Older Women Seeking Men: How to Find a Match

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May 24, 2023 10 minutes read
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Older women seeking men, whether for love, sex, or company, can meet the man of their dreams in many ways! 

Are you seeking a toy boy, a relationship outside your marriage, or an older man that can give you stability? We’ve curated the ultimate guide for older women seeking their next connection. Here’s how you can meet men with online local dating sites.

Older Women Seeking Younger Men

Older women seeking younger men for love, sex, or company is typical. There are many upsides to dating someone younger – good looks, energy, and far less baggage. Feel young again with a boy toy on your arm and start dating a younger guy today. 

Why Should Older Women Date Younger Men?

An older cougar should date a younger man for many reasons. These include: 

  • Youthful energy: Younger men may bring vitality and enthusiasm to a relationship that can be refreshing and invigorating for older women. This makes them feel younger and more passionate about life. 

  • A fresh outlook: Younger men may have a different outlook on life, which can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the relationship. This stops it from feeling monotonous and boring. 

  • Attractiveness: A younger man is naturally more attractive, as they haven’t yet experienced the effects of ageing. They also have more energy in the bedroom, making for a more exciting sex life. 

  • Learn together: Both partners can learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge. The younger man can learn from the wisdom of his older girlfriend. The older woman can benefit from the fresh and young perspectives of her boy toy. 

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The Best Dating Apps for Older Women Seeking Men That Are Younger

Older women seeking men that are younger usually want to spice up their love life. If this sounds like you, look no further! Here are the best dating platforms and apps for women seeking younger men, whether for sugar relationships or casual flings. 

Older Women Seeking Men for Casual Relationships: Cougar Life

The Cougar Life dating platform is for younger attractive men interested in casual relationships with older women or cougars. As an older woman, you’ll have plenty of choices on Cougar Life. There are over 7 million people on the platform and takes just a few minutes to set up a profile. To register, you’ll need to enter your name, gender, age, country, city, valid email address, password, and a description.

You can register for free on Cougar Life, but if you want more features, you must pay for a subscription. They also provide a mobile app to find a younger man on the go. 

Older Women Seeking Men with a Cougar Fetish: Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating is a popular platform for attractive cougars looking to meet young men interested in maturity. More men are on the platform than women, meaning you’ll likely receive plenty of messages from attractive younger men. 

Rather than casual hookups promoted by Cougar Life, Older Women Dating helps older women find serious relationships with younger men. Designed to be user-friendly, the platform has plenty of forums where men and women can share their online dating experiences.

You can register for free and use all the special features without paying for a membership with Older Women Dating. What’s more, they also offer video and voice messaging, so you can get to know the young men you’re messaging. 

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Older Women Seeking Men That Value Privacy: CougarD

CougarD is a dating app designed for older women seeking men for casual sex to meaningful relationships. As an older woman, you can send younger men messages for free, allowing you to start making connections. 

You don’t need to worry about your online safety with CougarD. The app has live chat and profile privacy features so that you can focus on meeting younger men.  

There are plenty of options available with a free profile. However, VIP upgrades allow you to access unlimited chatting options and to see other members fully.

Older Women Seeking Men for Sex: Doublelist

Doublelist is an adult friend finder providing an alternative to traditional dating platforms. It allows individuals to post personal ads for various relationships, including casual encounters, hookups and relationships.

Users create a free account through Doublelist and post ads. Categories include “Men Seeking Women,” “Women Seeking Men,” “Casual Encounters,” and “Missed Connections.” 

The platform allows users to search for matches based on location and other criteria and to communicate with other users. This makes it perfect for older women seeking younger men. 

Doublelist has gained massive popularity with individuals seeking casual relationships and encounters

Older Women Seeking Men That Are Married

Are you bored in your marriage and dreaming of meeting another man outside your relationship? With dating platforms and apps, married women can meet discreet men more easily than ever. For those looking for extra-marital affairs and a sexy age-gap relationship, there are many apps catering to married women. 

Older women seeking men shouldn’t have to compromise – even if married. 

Best Discreet Dating Apps for Older Married Women Seeking Men

Ready to find an extramarital affair and turn your love life from bland to exciting? Here are the best discreet dating apps for older married women seeking men for casual relationships outside their marriage. 

Older Women Seeking Men That Are Anonymous: Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison is the biggest dating app for married people, exclusively offering extra-marital affairs for those bored with their relationship. The site has over 34 million users, all set on acting discreetly, with photo blur options available. You can alter your profile so no one recognises you, and you can meet an extra-marital partner safely and securely. 

