DoubleList vs. Locanto: Choosing Your Classifieds Champion

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October 17, 2023 9 minutes read
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Are you stuck picking the best classifieds site for your dating needs between DoubleList and Locanto? We get it. We have done the hard work and compiled this comprehensive DoubleList vs. Locanto review. 

Online classified sites have become an integral part of the internet, connecting people to buy, sell, and date locally. Two major players in this sphere are DoubleList and Locanto. Both enable users to post classified listings to meet their dating needs.

But which one will serve you best? This review analyzes the key features of each platform to help you decide. Read on to discover which site offers the superior classifieds experience.

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Unveiling DoubleList: A Powerhouse of Personal Listings

Founded in 2018, DoubleList burst into the scene following Craigslist’s closure of its personal ads section. The site instantly drew online daters seeking a reliable Craigslist personals replacement. In no time, DoubleList established itself as one of the best sites for browsing personal ads in the United States.

DoubleList operates similarly to Craigslist; both sites use location-based listings across diverse categories. Users can post and browse local classified ads for free. However, DoubleList sets itself apart by offering only personal ads for finding relationships, while Craigslist is more of a marketplace. 

With an excellent rating on Trustpilot, DoubleList has categories catering to various sexual orientations and relationship styles. This provides an inclusive space for minority groups like the LGBTQIA+ community, BDSM, and other kink communities.

The site also prioritizes user privacy and security. They carry out careful profile verification procedures to help minimize fake profiles. The site encrypts user data and does not share it with third parties. 

With its tailored scope, inclusivity and security measures, DoubleList has rapidly evolved into a premier personals and classifieds site.

Discover Locanto: Your Classifieds Companion

Locanto is a free and multilingual online classifieds site that has served over 60 countries since 2006. The platform enables users to advertise products, services, jobs, real estate and more. 

Locanto takes a local approach, organizing listings by city to connect users within their communities. The site also incorporates a dating and personals section for users seeking relationships and casual encounters.

Locanto’s simple design and intuitive interface allow users to browse and post listings effortlessly. They can filter searches by category, location and keywords to find relevant ads. The site supports multimedia (like pictures and short videos) to make listings visually engaging.

While Locanto focuses predominantly on buying and selling, it also fosters relationships through its personals. The site offers a trusted platform to meet people nearby safely.

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Locanto vs. DoubleList: A Clash of Features and Functions

Both  Locanto and DoubleList share some commonalities as classifieds and dating sites.

For instance, they both provide free subscription plans. DoubleList users can set up accounts, browse listings, view pages and chat with potential matches for free. Locnto users can also register, browse ads for free and send messages for free. But you need to pay to see all your inboxes on Locanto.

Additionally, both sites have filters that help users narrow down their search. And they are both location-based websites that show you listings in your city. This allows users to connect with people nearby.

Also, Locanto and DoubleList both have user-friendly interfaces, facilitating easy app navigation.

However, they also boast unique features aiming to relieve specific pain points. Here are some of their unique features:

DoubleList’s Unique Features

  • DoubleList has advanced personal ad categories supporting various sexual orientations and preferences. Queer people, kinksters, and other non-mainstream online daters can find people from their community for non-judgmental intimate encounters.

  • DoubleList also goes the extra mile to protect its users’ safety and privacy. You can rest assured that the site encrypts your data from third-party access. It also verifies all users’ identities to reduce fake profiles and scams.

  • Also, DoubleList provides more options for users to customize their dating profiles. They can upload many photos, write detailed bios and specify interests or hobbies.

What Makes Locanto Stand Out?

  • Locanto offers a broader range of classifieds beyond dating ads. You can buy and sell all sorts of goods and services on the site, from furniture to housing.

  • It extends beyond the United States, reaching 60+ countries. The website is multilingual, making it accessible to a wider audience.

  • Locanto integrates multimedia into listings seamlessly.

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DoubleList and Locanto Demographics and Age Range Compared

Locanto and DoubleList also differ in their user base and user age ranges. Understanding each platform’s target demographics can further inform which one will best serve your needs.

DoubleList, on the one hand, has 3 million active users, mostly between ages 18-44. It has particular popularity among young singles seeking dates nearby. Locanto, on the other hand, has a broader reach, appealing to users of all ages looking for classified postings. Locanto has a relatively even distribution of users aged 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, and 50+.

The gender split also varies between the two platforms. Locanto has more male members, with an approximately 80/20 male-to-female ratio. DoubleList maintains a more balanced 60/40 male-to-female ratio. 

