How To Remove FB Dating: A Step-by-Step Guide

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September 25, 2023 5 minutes read
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In today’s post, we’ll learn how to remove the FB dating shortcut tab and permanently delete your FB dating profile. 

Over the past few years, Facebook evolved from just a photo-sharing social networking site to a lover’s paradise. Having over 1.5 billion active users in 2019, Facebook decided to roll out Facebook Dating. They hoped to solidify further their reputation as a go-to social media platform for everyone.  

If you’ve ever used Facebook Dating, delete it for various reasons. You may have found a better dating app or already found the love of your life. Or perhaps you feel frustrated by failing to secure a match. 

Whatever your reason is, you can easily remove FB dating from your mobile device. Let’s discover how.


How To Remove FB Dating Profile Permanently

Before we proceed, it’s essential to know that removing your FB Dating profile deletes filled-out answers, likes, matches, and chats. 

This is a permanent action. So, even if you decide to reactivate Facebook Dating in the future, none of your previous data will be recoverable. Additionally, you’ll have to wait seven days before diving back into Facebook Dating.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to remove an FB dating profile:

  1. Open the Facebook app and head over to the menu. It’s at the top right for Android devices and the bottom right for iOS devices.

  2. Scroll down and find the “Dating” option. Expand the “See more” menu if you can’t spot it.

  3. Tap the settings menu or gear icon located at the top right.

  4. Select the “General” tab at the top right.

  5. Scroll to the “Account” section, then tap “Delete Profile.”

  6. Choose a reason for why you wish to leave, and click “Next.” You can select “Skip” at the top if you don’t want to answer.

  7. A prompt lets you know you can’t create a new dating profile for seven days if you delete it. If you’re sure, press “Delete.

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How to “Take a Break” From Facebook Dating

Instead of permanently deleting your profile, temporarily shutting it down is a better option. This is handy when you want to take some time off from dating. So you won’t have to start all over again with profile creation. 

Taking a break will hide your profile from potential new matches in the app. However, you’ll still be able to message people who have already liked or matched with you. 

1. Follow the previous steps 1-4.

2. Scroll down to the “Account” section.

3. Select the button labeled “Take a Break.”

4. Click “Continue” to temporarily close your FB dating account.

To reactivate your account later, follow the instructions below.

  1. Return to the menu in the Facebook app.

  2. Visit the “Dating” page.

  3. Select “Start matching again.”

How To Remove FB Dating Shortcut

Removing the FB Dating shortcut is pretty simple. Click on the “Dating” tab with the heart icon and choose “Not Now.” 

Then, Facebook will prompt you to either “Remove” or “Keep” the dating icon. Select “Remove” to delete it from your Facebook screen. 

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Top 3 Alternatives to Facebook Dating

If you haven’t had the best experience with Facebook Dating, worry not! There are tons of thousands of other dating apps awaiting you. Let’s look at some of the best options.

OkCupid. OkCupid has quickly become one of the leading dating sites worldwide, boasting a user base of over 50 million members.

The sign-up process is a breeze. Answer a few simple questions, share insights about yourself, and add a captivating photo to showcase your charm. No unnecessary complications – you’re all set to dive into the dating world.

But wait, there’s more! OkCupid also offers a free messaging feature, just like Facebook Dating. Its vast array of robust features makes it better than Facebook Dating. Their specialized matching system, “liquid” feature, and “Live” functionality are just a few to begin with!

Zoosk. Founded in 2007, Zoosk takes pride in its extensive user base of over 40 million members. It has found particular popularity among younger demographics.

What sets Zoosk apart is its effective matchmaking tool, Behavioral Matchmaking. It ensures you connect with members who genuinely pique your interest.

Zoosk’s user-friendly interface comes equipped with a variety of search filters. It allows you to fine-tune your matches based on age, height, education, and ethnicity. Its geolocation feature even enables location-based matching.

eHarmony. Here’s a jaw-dropping fact: Approximately 75% of US marriages originated from eHarmony. 

eHarmony established itself as the top choice for those seeking long-lasting relationships. What truly distinguishes eHarmony is its sophisticated algorithm system. This system ensures you discover matches that authentically align with your preferences. 

They offer a comprehensive compatibility quiz that delves into your dating style to streamline the process. 

In addition, eHarmony provides daily recommendations, sparing you from the endless scroll through profiles that don’t align with your interests.

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The Ultimate Dating Site You’re Missing Out on DoubleList

If you’ve found Facebook Dating to be a big letdown, it might be time to explore something different. 

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One of its standout features is its user-friendly interface, simplifies finding compatible matches. Are you worried about encountering fake profiles? Rest assured, DoubleList’s robust security features, including anti-spam technology, protect against fraud and scams. 

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Once you learn how to remove FB dating, DoubleList offers you a refreshing change of pace. This free dating platform brings together like-minded individuals. Whether you’re seeking casual hookups or long-lasting connections, you’ll find it here. 

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