Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Which Is Best?

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July 18, 2023 11 minutes read
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Are you struggling between Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement for dating and hookups? If so, you’re in the right place. This post walks you through what both of these sites have to offer.  

Both sites are well-known for dating/hookups and sugar baby and daddy/mommy relationships. 

Thanks to busy lifestyles and demanding needs, sugar relationships are normal nowadays. You can find exactly what you’re looking for online with the right site. 

This post compares Seeking Arrangement vs Ashley Madison on their users, sign-up, cost, features, and match rate. By the end, you’ll know which site is best for you.

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Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Which Came First?

If you’re interested in a new kind of relationship, sugar dating is an interesting option. With this arrangement, both parties know what to expect from each other without any hidden agenda. 

According to, more people are trying out sugar dating. 

In the old days, it was more difficult for people to get into sugar dating. But nowadays, you can use technology to find your match. 

Ashley Madison dominated in 2001 as a platform for sugar daters. The site is not strictly for sugar dating. People also use it for discreet affairs. After a few years, Seeking Arrangement entered the market as a platform catering to sugar dating. 

Thus began the ongoing battle of Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement in the sugar dating market.  

In the first part of this Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement article, we’re going to get to know both sites. Let’s find out more about their founding era and reputation.

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Ashley Madison: A Discreet Dating Site

Ashley Madison is an American online dating platform created in 2001 by Darren J Morgenstern. The site mainly focuses on married couples or people in relationships who are looking for discreet affairs. 

The site’s slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” That’s why it’s popular for sugar dating, as some prefer to keep their arrangements discreet.

Ashley Madison came into the limelight when hackers stole data from the site. This is an alarming case since what they’re selling is discretion. The hackers dumped the data of 32 million users online and exposed Ashley Madison’s clients. 

The site overcame the data breach, and a year later, it was business as usual. 

Ashley Madison’s popularity grew even more after the data hack, as it reached over 70 million users in 2023. Ashley Madison is more popular and has more members than Seeking Arrangement. However, many members are into discreet dating and not sugar dating specifically. The site is well-known as the go-to for steamy affairs because of this. 

Seeking Arrangement: Find Your Sugar Mommy or Daddy

Many of you may not know, but Seeking Arrangement changed its name to Seeking in 2022. The platform is an American dating service founded by Brandon Wade in 2006. Seeking’s target market is particular. It targets both sugar mommies/daddies and sugar babies. 

Contrary to popular belief, Seeking is not an escorting service. It’s a matchmaking site for sugar dating where you exchange financial benefits with companionship. 

If we compare Seeking Arrangement vs. Ashley Madison, the former wins in specificity. This is because the site narrows down the user base and focuses on sugar dating. 

This is the place where sugar mommies and daddies seek younger companionship for casual relations. It’s also an excellent place for new sugar babies starting with finding a mommy or daddy. 

Seeking has around 40 million users. So if we compare Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement, the former wins in audience size.

Both of these factors can affect your match rate and in-person encounters. A bigger audience could mean more opportunities. But more on that in the section below. 

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Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Demographic 

In the previous section, we know that Ashley Madison has a more extensive user base. But what kind of people are available on each site? Let’s compare the demographic of Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement.

Website Traffic: Which Site Is More Popular?

One of the ways to find out about their demographics is through website traffic. From traffic comparisons, Seeking has a lot more visits than Ashley Madison. Seeking’s total visitors in May 2023 was 9.2 million, and Ashley Madison’s had 7.2 million visits. So even though Ashley Madison has more members, the activity is lacking. 

Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Gender Ratio

Ashley Madison specifically designed their fee structure to attract more females with free subscriptions. Seeking also uses the same tactic by reducing fees for sugar babies. With this in mind, both have even percentages. But it turns out Seeking is also ahead on this front. 

  • Seeking’s gender ratio: 34.5% male and 65.7% female 

  • Ashley Madison’s gender ratio: 25.8% male and 74.2% female 

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Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Age Comparison

Most sugar mommies and daddies are looking for a younger audience. On Seeking, more than 50% of the audience is younger than 35 years old. Around 41% of users on Ashley Madison are under 35 years old. On this front, Seeking retakes the lead with a younger audience than Ashley Madison. 

To recap, Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Seeking wins for traffic, age, and gender options. 

Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Which is Cheaper? 

Sign up process and cost are important factors when you’re looking for a sugar dating website. An easy sign-up means you can find your match faster.

To register on Ashley Madison, you need to provide your sexual identity and your status. Then you will also put in what you’re looking for in a partner. You’ll then need to provide information about your physical appearance. 

