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April 18, 2023 9 minutes read
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As humans, we love a good review. We love giving reviews and secretly enjoy reading a bad review. When you want to purchase a new laptop, car, or an item you’re unfamiliar with, you look at the reviews. It’s the same with online dating or hookup apps.DoubleList Reviews tell you everything you need to know, whether it’s good or bad.

It is imperative to find and read through as many reviews as possible. The reviews are the best way to determine if the dating site is a good fit for you and if it works. The last thing you want is to connect with someone who has a foot fetish, and if you don’t, you’re going to be left high and dry!

There are copious positive reviews online about DoubleList. If you keep reading, I will also share my experience.

Is Doublelist Legit: Finding Genuine People to Share Meaningful Experiences With

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Is DoubleList Legit? Yes! This hookup site is just as legit as Tinder or Bumble. These are the facts: There are over 16 000 reviews and over 10M+ users; they all seem truthful as they are similar, and users share their personal experiences with you. Most of the positive reviews are from people in the LGBTQAI+ community. DoubleList is a leading dating and hookup platform for this community or if you’re looking to explore your sexuality.

This hookup platform is the finest option for anyone looking to explore their sexuality. Have you ever thought about hookup up with a couple? Or the same sex, this is your playground waiting for you to have some fun.

Majority of the reviews state that the users are beyond happy with their outcomes and have been able to meet “like-minded people.” Users have had pleasurable experiences that blew their minds, plus the site is easy to navigate. If you’re 20 or 40, then DoubleList is perfect for you.

The success rate of DoubleList is around 60%, which is phenomenal, especially in comparison to more popular dating platforms like Ashley Madison.

Is Doublelist Safe: The Best Craigslist Alternative

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DoubleList reviews are very insightful, and many reviews mention that DoubleList is one of the safest Craigslist alternatives. DoubleList has a top-notch security system that annihilates any dodgy activity, and you will be banned. Your online presence is in good hands.

You have to always be careful when it comes to doing anything online. Is DoubleList safe when it comes to meeting singles, buying an item online, or even posting a controversial post, there will always be scammers? Yes it is, to an extent. No online dating app is 100% safe.

Scammers can be scary, especially when you’ve opened up and told intimate details about yourself to this person. Feeling violated.

Keep reading and learn some tips and tricks to spot scammers on online dating platforms.

Read Doublelist Reviews for Tips on How To Weed Out Scammers

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If you are a bit shy, not confident, and prefer to meet online rather than in person, this is for you! Here are some tips, based off the DoubleList reviews, on how to weed out scammers.

  1. Always traveling or they live in a different country. You normally look for people near you when looking for hookups or a date. It’s a big red flag if someone messages you and they are from a different country or, even worse, a different continent. Human trafficking is a real thing; you always need to be careful.
  2. Asking for money. We have all seen The Tinder Swindler, which is a true story. None of those ladies thought something like that would happen to them, yet it did. It can happen to you as well. I’m not trying to scare you away, but knowledge is power, and you need all the knowledge you can get when meeting someone online. Never give any of your financial details out or wire money to someone…
  3. They never want to video chat. Another big red flag. If you cannot find the user anywhere else online, they look too perfect in their pictures and don’t want to video chat with you; there is a high possibility they are scamming you. Again, the Catfish TV show has been around for years. They have proven that they are catfishing you if someone puts off a video call. Sorry, but you need to keep looking.
  4. Automated conversations. Fake profiles usually sound robotic. The scammer doesn’t want to scam you only; they want to scam as many people as possible. Chatbots are designed to answer questions; throw one or two difficult questions out there and see the response. Be wary if it doesn’t make sense or wants you to simplify the question.
  5. Their advertisement is too good to be true. Most dating profiles or personal ads have a few photos of the person in different situations or full body and facial pictures. The user will most likely include a link to their social media, like Facebook or Instagram. A fake profile won’t have much information and not a variety of pictures. The scammer will try and agree with everything you say and ensure there are many similarities. If it seems too good to be true, most of the time, it is.

DoubleList reviews say there aren’t many scammers, and they’re easily spotted. This hookup site uses the best programs to spot Chatbots if there are any.

