A Male-To-Male Relationship: Following the Sparks

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May 8, 2024 7 minutes read
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We all know the excitement that dating brings. Do they fancy me? Did they mean to touch my leg? The beginning stages of a relationship bring just as much energy, too. It’s all about romantic date nights and passionate kisses; what’s not to like? If you’re entering or thinking of entering a male-to-male relationship, you might wonder what to expect.  

Being new to the gay dating scene and putting yourself out there is quite daunting; we get it! Plus, it’s even more intimidating if you’re new to the gay community! However, knowing what to expect is usually a huge help! For long-term commitments or casual flings, thinking about expectations is a good way to put your mind at ease. Knowing what to look for in a relationship is also very useful. Do you want to know more? Let’s dive in!

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Uncovering What a Male-To-Male Relationship Is Called

Are you new to the dating scene or a serial dater? Either way, following those sparks and feeling the chemistry is always so exciting. If you’re in a man-to-man relationship, it might be new to you! Or, you might be familiar with the dynamic! 

Are you wondering what a male-to-male relationship is called? You can call it a gay relationship, a bisexual or homosexual one. Whether it’s casual or serious, it all falls under the same umbrella. 

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What To Expect and Look for in a Male-To-Male Relationship 

Are you recently out of the closet? If not, don’t worry! Everyone’s path is different, and there’s no rush. If you’re embarking on a gay relationship or considering it, it’s normal to be a little bit apprehensive. Are you new to the gay dating scene? We have some ideas of what to expect! 

Here are some things to expect and look for in a man and man relationship:

1. Trust Building and Open Communication 

If you don’t have trust, it’s not the relationship for you! If you’re getting into a relationship, trust from the get-go is so important. This goes for heterosexual couples, too! Don’t get us wrong, building trust can take time, especially if it’s your first gay relationship. Or, someone might have hurt you in the past and made your walls go right up! 

There’s no problem at all if you want to take things slow; the choice is yours! However, just make sure that you explain this to your partner. To take the pressure off the conversation, just bring it up casually while you’re doing something else! If you’re out for a walk, you can open up the topic and open up to your partner.  

2. Overcoming Barriers 

If you and your partner are facing any personal barriers, it’s important to stick together. Unfortunately, family acceptance and social stigma sometimes come into play for gay couples. However, you and your partner can work together to feel comfortable in yourselves and uplift each other. 

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3. Managing Different Interests 

Everyone’s different, with different interests and ideas of fun. If you and your partner have lots in common, great! You can enjoy spending that time together and strengthening your bond. However, if you have different interests, you might worry about your compatibility. The truth is, we all have different interests, so what’s the key to success? Compromise! 

In straight and same-sex relationships, it’s totally normal to have different hobbies or activities you want to do. One of you might be really into art and enjoy wandering around galleries and soaking up the culture. The other partner might enjoy long walks in nature. Spend time doing each hobby. They’ll appreciate the effort, and it’s a great way to spend quality time together. 

4. Setting Clear Expectations 

Going on dates is really enjoyable until the other person changes their mind! Maybe they didn’t want a serious relationship! Or, maybe they changed their mind. These are just some of the things that can run through someone’s mind! 

We all hate those “Where is this going?” conversations midway through a “situationship.” Cue the awkwardness! Instead, being upfront and direct from the get-go about what you want is a better way to play it. Ask the same from them, too, as this keeps you on the same page! 

5. Enjoying Spontaneity

Are you the spontaneous type? If you’ve met someone on a local gay dating site, plan a date for that weekend. Or, even better, that night! This might be out of your comfort zone, but you’ll definitely enjoy it. Our advice? Go for it! Enjoy the thrill of casual dating or just the enjoyment of hanging out with someone you like!

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6. Exploring Intimacy

Emotional intimacy and physical intimacy are huge parts of relationships. It goes beyond just sleeping together, too. If you look at your relationship characteristics, are you intimate enough? 

It’s all about respecting boundaries and getting to know someone like no one else does. This comes into play in straight relationships, too! Sure, if it’s a one-night stand, you might call it something else, but intimacy in a relationship makes it special.  

7. Sexual Boundaries 

Are they sleeping with you and only you, or are they exploring other options? This falls under the umbrella of expectations, but sexual boundaries are essential. Discussing your sexual relationship is an excellent way to get closer to someone and let them know what you want.  Discuss your sexual preferences and desires with them! As an added bonus, this will help to heat up your sex life! Plus, it’ll bring you and your partner closer together.  

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How To Be a Dominant Male in a Relationship

Does your partner want a dominant man? Dominance can actually mean so many things to different people in different circumstances. If you’re in a relationship and you want to step up to the role of being dominant, that’s totally normal! Bumble’s State of the Nation 2023 survey collects data about dating. The survey shows that 40% of Americans believe the man should take the lead! 

Here’s how to be a dominant male in a relationship:

1. Make Decisions 

Dominance means taking control of situations and using confidence to exert power. In a relationship, confidence is generally an attractive trait that people like. You can show off your dominance and confidence by making decisions for your relationship. This might even be as simple as choosing the restaurant where you guys are eating tonight. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between being controlling and dominant, so aim not to blur the lines. 

2. Plan Dates 

In all relationships, having a steamy date planned for us is always a trigger for the butterflies! If you want to be a dominant male in a relationship, be the one to plan the dates. Whisk your partner away for a romantic evening and treat them! This is a great idea for long-term relationships and married couples, as it helps to keep the spark alive. If it’s a surprise, even better! 

3. Take Control in the Bedroom 

Do you want to spice up the bedroom? Why not try out a few kinks? If you’re both comfortable with it, BDSM is all about dominance, so incorporate it into your sex life. BDSM is all about power roles and explores bondage, discipline, control, and submission, so it’s worth a try! Just keep communication going and make sure you and your partner are totally comfortable. 

Taking a dominant role is possible for anyone in any relationship, so be proactive! From straight relationships to gay relationships, you can use dominance to spice things up in more ways than one! 

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