Seeking requests for users to upload an image for their profile. They will review your account and verify it after 48 hours. Seeking wants to make sure that you’re the person who’s making the account. This helps to reduce bots and spam accounts to improve the user experience. 

Sugar babies should specify what they’re looking for in a relationship. This way, their prospective partner can determine whether they can afford it or not. As a result, everyone can save time by only engaging with people who can meet their needs. 

While the signup process is easy, the verification process takes longer than Ashley Madison. 

If you’re looking for a swift onboarding process, Ashley Madison wins. But if you’re looking for a more authentic site with fewer fake profiles, Seeking Wins. 

Both platforms provide free sign-ups, which is good for people who still want to window-shop. But when it comes to connecting, both platforms charge a fee. 

Ashley Madison requires male users to pay for membership to connect at $49 per month. While a premium membership for Seeking costs $109.99 for a month, and $289.99 for 3 months. 

In terms of affordability for Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangement, the former wins.

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Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Features Compared

Both sites have similar features. But let’s see the strengths and weaknesses of Ashley Madison vs. Seeking Arrangements in more detail. 

Ashley Madison: Best for Discreet Dating & Hot Affairs 

Ashley Madison has a lot of features to offer. The first useful feature is the search function. You can search by age, location, distance, and log in. This means you can find out who fits what you’re looking for and improve your match rate. 

The site provides a discreet mode when you pay for a membership, which is great for relationships with secret benefits. You can sign up and browse through the site without having to reveal yourself. You can reveal details to your chosen partners whenever you’re comfortable. This makes it one of the top discreet hookup sites. 

There’s also a profile feature where you can tick your preferences. You can choose “seeking sugar baby,” which is very useful for helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also specify if you want to embrace kinks. So you can be more adventurous and find others who are into the same things as you. 

Seeking Arrangement: Find Exactly What You’re ‘Seeking’ 

One of the similarities between Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement is the search feature.

Seeking also has a helpful search feature that can lead you in the right direction. It’s convenient to find people who are near you and match your preferences. You can add plenty of details to Seeking profiles. 

This comes in handy when you’re searching for people. The search features will take into account the profile details to match you as closely as possible with your searches. 

This makes it easier to narrow down your search faster if you’re looking for something specific. There are also messages, images, and winks for standard profiles. This gives you plenty to start with and interact with others. The premium account comes with additional features that help with giving better privacy. 

Overall, Ashley Madison offers more services than Seeking. However, the level of detail available when making a Seeking account makes it ideal for finding specific types of people. 

Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: Match Rate 

Seeking Arrangement wins for profile information and their relation to match rates. This is because they provide more detailed information, making it more likely for you to find what you’re looking for. 

Both parties don’t need to discuss further via chat to find out if they’re compatible. On Ashley Madison, you still need to chat with your sugar babies and find out more details. It won’t be an issue if you want to spend extra time getting to know someone. But for those who are looking for a quick way to hook up or find dates, Seeking is best.  

A real user base is also important for your match rates. If there are a lot of fake profiles, your match rate can dwindle. You don’t want to waste your time talking for hours with a bot. Seeking is much more secure as they have a verification process. This might take longer, but the result is worth it.

Seeking has more traffic and desirable demographic profiles. They have even numbers in terms of gender and age options. They also have heavier traffic than Ashley Madison, so you’ll find more active users on Seeking. 

If you look at all these factors, you’ll see that Seeking fulfills the requirements for a great sugar dating site. With all their advantages, you’ll get a much better match rate with Seeking than Ashley Madison. 

Ashley Madison’s rates are lower, which is enticing. However, Seeking saves you time and effort in the long run if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

So, when comparing Seeking Arrangement vs. Ashley Madison, Seeking wins.

Ashley Madison vs Seeking Arrangement: DoubleList Alternative

Now that you know more about Seeking Arrangement vs. Ashley Madison, we will give you another option; DoubleList. 

DoubleList is an online dating site that works similarly to Craigslist. On DoubleList, you can find personal ads from users that classify what they seek. You can also create your ad to find potential partners. All you need to do is find others who are also looking for sugar daddies or sugar babies. 

DoubleList has free and paid versions. The paid plan gives you the ability to browse and engage with a limited number of people each day. There’s also a limit when it comes to the number of personal ads that you can post.

This is an excellent option if you’re new to online dating. You can see what’s on offer and interact with some people online. The paid versions give you more freedom. You can start connecting with lots of like-minded people with no limits. 

The paid plans increase the number of daily posts, messages, and interactions that you can have. Whether you want to meet people in real life or simply engage with people online, DoubleList caters to it all. 

The sign-up process is also swift, which means you can start looking for your match right away! So go ahead and try DoubleList, and start interacting for dates and hookups.

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