or Let’s Meet in Real-Life Meaning

LMIRL (Let’s Meet in Real Life) is self-explanatory. This usually comes earlier in the relationship after chatting for a few days. Sometimes you can also make it shorter as IRL or In Real Life. 

Here are some examples of how you can use LMIRL as dating acronyms in online dating:

  • We’ve been chatting for a few days, LMIRL

  • Do you want to meet IRL?

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Dating Acronyms: 4YEO or for Your Eyes Only Meaning

4YEO (For Your Eyes Only) means a person wants to show you something only meant for you to see. You say this when you want to keep things between you and make them respect your privacy. This often happens when you and another person exchange private pictures/videos. 

Here are some examples of how you can use 4YEO as dating acronyms in online dating:

  • These pictures are 4YEO

  • I’m showing something that’s 4YEO

Dating Acronyms: NSA or No Strings Attached Meaning

No Strings Attached means a relationship where there are no conditions for emotional or physical fidelity. This type of relationship works when you have a fulfilling life, and all you’re missing is sex. Nowadays, many people are opting for NSA dating than traditional ones due to their busy lifestyles. Put this into your description or profile to let people know you’re looking for NSA and nothing else. That way, there won’t be any misunderstanding between you and your matches.

Here are some examples of how you can use NSA as dating acronyms in online dating:

  • Looking for NSA dating partners

  • NSA partners only

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List of Dating Abbreviations for Your Characteristics

People use dating acronyms for descriptions and characteristics. They’re especially useful when you want to create classified personal ads. 

These are the most common acronyms:

  • A or AZN: Asian

  • ABG: Asian Baby Girl

  • B or BLK: Black

  • BB: Body Builder

  • BBC: Big Black Cock

  • BBW: Big Beautiful Woman

  • BBBW: Big Black Beautiful Woman

  • BEAR: Big and Hairy Gay Man

  • BHM: Big Handsome Man

  • DBF: Divorced Black Female

  • DTE: Down to Earth

  • DWF: Divorced White Female

  • DWM: Divorced White Male

  • FA: Fat Admirer

  • FFA: Fat Female Admirer

  • GAM: Gay Asian Male

  • GB: Gender Binary

  • GBF: Gay Black Female

  • GBM: Gay Black Male

  • GC: Gay Couple

  • GF: Gender Fluid

  • GGG: Good, Giving, and Game

  • GSH: Good Sense of Humour

  • GWC: Gay White Couple

  • GWM: Gay White Male

  • HNG: Horny Net Geek

  • HAC: Hot Asian Chick

  • HWP: Height Weight Proportional

  • MTF: Male to Female Transgender

  • MWC: Married with Children

  • NA: Native American

  • PF: Professional Female

  • PM: Professional Male

  • SAF: Single Asian Female

  • SAM: Single Asian Male

  • SBF: Single Asian Female

  • SBM: Single Black Male

  • SSBBW: Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman

  • SSBHM: Super-Sized Big Handsome Man

  • SWBIM: Single White Bisexual Male

  • TDH: Tall Dark Handsome

  • W: Widowed

  • WE: Well Endowed

How To Use Popular Acronyms in a Dating Profile

When using popular acronyms in a dating profile, most of them will relate to your personal characteristics. Not what you desire. Working from the list above, choose the popular acronyms that best describe you: your appearance, sexuality, or professional status.

If you’re a professional female, gender fluid, and have a sense of humor, these are the acronyms you could use: 

  •  PF: Professional Female

  • GF: Gender Fluid

  • GSH: Good Sense of Humor

The best place to include popular acronyms is in your profile bio. Your profile acronyms provide a brief overview of your characteristics and attributes, without unveiling personal information. 

How To Use Popular Acronyms in a Personal Ad

When it comes to personal ads, you may decide to include some personal acronyms. However, it’s more appropriate to use acronyms that describe your desired date or hookup. Working from the list above, choose the popular acronyms that best describe what you desire.

For example, if you’re searching for a down-to-earth, divorced black female for a horny hookup, the best acronyms would be:

  • DTE: Down to Earth

  • DBF: Divorced Black Female

  • HNG: Horney Net Geek

Again, you would want to include these in the main section of your ad. Provide a brief overview of what it is you most desire and generate appropriate responses. 

List of Dating Acronyms for Religious or Personal Beliefs

For some people, religious beliefs are important in determining their potential matches. Here are some of the most popular dating acronyms in this category:

  • A: Atheist

  • C: Christian

  • J: Jewish

  • LDS: Later Day Saints

  • SCF: Single Christian Female

  • SCM: Single Christian Male

  • SNA: Spiritual, not Atheist

How To Use Personal Belief Acronyms in a Dating Profile

You may wish to include some acronyms in your dating profile. For example, if you are a Christian female, you can include the acronym SCF (Single Christian Female).