Dating-wise, DoubleList fosters a sexually open community welcoming casual encounters and alternative relationship styles. The website caters to people seeking all sorts of adult relationships, like polyamory and friends with benefits. Locanto tends to draw those interested in serious relationships more than casual flings. 

Locanto’s marketplace format attracts a diverse demographic seeking all types of listings, not personals alone. DoubleList’s focus on dating and casual hookups appeals more to younger, fun-seeking singles. Both platforms aim to be inclusive but draw different crowds based on their features and functions.


DoubleList vs. Locanto: Privacy and Security

Everyone tries to ensure their safety when meeting strangers online. So, many people’s major concerns when using online dating and classifieds platforms include privacy protection and security. Locanto and DoubleList take steps to keep their users safe, but which platform offers a more rigorous system? 

DoubleList helps users avoid catfishers by verifying profiles through rigorous verification procedures like email, phone number and photo validation. While Locanto employs standard safety strategies like obscuring contact details and profile photos, it doesn’t offer rigorous identity verifications. The open registration leaves Locanto users susceptible to fake profiles and scammers. Users must exercise greater caution when interacting with other potential matches on Locanto.

DoubleList users can also maintain anonymity. They can chat and exchange photos with selected users privately, and DoubleList does not share user data with third parties. Locanto does not allow anonymity, and its privacy policy allows data sharing with authorized partners.  

Both platforms have reporting systems to flag inappropriate content or users. DoubleList adds an extra security layer by screening all listings before publishing to remove offending users. Locanto, on the other hand, depends solely on user reporting. 

For a discreet, secure dating experience, DoubleList is the safer bet. But Locanto can also provide adequate precautions if used carefully.

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Popularity Showdown – Is DoubleList More Famous Than Locanto?

Locanto surpasses DoubleList in total registered users and global availability. Locanto operates in over 60 countries worldwide, with at least 5 million active members. 

However, DoubleList dominates the niche U.S. dating scene, a position that Craigslist personals once held.  DoubleList has over 100,000 monthly visitors looking for casual hookups. It has established a reputation as the ideal Craigslist personals replacement site.

Both platforms offer great value but target different audiences. Locanto excels as a global online marketplace for classifieds. DoubleList carved out a specialized niche catering to the casual dating scene. 

DoubleList and Locanto are almost equally popular in the U.S. dating sphere. Locanto Personals caters to people seeking intimate encounters, while DoubleList caters mostly to those seeking NSA relationships. Each site attracts its loyal user base that keeps returning for what that particular platform does best.

DoubleList also edges Locanto out in engagement. It has livelier user activity and interactions. DoubleList fosters an engaging environment conducive to finding adult relationships, thanks to its intimate community vibe and trustworthiness. 

In summary, while Locanto enjoys international fame, DoubleList is popular amongst American singles and couples seeking adult dating personals.

Which Is Cheaper — DoubleList or Locanto?

Locanto offers a premium membership for $2.95 per month, unlocking additional features beyond the site’s free version. However, you must pay $10 to post an ad by purchasing credits. 

DoubleList has a free option that has limited daily messages and ad posts. DoubleList’s optional premium tiers, called “Hookup” and “Hardcore,” increase daily message and ad post limits. The Hookup plan costs $10/month, and Hardcore costs $20/month. 

Both sites offer free versions that have limitations. You can pay to increase these limits according to your needs. Locanto charges for each ad you post, which can be expensive. This can make it a cheaper option, depending on the number of ads you want to post. DoubleList lets you post a limited number of ads per day. It also enables you to post more daily ads for a fixed price of $10 or $20 per month.

Locanto vs. DoubleList: The Verdict

Deciding between Locanto and DoubleList depends on your specific needs. Both websites enable effortless local community connections. You just need to choose the right one to deliver your desired experience. 

Locanto is ideal for a multifunction classifieds experience spanning diverse categories. It offers more classified listings beyond personals, making it a versatile community resource.

But for dating and relationships, DoubleList is a much better option. It tailors its features to create a superior platform for intimate encounters. The site offers several personal ad categories for browsing safely and privately.

So, here goes our verdict. Singles seeking casual encounters or long-term relationships should consider DoubleList. Those seeking classifieds spanning housing, jobs or used items alongside dating will appreciate Locanto more. Identifying your priorities will ultimately determine your ideal pick in the DoubleList vs. Locanto faceoff.

To explore relationship opportunities safely and discreetly, sign up with DoubleList today. Join the site that facilitates exciting, intimate journeys across sexual orientations.

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