Best Gay Clubs in New York to Electrify Your Nights

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September 4, 2023 10 minutes read
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Are you on the lookout for the best gay clubs in New York? If so, your search ends here! Check out DoubleList’s guide to discover some of the most vibrant and iconic gay clubs in New York City. 

New York City has long been a center of LGBTQ+ pride. It’s well-known for its thriving queer community and boasts some of the finest gay clubs and bars worldwide. From Hell’s Kitchen to Brooklyn, you have unlimited options that cater to different vibes and preferences. 

Whether you’re seeking a bustling club atmosphere or a laid-back place to meet new people, New York has it all! Let’s explore our few favorite LGBTQ+ bars in New York City for your upcoming night out. 

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Best Gay Clubs in New York: Hanger Bar – LGBTQ+ Haven

You’ll find Hangar Bar at 115 Christopher Street, New York – a quick hop from Times Square. Hop on subway lines 1 or 2, and you’ll practically arrive at this LGBTQ+ haven. Or, if you prefer a leisurely stroll, a 40-minute walk will lead you to Hangar Bar’s welcoming embrace. 

Hangar Bar stands out for its welcoming spirit. This vibrant spot opens at 5 pm daily and invites you to groove to the beats and savor delightful drinks.

The ambiance, dark and vibrant, sets the mood for partying. Their energizing music envelops you in an aura of excitement. Moreover, their top-notch selection of beverages, including strong cocktails, makes it a perfect spot for the NYC queer community.

Oh, and do you have a knack for playing pool? Hangar Bar’s got you covered with that too! The harmonious blend of lively tunes, ambiance, and pool makes Hanger Bar among the best gay clubs in New York.

Best Iconic Gay Club in New York: The Stonewall Inn

This iconic NYC gay club holds the historic distinction of the modern gay rights movement in 1969. Drawing both locals and tourists, you’ll meet people of diverse ages, gender, and locality.

Stepping inside, you’ll feel electrified by the atmosphere, guided by a team of friendly staff. 

Many consider this venue as a quintessential “rite of passage,”, especially for people coming to New York for the first time.

Adjacent to this LGBT club lies the Stonewall National Monument and Christopher Park. These iconic places served as the cradle of New York Pride.

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Best Gay Clubs in New York: Ginger’s Bar (More Than a Bar)

Ginger’s holds the charm of a familiar neighborhood bar, beloved by the local crowd and Brooklyn’s gay women. Welcoming all, this establishment boasts an inviting ambiance and is a treasured haunt for the queer community.

The bartenders, known for their warmth, serve reasonably priced beer. Ginger’s is more than just a typical bar. It has a pool table for friendly matches and a spacious back patio for an enjoyable view.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, the karaoke nights await a chance to showcase your vocal prowess. Moreover, Ginger’s presents a unique twist for those drawn to unique flavors: ginger-infused cocktails. 

The staff serves you these cocktails with a massive mason jar brimming with strong alcohol and big ginger root chunks. Its unique aura makes it among the best gay clubs in New York.

Make Your Nights Unforgettable at Phoenix Bar NYC

Originally known as The Bar back in 1999, Phoenix emerged triumphantly after a devastating fire threatened its existence.

Phoenix Bar is well-known as a gay institution in the East Village. This spot has earned its stripes, from boasting the city’s best jukebox to hosting fashion insiders’ soirées. Oh, and you can frequently expect theme nights, drink specials, trivia competitions, karaoke, and much more!

Under new management and a revamped interior, Phoenix underwent a significant transformation. Through blackouts and hurricanes, this resilient establishment has stood firm, making it among the best gay clubs in New York.

Sip, Sway, and Party at Club Cumming Bar NYC

Step into Club Cumming, where the charm of a gay bar meets the excitement of a lively nightclub. What makes it special? It’s one of the most unique cabaret and comedy bars you’ll find in Downtown Manhattan. And guess what? It’s owned by the talented actor Alan Cumming himself. This easily makes it one of the best gay clubs in New York.

This hot spot is all about lively performances, drawing in a massive queer community for a fun and thrilling night. You’ll find a range of mixed drinks and classic beers, making it a perfect spot to hit after the show.

If you desire a taste of Bohemian flair or a glimpse of Broadway’s luminaries, Club Cumming is your go-to. Keep an eye on their website to stay in the loop about upcoming events. 

Best Gay Clubs in New York: Party at Flaming Saddles Saloon

Are you looking for a thrilling experience? Head onto Flaming Saddles Saloon, a Western-themed gay club in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. 

