Are Dating Apps Worth It? How To Make The Most of Swiping

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September 22, 2023 8 minutes read
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It’s 2023, and people do virtually everything online these days. Online dating has grown increasingly popular over the years. People use dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to find potential partners and casual sex. This leads many singles to the million-dollar question: Are dating apps worth it?

It can be difficult to give a direct answer to this question. Some people have made meaningful connections on dating apps, while others only have tales of endless swiping and dead-end dates. But don’t fret. Online dating can be successful, given the right circumstances. 

This article will cover the benefits and risks of dating apps to help you decide if they’re worth it. We will also explore tips to help you make the most of online dating.

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Swiping Right or Swiping Wrong: Are Dating Apps Worth It for Guys & Women?

Smartphones and easily accessible dating apps have made it super easy for people to date online. So, dating apps are actually worth it!

The book It Happened on Tinder suggests that gender may play some role in people’s experiences on dating apps. Women tend to find long-term relationships online, while men typically find hookups. However, gender does not fully determine one’s experience on a dating app. With the right approach, you can find the type of date you want online!

According to the Pew Research Center, about 30% of adults in America have used a dating app or website. The research also reported that nearly 1 in 3 young adults in America have used an online dating platform. Another study on Statista reports that 43% of dating app users seek long-term relationships, while 29% seek hookups.

But what is the success rate of finding the perfect match online?

According to Statista, as of 2022, 45% of relationships started online. Also, a 2019 Stanford study found that meeting online is now the most popular way couples connect. The study further stated that 39% of straight and 60% of same-sex couples met online in 2017. This is a huge improvement for heterosexual couples because, as of 2009, only 22% of straight couples met online. 

However, many people have reported bad experiences while dating online. According to Statista, 1 in 4 dating app users in America report getting scammed. Pew reports that young women are more likely to have bad experiences on dating apps. 

More than half of women on dating apps have received explicit pictures they didn’t want. 

So, while exploring dating apps and websites for potential matches is great, users must watch out for scams or harassment.


Are Dating Apps Worth It? The Ups and Downs of Using Dating Apps

The stats above show online dating can work, but it also comes with risks! Let’s explore the pros and cons of dating apps below.

Benefits of Using Dating Apps

Here are some reasons why dating apps are worth the hype:

  • Convenience: Signing up on a dating app is one of the easiest ways to find a date. Before dating apps, you’d have to be at a social gathering or an outdoor space before meeting someone. But now, all you need to do is set up a dating profile to meet potential partners from home. This can help you save lots of time and energy.

  • Wider Options: Another benefit of online dating is that you’re open to wider options. Where else can you find hundreds of single people in your area in just minutes? You can even filter matches by age, location, etc., to suit your preferences.

  • Efficiency: Dating apps are efficient. You can talk to as many potential matches as you want until you finally find the one for you. This option is not available in real-life dating.

  • Control: With dating apps, you’re totally in control. You’re not obligated to message anyone or reply to all your messages. You can also control who views your profile and the profiles on your feed. You get to date exactly how you want!

  • Confidence building: Since you must first communicate with potential partners online, flirting and expressing your feelings may seem less intimidating. This can be especially helpful for introverts and shy people who ordinarily are not good with conversations.

  • Pre-Screening Matches: Online dating lets you communicate with matches before meeting them in real life. After conversing with them, you can see if someone will be a good fit or waste time. You can tell if your values and expectations align, saving you from wasting your energy on a dead end.


Downsides to Online Dating

The following are some of the risks involved in dating online:

  • Catfishing: This is one of the greatest risks associated with dating online. People present themselves as who they are, not through photos and profiles. Many scammers take advantage of the anonymous nature of dating apps. The good news is that you can avoid this with video dates.

  • Miscommunication: The chances of miscommunication on dating apps are high. People can misconstrue messages without seeing facial expressions and hearing the tone of voice. They can also take things the wrong way over text.

  • Harassment: While many dating platforms try to limit bad behaviors, the risk remains. People, women especially, can experience unwanted advances and inappropriate messages. Don’t hesitate to block and report people who make you uncomfortable.

  • Waste of time: There is an increased chance of wasting time on bad dates with online dating. It may be difficult to gauge physical chemistry and attraction before meeting. Even if you screen someone, their real-life personality could differ greatly from their online personality. Photos aren’t always accurate, and conversations online can be misleading.

Are Dating Apps Worth It? Reddit User Reviews

So, from these benefits and downsides, are dating apps worth it? Reddit users often report stories with mixed outcomes. Some people experience the good, while others have bad experiences. The only way to know whether dating apps are worth it for you is to try them. 

Singles can make the most of online dating by setting clear goals and staying cautious.  

Paid vs. Free: Are Paid Dating Apps Worth It?

Many dating apps offer both free and paid subscriptions. The paid version (like Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus) typically offers more features than the free version. But are paid dating apps worth it? 

According to Tinder, their paid users get 60% more matches than non-paying users. However, no evidence exists that paid users are more likely to find committed relationships. Meaning that paid users may find more matches, but that doesn’t guarantee compatibility in the long run. 

Still, subscribing to paid features on a dating app has some potential benefits. They include the following:

  • More profile views – Paid dating apps allow you to boost your visibility with unlimited likes.

  • See who likes you – Many online dating platforms allow paid users to see who likes your profile.

  • Advanced filtering – Most dating apps allow paid users to screen matches by more criteria like education and religion.

  • No ads – Removing ads makes swiping and messaging less distracting.

Before going premium on a dating app, consider how serious you are about online dating. You probably don’t need premium features if you’re not a regular user. However, frequent users may find the investment worthwhile for a more efficient experience.

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How To Make the Most Out of Dating Apps

So far, we have established that people can have great and terrible dating app experiences. So, what are the people having great dating experiences online doing right? Find out below!

Tips for Finding the Ideal Match

Follow these tips to improve your chances of success on dating platforms:

  • Use recent, unfiltered photos that show your true appearance. Being genuine helps attract the right people.

  • Keep your bio as real as possible. Make sure it reflects your personality.

  • Make sure to make your criteria flexible, or you may miss amazing people. Not everyone will tick all your boxes; stay open.

  • Message matches promptly when there’s a mutual interest to keep conversations going.

  • Suggest a low-key first date like coffee or a drink to get to know each other simply.

What To Avoid on Dating Platforms

You must avoid some things to get the most out of dating apps. They include the following:

  • Don’t ask personal questions immediately – build rapport first. 

  • Avoid negativity in your profile. Focus on your passions and what you have to offer.

  • Don’t lie or exaggerate the truth on your profile. They will find out the truth eventually.

  • Avoid overtly sexual comments at the outset unless that is explicitly what you seek. Being too sexual may come off as creepy. 

  • Never feel pressured to meet someone before you are ready. Move at your own pace.

Best Apps for Finding Love or Sex Online

Are you looking for the love of your life, or do you just want a lay? Here are some popular dating apps and websites you can try out:

  • DoubleList

  • Tinder

  • Bumble

  • OkCupid

  • Hinge

  • The League

  • Coffee Meets Bagel

So, are dating apps worth it? Absolutely! While risks are involved, dating apps can be worth trying for singles seeking love. Just do your part by creating an authentic profile and being mindful of scammers and creeps. Stay positive, put yourself out there, and you may just meet a wonderful match online!

If you’re ready to start your journey towards finding love online, sign up with us at DoubleList today!

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