Safe Casual Dating: Where to Go and Tips for Dating Safely

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November 22, 2022 8 minutes read
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Casual dating can mean many things, and safe casual dating etiquettes and tips may, therefore, slightly vary depending on what you’re into. To all intents and purposes, here’s everything you need to know when wading or swimming deeply in the casual waters of dating.

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Safety Rules When Casual Dating

Casual dating has an understandable appeal — there’s no drama and complex emotions involved; the expectations are clear and simple; the vibe can either be relaxed or intense, but always fun; and you can have more freedom than if you’re in a committed relationship. Whether a casual dating arrangement means being friends with benefits, sleeping around, or simply enjoying each other’s company, it also has inherent risks. Here are some safe casual dating tips to help protect you from emotional booby traps, scammer danger, and other common dating hazards

Safe Casual Dating Tips When Making Online Connections

Connecting with people online offers a sense of privacy and security, but it’s not without risks. Here are safe casual dating tips to keep in mind.

  1. Keep your social media account/s private. If you don’t want to be found on social media, use a different photo on your online dating profile so that it won’t lead to any of your social media accounts if somebody uses it to do a reverse image search.
  2. Know how to spot fake accounts. Be wary of profiles that only have one profile photo; these are likely fake accounts. You can also do a reverse image search to verify that the photo matches the name and other personal information provided.
  3. Always verify a person’s identity. Check out the person on social media, especially if they provide a social media profile handle. Take note that if you can’t find them anywhere online, it could mean that they’ve taken steps to keep their account/s private. It could also mean they’re using a different name on their dating profile. However, almost anybody who’s active on online dating sites should have some online footprint. If you do find the person on social media, check out their photos. Do they have photos in social situations with friends, or do the pictures only show them every time? Be wary of potential catfishers; always trust your gut.
  4. Know the warning signs to watch out for. Immediately discontinue contact with a suspicious person. Report any inappropriate behavior and block the person. Suspicious behaviors may include asking for financial help; giving vague answers; claiming to be traveling or working abroad; becoming overly romantic, intimate, or demanding early in your conversations; telling grandiose or inconsistent stories; or pressuring you to provide personal details or to meet in person.
  5. Don’t give out personal information. This applies even after you’ve already met the person in person; there’s no reason for them to know your work or home address if you’re only casually dating or hooking up one time. There’s absolutely no valid reason for them to ask for your social security number, credit card details, or bank information.

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Safe Casual Dating Tips When Meeting in Person

Meeting somebody for the first time can be an exhilarating experience and can lead to more wonderful possibilities. But remember these safe casual dating tips to make sure your first meet-up is memorable in all the right ways.

  1. Schedule a video chat before your meet-up. If they’re resistant or always have an excuse why they can’t do it, you should be suspicious and seriously reconsider meeting them in person.
  2. Choose a public place. Especially if you’re meeting for the first time, don’t do it in your home/apartment or theirs, or any other isolated locations. A coffee shop, bar, or restaurant are safe places; an empty park or a parking lot at night is not.
  3. Inform at least one family member or friend. Let them know when and where you’re going; send them a screenshot of the person’s profile. Keep them posted.
  4. Take care of your own transportation. If you’re not driving yourself, make sure you won’t have to rely on your date for transportation to or from your meeting place. Accessible public transportation should also be a top consideration when choosing a place to meet for your first date. Use a ride share app or make sure it’s easy to hail a cab, especially in case you’d want to end your date early. Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have enough data. As much as possible, don’t get in the person’s car if you’ve only met them once.
  5. Drink responsibly. Stick to your comfortable drinking limit. This is a must for safe casual dating! Always watch your drink. If you have to step out or go to the restroom, get a new drink when you get back.
  6. Always trust your instincts. This bears repeating. If you’re uncomfortable in any way, at any time during your date, leave. Unmatch, cut off communication, and block the person online if you feel unsafe during your date or that the person can’t be trusted.


Safe Casual Dating Tips When Engaging in Sexual Relations

  1. Be clear about your needs, expectations, and, most importantly, your limitations.
  2. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with.
  3. Use protection. Always have condoms with you.
  4. If you decide to take things to the next level during your first date, remember to let your family/friend know exactly where you’re going.
  5. Have a clear exit plan, in case things don’t go as planned.

Are There Safe Casual Dating Websites?

There are plenty of safe casual dating websites out there to keep anybody’s casual dating life busy. With each online dating site offering hundreds, thousands, or more opportunities for online connections or to meet up or hook up, you can easily dismiss other sites that are, at the very least, only slightly fishy and especially those that are blatantly suspicious. However, keep in mind that even safe casual dating sites that employ the tightest security protocols and enforce strict community guidelines can still be infiltrated by scammers, catfishers, and other individuals with dishonest and ill intentions. So make sure to always follow the online dating safety tips listed above, know how to spot a fake dating profile, and have your own set of rules for good measure.

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Is Safe Casual Dating Verification Legit?

Is there a way to verify the safety of a casual dating site? You can do a search online using “Is [name of dating site] legit/safe?” as your keyword, or “[Name of dating site] reviews.” You can create an account using a new email and an alias, if possible, to browse the site and check out the profiles. The presence of too many profiles that are obviously fake or bots means you should head for the exit pronto.

Safe Casual Dating Login And/or Sign-up Process

So you did your due diligence and searched online for safe casual dating site reviews; but how can you tell if these reviews are legit? Here are some pointers:

  1. There should be a good mix of good, average, and bad reviews.
  2. Check the dates of the reviews; if they’re old or too close together, you should take other steps to verify the safety of a dating site.
  3. Study the overall wording and tone. Especially if the reviews are mostly raves, see if they use similar wording to deliver the same suggestion.
  4. Be wary of scene-setting reviews. Watch out for reviews that similarly set a particular mood or imagery, which are designed to entice people to sign up.
  5. Check the names and photos of the reviewers.

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Online dating can be exciting, fun, and promising in ways that you desire; but if you’re just interested in no-strings-attached connections, casual encounters, hookups, casual dating, and the like, make sure you get the most out of the experience by observing safe casual dating practices. When you join a casual dating site and cast your net, you’ll most likely get more less-than-ideal matches than suitable ones, with some fake profiles, catfishers, and scammers thrown in. But when you know exactly where to go to meet people who are looking for the exact same thing as you, a dating site like DoubleList, you’ll have the highest odds of making the right connections almost each and every time.

You can fully enjoy your experience on DoubleList by keeping in mind the safe casual dating tips outlined above. When you know how to stay safe, you can completely immerse yourself in the light and easy going fun of casual dating, or the intensity and excitement of hooking up. Whatever you sexual preferences are, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll feel right at home on DoubleList adult personals.

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