Where you decide to include this in your profile is up to you. Some decide to include personal or religious beliefs in their main bio. This is especially true if it’s an important characteristic that reflects who you are and what you desire.

Some dating profiles include sections for personal or religious beliefs. Including acronyms in this section can be incredibly useful for those who belong to more than one religious tradition. 

How To Use Personal Belief Acronyms in a Personal Ad

Similar to the personal acronyms noted above, you want to include acronyms that reflect what you desire from potential matches.

For example, if you desire a spiritual individual, you can include the acronym SNA (Spiritual, not Atheist) in your ad. This can be in the main section of your ad to generate appropriate potential matches. If you desire more specific religious beliefs, you can include a section in your ad for this purpose. 

Dating Acronyms for Lifestyle and Relationship Status

Lifestyle and relationship status are other aspects that can determine your compatibility with your potential partners. Here are some of the most well-known dating acronyms for this category:

  • 420-F: 420 Friendly, meaning a user of cannabis

  • AL: Animal Lover

  • CD: Cross Dresser

  • D: Divorced

  • D2F: Down to Fuck

  • DDF: Drug and Disease Free

  • FSF: Female Seeking Female

  • FSM: Female Seeking Male

  • GCWOK: Gay Couple Without Kids

  • GU: Geographically Undesirable

  • HNS: Half-Night Stand

  • K: Kids

  • LD: Light Drinker

  • LS: Light Smoker

  • M: Married

  • MBA: Married But Available

  • MBL: Married But Looking

  • MBM: Married Black Male

  • MC: Married Couple

  • MM: Marriage Minded

  • MNC: Married No Children

  • NBM: Never Been Married

  • NK: No Kids

  • NS: Non-Smoker

  • ONS: One-Night Stand

  • OR: Open Relationship

  • SALT: Single and Loving It

  • SD: Social Drinker

  • SI: Similar Interests

  • SOLA: Single or Living Alone 

  • SWANK: Second Wife And No Kids, Single Woman and No Kids

  • XLD: Extremely Light Drinker

How To Use Lifestyle and Relationship Status Acronyms in a Dating Profile

Lifestyle and relationship statuses are essential for any dating profile. They let potential matches know exactly what you’re looking for and, more so, personal attributes that they may desire.

For example, including acronyms such as D2F (Down to F*ck) suggests you’re down for casual fun. You may also want to include some lifestyle choices in your profile, such as NS (non-smoker). This suggests that you may not be open to a relationship with a current smoker.

The most important question to ask yourself when creating a dating profile is “What do I want from this site?” Working from that, include acronyms that reflect who you are, as well as what you desire. 


How To Use Lifestyle and Relationship Status in a Personal Ad

When creating a personal ad, it’s important to include lifestyle and relationship aspects that define your desired matches. Working from the list above, choose the acronyms that best describe your potential date or hookup.

For example, if you are looking for a one-night stand with a married woman, appropriate acronyms would include:

  • ONS: One-Night Stand

  • MBA: Married But Available

  • MBL: Married But Looking

These acronyms help potential matches understand what it is you are looking for. Additionally, you may want to include personal lifestyle and relationship status acronyms to match with individuals with similar attributes.  

Other Common Terms and Lingo in the Online Dating Scene

Aside from dating acronyms, there are also online dating terms and lingo that you need to know. These words often come up during conversations and in profiles. Here are some of the most common terms in today’s dating scene:

  • Aftercare: A way of showing physical intimacy after a sexual encounter.

  • Asexual or Ace: Someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction at all.

  • Benching: putting someone on the back burner just in case you want to start dating them later.

  • Breadcrumbing: Sending sporadic flirtatious messages to several people to keep interests alive with little effort.

  • Bottom: A receiver or a submissive partner during sexual intercourse.

  • Catfishing: Presenting a false persona online with heavily filtered pictures or fake ones.

  • Cuffing Season: The time of the year when singles start to find partners, usually in early fall.

  • Curve: To curve someone means to reject, turn down, or dismiss another person. 

  • Cockblocking: Preventing someone from succeeding to engage in sexual activity, usually male. 

  • Cushioning: When you have a serious partner you’re not sure about, so you have several “cushions” waiting.

  • Demisexual: A person whose sex drive depends on people’s personalities instead of visual attraction. 

  • Dom: The dominant partner in a BDSM relationship. 

  • Ghosting: When someone disappears entirely from a relationship without warning. 

  • Haunting: When a “ghost” from your past suddenly comes back to your life. 

  • Instaficial: Posting a picture online to make a relationship official.

  • Netflix and Chill: When you invite someone for a sexual encounter. 

  • Orbiting: When you break up with someone but do not disappear completely. 

  • Situationship: A romantic relationship that doesn’t have a label. 

  • Top: A more dominant person during sexual intercourse.

  • Vers: A person who can be both bottom and top during sexual intercourse.

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