Is DoubleList Legit? Honest Review of the Dating Platform

In the search for the perfect dating site, we often come across plenty of recommendations. DoubleList is one of the most popular personal ads people suggest. Before you go ahead and sign up, let’s find out the answer to this question: Is DoubleList legit? In this DoubleList review, we’ll dive into the features, user base, and user experience. There are also comparisons with other personal ads sites to see what makes this platform better. 

DoubleList Legit: An Introduction to the Personal Ads Site

If you don’t know DoubleList yet, you’re missing out. It’s a sexier version of Craigslist that you use to find casual relationships. Just like any other classified ads site, you can post and respond to others’ ads. It’s a great way to find online dates where you can cut to the chase. Instead of swiping through infinite profiles, you can answer ads that resonate with what you want. 

One thing that makes DoubleList legit is their sign-up process. DoubleList has user verification that ensures higher authenticity. To use DoubleList, you need to verify your account via email address or phone number. Verification makes online dating websites more secure and trustworthy. You’ll spend less time talking to bots or fake accounts and focus on finding real connections.

DoubleList doesn’t just give you options for casual dating. It also has a fun stuff section that lets you read through articles and join communities. The site gives you an overall experience of exploring your sexuality.


DoubleList Legit: A Review of DoubleList’s User Base

DoubleList welcomes a myriad of sexual preferences. When you first go onto the website, here are your options:

  • Guys for guys

  • Women for guys

  • Guys for women

  • Women for women

  • Couples for couples

  • Couples for her

  • Couples for him

  • Males for couples

  • Females for couples

  • Gay for straight

  • Straight for gay

It’s one of the only casual dating sites that gives you more adventurous options like threesomes. 

Most of DoubleList’s users are people in their 20s to 40s. The site focuses mainly on casual hookups, but there are still opportunities to find lasting relationships. The site also has an even distribution between female and male users. The verification process during sign-up makes the user base on DoubleList legit. 

Because DoubleList uses location-based search, people in bigger cities have an advantage over smaller ones. But don’t worry. DoubleList has over 40 million users worldwide. You can still find hookups, even in remote areas. 


DoubleList Legit: Features To Try On DoubleList Dating Site

There are great features on the site that make DoubleList legit. The features that you can access will depend on your account. DoubleList has three different types of accounts: free, Hookup, and Hardcore. You can choose the right plan based on your needs and preferences. 

Here are the account types that you choose on DoubleList:

  • Basic: This is a free account where you can post one ad and respond to a limited number of ads. 

  • Hookup: A second tier that lets you post six ads and send 30 messages per day. 

  • Hardcore: The premium tier where you can send unlimited messages and post ten ads at a time. 

The Hookup and Hardcore plans let you enjoy an ad-free experience and advanced filters. You’ll also be able to get a premium badge if you opt for the Hardcore account. Paid accounts are great for people who are avid daters. You can post several ads to explore different relationship types with multiple current hookup partners.

If you’re new to the online dating scene, you can try the free account. It still allows you to find dates and browse without committing. When you’re comfortable enough with the platform, you can upgrade to a higher tier. 

5. Doublelist - Dating App

DoubleList Legit: DoubleList User Experience Reviews

To give you a more objective perspective, let’s find out what others are saying about our platform on Trustpilot. If you don’t know Trustpilot, it’s a review website with 100 million reviews and over a decade of experience. It’s the go-to website to find legitimate platforms. DoubleList has an excellent rating with a score of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. The high score makes DoubleList legit and preferable to other platforms. 

Most reviews praise DoubleList’s well-designed site. Users said it is easy to use and find what they want quickly. They also said the site has a great policy when it comes to scammers and illegal posts. One feature that users highlight is the privacy DoubleList provides. You can keep all your personal information private if you want to. 

In terms of match qualities, most users were able to find somebody to date or have casual encounters with. They can easily narrow down ads and initiate conversations. The messaging feature that connects to the user’s email is also helpful. Even if users don’t open the platform often, they can still get notifications. This way, you won’t miss any possible matches from the platform. 

On the other hand, there are a few complaints about glitches on the site. You can always contact the support team to handle that. One user was able to resolve their issue quickly and resume their activities soon after. 

DoubleList Legit: Comparison With Other Classified Ads Sites

If you still want to know more about other platforms, we’re here to give you a fair choice. Other classified ad sites offer similar features to DoubleList. Here are some of the most well-known classified ad platforms that you might encounter. You’ll find that the features that make DoubleList legit also make our platform better than competitors. 

DoubleList Alternative: Oodle Personal Ads Section

Oodle Personals is a classified ads site that focuses on casual encounters. When you sign up, you need to set up your location first. The site will give you ads based on your location to find matches. You can filter the ads by sexual preferences and relationship types. Oodle also gives you a search bar to filter ads based on keywords. 

You can use Oodle for free, and it works with a third party for the dating section. The third party is Meetup4Fun, a separate dating platform. To post an ad on Oodle, you need to sign up for both platforms first. This can create unnecessary hassles for people who want a more streamlined experience. 

Users can also have fun with Oodle’s gift feature. To use this feature, you can upgrade and buy credits from Oodle. It’s an easy way for you to break the ice with matches, but it can be costly. 

If we compare Oodle with DoubleList's legit features, our platform still pulls ahead. On DoubleList, you can easily sign up and maintain a single platform to enjoy all its features. DoubleList also lets you explore more with community and forums, something that Oodle doesn’t have.  


DoubleList Alternative: ClassifiedAds Personals Section

Classified Ads is a general classified site that has a personal ads section. Most of the users of Classified Ads just want casual dating instead of serious relationships. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone interested in long-term relationships on the site.

Classified Ads has a respond now button that lets you answer ads without signing up. To use this feature, you need to provide your email so the other person can respond. It’s a handy feature for people who want easy access. But no sign-up means more possibility of fake users and scams. It’s less safe than the verified user base that makes DoubleList legit. 

Classified Ads also have fewer selections of sections and orientations. On DoubleList, you will get to be more adventurous with your choices. One upside to Classified Ads is the sheer number of ads it has. On the other hand, you’ll find it difficult to navigate the site because of limited sections. You’ll have to sift through hundreds of ads or have a specific keyword to find the one for you.

If we compare Classified Ads to DoubleList, it lacks safety, options, and a user-friendly interface.

DoubleList Alternative: Locanto Personal Ads Section

Locanto Personals is another classified ads platform that offers similar features to DoubleList. The site offers all types of services, including a dating section for casual encounters. Aside from personal ads, Locanto has an adult services section for escorts. Instead of using verification like DoubleList, Locanto relies on user testimonials to filter fake accounts. Unfortunately, Locanto lacks in terms of security. There are complaints from users about fake ads and users.

Similar to DoubleList, Locanto offers a free version. It also has a premium account that lets you boost your profile and check out followers. Locanto is a decent platform but only gives you bare essential features. This puts it behind our platform, as it lacks features that make DoubleList legit. 

Is DoubleList Legit? Final Take on the Dating Site

DoubleList is a legit dating site that gives you the option to choose your tier. When we compare it to other platforms, it’s clear that it’s ahead with better features and more preferences. The verification method also makes the user base on DoubleList legit. 

The platform offers a more well-rounded experience by having a “fun stuff” section. It lets you explore your sexuality and gives you new insights by welcoming you into the community. It also has better user experience reviews than its competitors. Users found DoubleList to have fewer scammers, a user-friendly interface, and helpful customer service. Most importantly, they were able to find real connections on the site. 

If you want a dating platform that lets you cut to the chase, look no further. Sign up for DoubleList and start posting ads today!