Once you trust a member, you can let them view your real profile and identity using the personal privacy settings. You can also hide your location and use the site’s anonymous payment feature. This shows your subscription as an anonymous charge on your bank statements.

Signing up for the Elite Plan gives you the Ashley Madison Premium experience. This allows you to chat for free and receive Priority Man status, boosting your profile above others on the platform.


Older Women Seeking Men for Dates: What’s Your Price?

What’s Your Price is a dating platform for married people to find extra-marital relationships online without breaking the bank. With 4 million active members looking for discreet affairs, What’s Your Price is the perfect place to find like-minded people.

What’s the Price offers a different set-up compared to other dating sites with its creative bidding system. By bidding, women draw up their dream date and post, and men bid on taking her on said date. 

This deters time wasters and ensures matches show up to their dates. 

Older Women Seeking Men for Extra-Marital Affairs: No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached is a popular dating platform for older women seeking men for extra-marital affairs. More men than women are in its database, so you’re guaranteed a date. There’s no need to use your real information on No Strings Attached. Instead, you can hide who you are until you meet in person. 

No Strings Attached is a perfect website for older women looking to have an adventure. It’s best for casual daters looking to spice up their sex life.

Features include Private Chat and a Live Cam so you can rest easy that your date is real. 

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Older Women Seeking Men That Are Older

Older women seeking men of a similar age sometimes find it challenging to meet someone with the same interests. If this sounds like you, try meeting older men online. You’ll not only have more choices but can take advantage of matchmaking services that many online dating sites offer. 

Why Should Older Women Date Older Men?

There are many reasons why older women should date close to their age. For one thing, couples of a similar age share similar experiences and memories, making connecting easier. 

The benefits of older women seeking older men include: 

  • Similar life experiences: Older couples are more likely to have gone through similar life experiences and can relate to each other more deeply. This shared understanding can help build a stronger emotional connection which can lead to a better sex life. 

  • Emotional stability: Older men are more mature and stable than younger men, creating a sense of security and stability in the relationship. They’ve likely gone through good and bad relationships, understanding how to treat a woman properly. 

  • Financial stability: Older men may be more financially stable and established in their careers, providing a sense of security for both partners. While it’s not always the case that ocougars pay for more dates, this often happens. 

  • Compatibility: Aging can mean changing values, goals, and lifestyles, which may be better aligned if dating someone of a similar age. Older men and women may have similar interests and lifestyles, creating a stronger foundation for a relationship.

  • Less societal pressure: Older couples may face less societal judgment than couples with a significant age gap.

Best Dating Apps for Older Women Seeking Older Men

Are you an older woman seeking a like-minded older man to spend time with? Here are the best dating platforms and apps for older women seeking older men.

Older Women Seeking Men for Love: OurTime

With over 1 million active users, OurTime is a dating website and app designed for older women seeking men. Rather than promoting casual hookups, OurTime is for those looking to find potential matches with similar interests. 

OurTime encourages users to meet in person with dedicated activities while getting to know them better online with safe chat. Rather than letting you go in blind, OurTime shows its users profiles that match their interests, location, and search criteria. 

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Older Women Seeking Men That Are a Compatible Match: SilverSingles

SilverSingles is a dating website and app catering to singles over 50. Unlike similar dating apps, it offers a personality test to help match users with compatible partners. It also provides various communication features to encourage better conversations. 

SilverShingles encourages meaningful love connections rather than casual dates and hookups. If you’re not ready to commit, SilverShingles is not right for you. 

Older Women Seeking Choice: eHarmony

eHarmony is a dating website with a compatibility matching system to match users based on their personality, interests, and values. While not specifically designed for older singles, it has a large user base that includes many individuals over 50. 

eHarmoney is free to sign up for. It’s also one of the most popular dating sites, with 15,500,000 members. 

Older Women Seeking Local Men: SeniorMatch

SeniorMatch is a dating website designed for mature women and men. Various features, including messaging and video chat options, allow users to search for matches based on location, interests, and goals.

SeniorMatch is the largest and most popular dating platform for seniors. It allows them to set up detailed profiles and share their thoughts and experiences through many blogs and forums. 

SeniorMatch offers both free and paid membership options. The free membership allows users to create a profile and search for potential matches. However, communication with other users has limitations. The paid membership offers additional features, including unlimited messaging and seeing who has viewed your profile.

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