Mommy Kink: When Being Cared for Is a Turn On

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May 7, 2023 7 minutes read
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Most of you reading have heard of the Daddy kink but what about the Mommy kink? It seems a lot less common which has created many questions about what exactly the Mommy kink is.

We’re here to answer your burning questions, including – How different is a Mommy Kink from a Daddy Kink? What’s a lesbian Mommy kink? And more!

What Is a Mommy Kink? (Surprisingly, it Doesn’t Involve Your Mom!)

Mommy kink is a sexual or general attraction to people who care for you, protect you, and show you unconditional love—just like a mother would. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll want the woman to show you lots of affection by babying you (which is different from a baby kink).

So, what is a Mommy kink?

A Mommy kink involves you being the center of their attention. Mommy kinksters want the partner to provide security, love, and nurturing. The Mommy may show affection with kisses and cuddles.

Like most kinks, there are various ways to practice this one. More innocent examples include caring for your partner and being there for them, while others include dressing up your lover as a baby and caring for them.

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How To Know if You Have a Mommy Kink?

Some people have a sensually maternal aura, regardless of how they present themselves or who they identify as. This is why people with Mommy kinks naturally gravitate toward them and enjoy calling them “Mommy.”

For most, the defining feature of a Mommy kink is the idea of receiving or giving maternal affection.

Knowing yourself and becoming knowledgeable about kinks is crucial for figuring out how to verbalize your sexual desires. Consider what makes you feel enthused and aroused. 

You may need your partner to love and treasure you if you don’t have a motherly figure. That may be a psychological issue, not a kink, so think carefully and know you can always change your mind about your kinks.

Mommy Kink in Books

Daddy Kink books are more mainstream than Mommy Kink books, but there are many fanfictions on this kink on Archive of Our Own, one of the world’s most famous fanfiction sites. From fanfics about Remus Lupin having a Mommy kink for Molly Weasley, Carlisle and Esme Cullen ‘taking care’ of Bella Swan, and even Natasha Romanoff giving aftercare to Bruce Banner, there’s something out there for everyone.

Differences Between Mommy Kink and Daddy Kink

A ‘mommy’ is someone who, when playing the role, enjoys taking care of and treating her partner like a child. 

Daddy kinks involve a clearer dominance hierarchy between two people. The person being called “Daddy” is seen as the dominant partner. The Mommy kink differs as it involves the person with the kink wanting to be nurtured and cared for rather than being dominated.

Mommy solves your problems and supports you throughout the ‘scene.’ Those who lead hectic lives are more likely to be interested in the Mommy kink.

For example, if you have a lot of work stress, you might want that assurance of care at night. A Mommy could get you into bed with soft praise and compliments.

The Mommy kink can also still develop in partnerships that are solely sexual and in which there are no romantic ties.

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Is There a Lesbian Mommy Kink?

Mommy kink isn’t just for straight men. Lesbians and bisexual women can have a Mommy kink too. A lesbian Mommy kink works the same as a heterosexual couple practicing it.

Some lesbians might want their Mommy to be sexual, while others only crave the intimacy and care a Mommy provides.

Innocence Kink, Submissive Kink and Bondage Kink

Having a Mommy kink doesn’t automatically mean you’re submissive, and being the Mommy in this scenario doesn’t necessarily make you the dominant. In many cases, this can be more of an innocence kink. 

If you have a kink for someone who doesn’t do “bad” things, you may have an innocence kink. A Mommy kink can be part of an innocence kink because you may be attracted to more maternal and caring partners.

Mothers and Sexuality — Ew, Right? Wrong.

Mothers and sexuality are two things people don’t like mentioned in the same sentence. 

Sexualized mothers are called MILFs (Mom I’d Like to F**k). The person wanting to have sex with the MILF uses the moniker.

But Mommy Dom could be an empowering term for women with a maternal, sexual, and assertive aura.

How To Indulge in Mommy Kink

There are many different ways to engage in Mommy kink with your partner. It’s crucial to talk about kinks before you begin practicing them.

Kinks are about consent, discussion, and compromise, just like any other sexual activity. Avoid showing them the most extreme examples if your partner is unfamiliar with your kink.

Remember not to judge someone based on their first reactions when being introduced to a new kink because it’s a delicate subject. Give them time to adjust to your Mommy kink before deciding how you both want to handle it.

Introduce tiny changes to your relationship if your partner has agreed to test out this role. Start small because people can change their minds. It’s also important to have a safe word so you can instantly tell the difference between what’s part of the roleplay and what isn’t.

If your partner agrees to some things you want to try, it doesn’t mean they agree to everything about your kink. To maintain a happy and healthy relationship, always ask for their consent and ensure they feel at ease with any new developments.

More Tips on Mommy Kink

If you’re interested in incorporating the Mommy kink into your life, try out some of the tips below to get started:

  • Ask them to stroke your hair while you kiss or suck her nipples and talk to you in a lovely, soothing way. This tender, caring foreplay is ideal for when you want to make love.

  • Seduce one another over text messages to prepare you both for some Mommy Dom action.

  • Ask Mommy to join you in bed and show you some much-needed love.

  • Ask them to hold you while you gently caress each other’s bodies throughout the foreplay.

  • Call each other by your respective roles when you’re having an orgasm or ejaculating.

Always remember that you should enjoy yourself while exploring your kink. The tips above can be used as ideas to get you started if you are stuck on how to start introducing it into your life. You can take it in any direction as long as your partner is comfortable.

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Mommy Makes the Rules

Mommies take the gently dominant position, and their partner is more submissive. Therefore, the Mommy can make rules for their partner to follow. Rules can be used as part of the roleplay session or between partners.

Some examples of Mommy rules include the following:

  • Always hold onto Mommy’s hand when outside

  • Ask permission to use the bathroom

  • No wearing bras or underwear when going out together

Rules should be decided together as a couple to ensure that both people are comfortable. Most people with a Mommy kink prefer their mommy to gently remind them and hold them accountable instead of giving them a list of strict rules.

How To Find Yourself a Mommy

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You could act out your fantasies of being mothered or mothering someone by finding the right partner. If you’re unsure whether you’re all in with the Mommy kink, you can still sign up and speak to like-minded people to discuss it and delve deeper.

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