It’s almost like entering into the world of Coyote Ugly. You’ll find bartenders wearing cowboy hats, swaying to the rhythm, serving refreshing cocktails, and even dancing on tables.

What’s more? Their honky-tonk style country music will have you tapping your feet in no time. And, if you’re ready for a culinary journey, their Tex-Mex bar food is an absolute treat to try.

So, if you’re up for a night of rowdiness, Flaming Saddles Saloon won’t ever fail to amaze you! It’s among the best gay clubs in New York to party with friends.

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Delve Into the Enchanting Vibes of The Rosemont

In the heart of Montrose Avenue, The Rosemont blossomed in late 2016. It offers Brooklynites a chic haven for some extra fun. 

The magic happens after the sun sets. Its inviting dance floor serves as a perfect spot for grooving and letting yourself loose. After you’ve danced to your heart’s content, Its spacious patio invites you to cool down. What’s the best part? The party doesn’t stop even on weeknights!

This NYC gay club openly welcomes the queer community. It’s one of the best gay clubs in New York that caters to diversity.

Best Gay Clubs in New York for DJ Nights: Industry Bar

Straight from the creators of Barracuda, welcome to Industry Bar in Hell’s Kitchen. This vibrant and spacious hot spot caters to every vibe you seek to spice up your nights.

This LGBT club offers you the chance to mingle with shirtless bartenders. If you crave intimacy, head out to the lounge for private moments. Or, if you’re feeling energetic, head to the performance area for a night of revelry with DJs and drag stars.

But wait, there’s more. Industry Bar is more than just a nighttime adventure; it’s a hub for after-work drinks. Their amazing happy hour deals attract a younger crowd, which keeps the party going.

Best Gay Clubs in New York: Barracuda Lounge

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Barracuda Lounge stands among the best gay clubs in New York.

Opening its doors in 1995, people know this NYC gay club for its Cozy backroom couches. They are a perfect spot for laid-back conversations and intimate moments. The bartenders, with their friendly smiles, add a dash of warmth to your experience. They also offer happy hours! 

Barracuda Lounge is a haven for entertainment seekers. The stage lights up with iconic drag shows that grace the scene almost every night of the week. 

It’s been a welcoming home to some of the most illustrious drag performers, a testament to its legacy. They even host drag competitions every Thursday, showcasing emerging talents.

Best Gay Clubs in New York to Spice up Nights: Metropolitan

People know Metropolitan for its diversity. It draws a vibrant crowd from both the local neighborhood and across the Manhattan River. 

As you enter, you’ll be instantly amazed by a ski lodge-themed interior. Metropolitan hosts some of Brooklyn’s most exciting DJs and dazzling drag stars. 

Need a breeze of fresh air? Make your way to their spacious backyard! Here, you can unwind at a picnic table, talk with your friends or indulge in cute moments with your partner. 

Best Gay Clubs in New York for Low-Key Vibes: The Cock

The Cock lives up to its reputation with an atmosphere that’s as dark and edgy as you can think of.

The bar’s seductive space draws you in, a realm where fantasies come alive amidst dimly lit corners. Private rooms are a perfect spot for wild hookups and laid-back, intimate moments with your partner.

If you’re searching for a taste of the Red Light District’s mystique, This LGBT gay club is your go-to. 

Best Gay Clubs in New York for Finest Drinks: Lambda Longue

Lambda Lounge, nestled in Harlem, is a Black-owned NYC gay club. It’s renowned for its first-in-class cocktails and blending “downtown elegance” with “uptown swag.”

Deriving its name from a vodka, Lambda Longue has an expansive bar adorned with luxurious couches and a dance floor. They also have flavourful cocktails and vodka if you want to let yourself loose.

So, whether you’re craving the perfect signature cocktail or seeking a cozy corner to unwind, Lambda Lounge welcomes you!

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Nowhere New York – An Irresistible Haven for Queer Community

Despite its ambiguous name, Nowhere stands among the best gay clubs in New York if you’re craving dark, cozy spaces. 

At Nowhere, immerse yourself in electrifying music and a fresh pool table. It has a welcoming atmosphere that’s both spacious and intimate, thanks to its cozy, low ceiling. The cheap cocktails are also a win! 

Nowhere attracts an attitude-free crowd, encompassing gay men, women, genderqueers, and anyone who seeks connection beyond stereotypes.

Video screens adorn the walls, playing artsy visuals and adult videos. Meanwhile, the DJs take the helm with a dance floor that thrives with energy. They play diverse music genres, like disco, rock, new wave, and whatever else you’re in the mood for.

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