Does Doublelist Actually Work: Don’t Wait, Sign Up Now!


The short answer is yes, DoubleList actually works. With online dating, there will always be people you have connected with that won’t work out or hookups that fall through. Fetishes that you don’t agree with.

A tip with online dating or looking for something casual online is persistence. If your advertisement isn’t working, make a new one, put time into your ads, and make yourself sound as good as possible. Don’t be scared to make the first move and reply to other users’ ads. Making the first move will increase your chances of a hookup hugely!

DoubleList Reviews show that the majority of its users can find like-minded people. It has high ratings on many sites, including Sitejabber and Trustpilot, where it has a 4-star rating.

Can I Meet Like-minded People With Doublelist

DoubleList reviews say this is one of the best platforms to meet like-minded people. This personal site has hundreds of thousands of users with different sexual preferences; therefore, the odds of finding someone as like-minded as you are high.

As mentioned above, this site is extremely popular with the LGBTQIA + community. Let’s be honest. There is still a lot of hate towards this community, especially when looking for sexual partners. DoubleList is an open, non-judgemental platform as long as it’s legal. Numerous users are on there looking for dates, companions, hookups, and one-night casual encounters. Anything, you can be yourself freely.

Doublelist Reviews: Meeting Face To Face


Butterflies, nerves, anxiety, if you experience any of these, don’t stress; I’ve got your back!

As per the DoubleList reviews, you need to decide where your randevu will take place. Your place or theirs. Or if it’s a date out in public.

Are you a bit anxious to meet face-to-face? That is normal! If you aren’t feeling just a little bit nervous, something’s not right. Here are some tips to make your first encounter easier for you:

  1. Discuss deal breakers before the meeting. You have to ask the person you connect with if they have specific kinks and what they are into. You don’t want to meet your hook-up and be disappointed because they’re unwilling to do what you like. DoubleList reviews state that this is very important!
  2. Make sure you’re comfortable. When meeting for a hook-up, 90% of the time, it will be at someone’s home. If you can afford it, you can get a hotel. Otherwise, you’re going to their home, or they’re coming to yours. If this is your first time meeting someone for a hook-up or casual relationship, many reviews recommend you start at a bar. First, you can tell if this person gives off bad or weird vibes. If it’s all good vibes, proceed to the bedroom.
  3. Be prepared. Make sure you have condoms or anything that you need to be safe. Do not trust that the person you’re meeting will have everything to be safe. This included your favorite toy, pack that baby as well.

Where can one access DoubleList? This hookup site is not an app you can download from your Play Store or Apple Store; you must use your browser to log in.

You can have DoubleList on your phone; access it via your chosen internet browser. You can bookmark it and create a shortcut to your profile to make it easier to access.

Other Hookup Platforms Mentioned in Doublelist Reviews

When Craigslist personnel closed down, DoubleList was born. There are other platforms similar to DoubleList where you can find hookups and like-minded people.

If DoubleList is not for you, and you’re looking for something similar but a bit different, here are other well-known hookup platforms for you:

  1. Adult Friend Finder. This is the largest online sex, dating, and hookups community. There have been over 70 million users, and it is still growing!
  2. Kasual. Formally known as Yumi, it is a no-strings-attached dating site only for hookups. They welcome all genders and sexual preferences and have a strict ban policy for prostitutes, scammers, and spammers.
  3. eHarmony. You have to pay a fee of around $35.90 – $65.90 to join and get the best experience from eHarmony. This dating site is more popular among people in their late 20s or older.
  4. Locanto. This online site allows users to create ads for hookups, jobs, and rentals. A place with a little bit of everything. It works similarly to DoubleList and has a high success rate.

Doublelist Reviews Can Help You

DoubleList is a legitimate free dating site where men and women can experience meaningful connections and make new memories together. As mentioned above, you need to read the reviews. It’s the only way to find out if this hookup site is a perfect fit for you. It caters to one-night stands or if you’re seeking a long-life partner. It’s super easy to join! Familiarize yourself with the DoubleList Reviews, and you will be ready to start your online dating journey! Sign up for your free account here!

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