DoubleList Now Requires Subscription? The Truth Explained

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September 11, 2023 8 minutes read
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When you’re looking for dating sites, cost can be a main concern. There’s nothing worse than hidden charges you didn’t sign up for. DoubleList is one of the most popular free dating sites that gives you amazing features. Lately, there are rumors that DoubleList now requires subscription. 

People are having second thoughts and want to close their accounts. So, is it true? You can rest easy because there are ways where you can still use it for free. Let’s find out how.  

Does DoubleList Require a Subscription? The Low Down

The good news is no, it’s just a rumor. Most people prefer free dating sites over ones that require a subscription. On the other hand, others consider paid sites as more serious and have a better user base. That’s why DoubleList provides you with both. 

DoubleList still gives you the option for a free account, where you have access to most features. It also gives you the option to upgrade to a premium account if you want additional perks. The structure resembles most apps that offer a “freemium” model. 

If you were wondering, “Does DoubleList require a subscription now?” – We hope you’re feeling at ease! You can still post and respond to ads without paying a cent on DoubleList.

For those who don’t know, DoubleList is a personal ads site where people can connect. The platform works exactly like the Craigslist personals section. On the site, you can post your personal ads or respond to others’ personals. Unlike other sites, this format encourages you to read the message first instead of focusing on the pictures. 

The site welcomes a diverse community, from heterosexuals to LGBTQIA+ people, or even kinks and fetishes. DoubleList is great for casual encounters, but you can also find serious relationships. These benefits make DoubleList a popular choice among online daters.


DoubleList Now Requires Subscription: Account Options

Now that you know DoubleList has different account types, let’s get to know them better. There are three different options that you can choose: free, Hookup, and Hardcore. Each of them have their strengths. 

The free account is great for users who are trying out the online dating culture. It offers a very basic user experience that still gives you chances of matching with other users. 

DoubleList now requires subscriptions for the other two account types. The Hookup account lets you enjoy more features at a limit. It’s suitable for online daters who want to get more serious with matches. With the Hardcore account, you can enjoy all the features without any limits. This top tier fits the lifestyle of serial daters who want more options in their love life. 

DoubleList Requires Now Subscription: How To Start

Although it’s not true that DoubleList requires a subscription, you still have to sign up. Registration for DoubleList is very easy; all you need to do is provide an email account. DoubleList also requires email and phone verification before you can use their features. This is an important process because we want to verify that you’re not a bot. Verification keeps our users genuine and makes for a better dating experience. After you verify your account, you’re free to start posting and responding to ads on the site.

When you start searching for ads, you can choose from the following categories in Connect Now:

  • Guys for Guys

  • Women for Guys

  • Guys for Women

  • Women for Women

  • Couples for Couples

  • Couples for Her

  • Couples for Him

  • Males for Couples

  • Females for Couples

  • Gay for Straight

  • Straight for Gay

Just by looking at the categories, you can tell that it’s an inclusive site where you can find anything. Another upside to DoubleList is you can keep your personal information discrete. You can use screen names instead of your actual names on the site. There are also city groups and fun stuff to explore your sexuality and learn more about kinks and fetishes.

DoubleList Now Requires Subscription: Free Features To Try

Which of the features on DoubleList can you enjoy for free? The basic account allows you to:

  • Post personals or live posts

  • Message other members or respond to their personal ads

  • View pages

The free version has a daily limit on live posts, responses, and page views. The basic account also has ads. If you are still testing out the site, this is the account type you should try. It’s also ideal for people who are getting back into the dating scene. The limits will still give you options without overwhelming you. So, it’s not true that DoubleList now requires a subscription because you can still get matches with the free account!

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DoubleList Now Requires Subscription: Paid Option Features

Now, we’re diving into paid user accounts. A paid account on DoubleList now requires subscription. It has additional features that can enhance your dating experience and get you more matches! There are two different paid accounts on Doublelist: Hookup and Hardcore.

With the Hookup tier, you’ll be able to:

  • Send up to 30 messages per day

  • Look through 250 pages each day

  • Submit six personal ads or live posts at a time

  • Have access to age and geographical filters

  • Enjoy ad-free experience

As you can see, this account tier allows you to be more active and expand your reach. If you want to consistently interact with people, this is the account you should choose.

The Hardcore account is where you have the most benefits. With this tier, you’ll be able to:

  • Send unlimited messages

  • Look through unlimited pages

  • Submit ten personal ads or live posts at a time

  • Have Access to age and geographical filters

  • Enjoy ad-free experience

  • A premium badge that lets people know you’re an active user

If you find the Hookup tier to be lackluster, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Hardcore account. The Hardcore tier is not for the fainthearted. It’s suitable for avid online daters who want to find adventurous connections. 

DoubleList Payment Methods: Yearly or Monthly

Do you want to opt for a Hookup or Hardcore account? This type of account on DoubleList requires a subscription, which means you need to decide on payment types. On DoubleList, you can choose to pay your account monthly or yearly. There are benefits to each plan, and which one you choose depends on your preferences. 

The monthly plan for a Hookup account is $10 per month, while Hardcore is $20 per month. If you’re still trying out the site and unsure, this should be the one you choose. This is also ideal if you’re still new to casual encounters or online dating. It’s a low-commitment option that lets you go back to the basic plan if it doesn’t work out.

The yearly plan for a Hookup account is $45 per year, while the Hardcore is $90 per year. It’s perfect for loyal Doublelist users who already know what they want. These plans let you save a lot of money. If we compare it with the monthly option, you can save $75 for a hookup account and $150 for hardcore. We encourage people who love flings and casual dating to opt for a long-term plan. 

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DoubleList Now Requires Subscription: Which To Choose?

As you can see, DoubleList aims to give space to everyone, from those who are new to online dating to loyal users looking for more features. The account you choose will depend on your needs and wants. 

New users who are just starting should try the free account to get familiar with the site. You can view the site and user base without any pressure. There are still possibilities of matches with the free account, but you just need to be more patient. 

You can upgrade to a premium account when you are comfortable with the site. This type of account on DoubleList now requires a subscription. It also allows you to explore more options and be more interactive with other users. Get the Hookup account to get a taste of more adventurous dating, or Hardcore to get the total experience. 

Remember that even if you opt for a paid account, you can still play around with your payment method. If you want a low-commitment type, then use the monthly payment first. You can easily switch to a yearly payment when you’re ready to be a loyal user. 

DoubleList Final Take: Is It Worth a Try for Hookups? 

Is DoubleList worth a try for hookups and casual encounters? Yes! The rumor that DoubleList now requires subscriptions is not true. You can still enjoy all features at a limited amount for free with the basic account. There are hookups and hardcore accounts that require payments, but the decision is up to you! Hookup and Hardcore allow you to get more out of your online dating experience. They’re also comparatively cheaper than competitors. 

Whatever your choice, DoubleList has account and payment options that can fulfill your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Doublelist today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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