Hair Fetish: Everything You Need To Know About Trichophilia

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October 30, 2023 8 minutes read
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For some people, hair is just stuff that grows from our heads and bodies. But for others, human hair holds an intense erotic fascination. Hair fetish, or trichophilia, refers to intense sexual arousal from seeing, touching, smelling, or manipulating hair.

Although it might seem unusual, trichophilia is a fairly common sexual fetish. Research even suggests that it might be one of the most popular fetishes in the world. Up to 7% of people have some sort of sexual attraction to hair.

This article explores everything you need to know about this unique fetish, from its history to how to explore it. Let’s dive into it without further ado.

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Defining the Fetish: What Is a Hair Fetish?

Being a trichophile simply means finding sexual excitement in human hair. If you have this fetish, you can find any bodily hair attractive. However, most trichophiles focus primarily on scalp hair.

Most people with this fetish find specific hair types and styles attractive. Some common hair types that trigger this sexual fetish include the following:

  • Long, flowing hair
  • Short hairstyles like pixie cuts
  • Wet or freshly washed hair
  • Hair of a certain color – blondes and redheads are especially prized
  • Curly, kinky, or straight hair textures
  • Messy, tangled, or “just woke up” hair
  • Hair arranged in braids, dreadlocks, or specific styles

Aside from finding specific hair styles and types attractive, many trichophiles also enjoy some sexual activities involving hair. Some of them include:

  • Watching someone get a haircut.
  • Hair cutting or styling on another person.
  • Having their hair cut or styled.
  • Hair brushing, shampooing, and blow-drying.
  • Running fingers through a partner’s hair.
  • Gently pulling on hair during sex.
  • Rubbing hair against skin or genitals.

In summary, each trichophile has their own sexual preferences. However, the common theme is that they all have some sort of sexual attraction to hair.

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A Brief History of Trichophilia Over the Years

Hair has always had a cultural significance beyond mere aesthetics in many human societies. History reveals that many cultures used hairstyles to signal things like social status, wealth, age, marital status, and religious beliefs. So, it’s not surprising that it also has some sexual significance.

We have always seen evidence of trichophilia-like behaviors in ancient literature and art. For instance, the Greek poet Anacreon wrote several odes to “beloved boy’s hair.” We also see archaeological evidence of Victorian-era psychiatrists documenting cases of patients with “hair eros” (sexual fascination with hair). Also, many Chinese arts depict people licking or chewing on hair. All these suggest that trichophilia has always existed in human societies.

However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that psychologist Havelock Ellis coined the term “trichophilia.” He used the word in his seminal sexology work, Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Since then, trichophilia has been more visible, with more people becoming more confident in claiming their identity without feeling shame.

As the internet becomes more widespread, so does the community of people who find hair attractive. Many trichophiles are now members of online and offline communities of people who share this fetish. In fact, it is now a main part of pop culture. Many books, music, TV shows, and other modern media platforms often refer to trichophilic characters and themes.

Although some still consider it taboo, trichophilia is now a recognized identity in the world’s sexual landscape.


How To Explore Trichophilia: Best Sex Positions for a Hair Fetish

People who find hair attractive have unique needs in the bedroom. They try to incorporate hair play into sex in the most creative ways imaginable. So, to explore this fetish, you should try positions where you can fully access your partner’s hair. Here are some of the top sex positions if you or your partner has a thing for hair:

Best Sex Positions for a Long Hair Fetish

Long hair fetish is one of the most popular fetishes in the trichophilia community. Below are some sex positions for people who want to explore this fetish:

  • Spooning: Spooning is a great position to enjoy long hair if you and your partner have penetrative sex. To spoon, you and your partner will lie facing the same way. You will press your front to their back to see and feel their hair falling down their shoulders and back. They can raise their top leg a bit for easy penetration.
  • Reverse Cowgirl: This is another great position for penetrative sex. Your partner straddles you with their back turned towards you. This gives you a good view of their long hair hanging down their back. We suggest grabbing their hair-like reins for extra pleasure as you thrust upward. This also gives you a better grip.
  • Doggy-Style: Finally, you should consider doggy style if you want to enjoy your partner’s long hair during sex. As your partner goes on their hands and knees, their long hair will dangle above you. Grasp their hips and gently wrap their hair around your wrist. You should feel great sexual ecstasy as you tug their hair with each thrust.

How To Explore a Pubic Hair Fetish

Of course, pubic hair fetish exists too! Here are some ways to explore it for maximum sexual pleasure:

  • Face-Sitting: You can get a good view and feel of your partner’s pubic hair if they sit on your face. What better way to enjoy their sexy pubic hair than the sight, smell, and taste enveloping your entire face? You can tug and stroke the hair, which fosters stronger stimulation.
  • 69 Position: If you and your partner are both into pubic hair, we suggest the 69 position. Lying inverted allows you both oral stimulation while their pubic hair brushes both your faces. You can also experiment with tongue pressure while inhaling their scent.
  • Missionary: This classic position lets you gaze at and caress your partner’s pubic hair. Try different touches like gently scratching, twirling strands around your finger, or nuzzling your face.

Giving a Hair Job

Another way to explore trichophilia is to give or get a hair job. As the name suggests, a hair job uses hair to caress the genitalia for erotic stimulation. Think of it as a blow job or a hand job with hair.

To enjoy a hair job, try wrapping your partner’s hair around your penis shaft and then start stroking gently. You can also make a bun with your partner’s hair and use the hole as a penetration point. You can also release the hair and allow it to flow over the penis as you’d like.

Exploring Hair Fetish: Reddit Trichophilia Community

Many online groups now cater to trichophiles, offering them a community to meet other fetishists and connect with each other. One such group is the r/hair fetish Reddit forum. It’s a supportive community where fetishists can revel in their mutual fascination with human hair. Users offer guidance and share experiences, erotic fiction, and sex position ideas. You can join the community to learn more about the fetish and find someone to explore your sexuality with.


Some Interesting Hair Fetish Stories Across the Internet

Many trichophiles share their hair fetish stories online, mostly for other fetishists to read and find inspiration. Here are two interesting stories we found online:

This story chronicles the author’s experiences from ages 13 to 16 in the early 1990s. He becomes attracted to a shy girl named Sarah, who wears her hair in a short bob cut. The story details his strong attraction to Sarah as her hair goes through different cuts.

He likes kissing her neck and touching her short hair. His attraction increased greatly when she got a very short perm. He loves running his hands through her hair when freshly cut and describes it as prickly and spiky. He can get over his attraction to Sarah after she chooses to grow her hair out.

A Reddit user named Fighting_Historian made a post in the r/hairfetish subreddit asking how people developed their trichophilia. One user named nape_buzzer shares his story of how he began to find short haircuts attractive. It happened because his parents forced him to get buzzcuts as a child. Another user talks about growing up in a religious household and shaving his head as a teenager to resist vanity. The comments overall discuss how childhood experiences and gender norms can be possible origins of trichophilia.

These stories are real-life depictions of how people’s attraction to hair manifests differently. They also show how different people link their fetishes to various origins.

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