Dating Sites for Married People: Ditching Monogamy

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July 4, 2023 10 minutes read
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“Till death do us part,” right? Well, that’s not always the case. Marriages have ups and downs, so cheating and long-term affairs can happen. It’s at this point that couples turn to dating sites for married people.

However, not all married people who use this site are looking to keep it a secret from their partners. Traditional marriages cater to sticking with one person and remaining faithful. But not all marriages are traditional.

You could spice up your sex life by exploring sexually with others outside of your marriage. Introducing someone new to the bedroom or having fun on your own could be just what your marriage needs.

There are tons of available options, which can make it confusing to know where to start. We’ve compiled a list of the best dating sites for married people to help!


Dating Sites for Married People – Is Monogamy Outdated?

For many years, humans have considered monogamy as the standard relationship practice. Many people see polyamorous relationships as a new-age practice. However, research suggests humans have only been monogamous for around 1000 years. Before that, scientists believed humans were polyamorous, primarily for survival reasons.

As the world grows and people become more understanding, our view on things grows too. For one, marriages involving more than two people are becoming more popular. Married poly people alone constitute around 40% of the total poly population in the US.

Statistics like this show us that the world is evolving to become more open-minded. People are putting their needs and desires first, and for some, that includes an open marriage.

Studies find that 20% of married people have an affair. It’s likely that some of these relationships start with dating sites for married people.

Does a statistic this high suggest that monogamy is no longer the first choice for many people? Or, perhaps it is just because instant sex is now available at our fingertips.

Why Use Dating Sites for Married People?

Many people would consider marriage as the end of dating sites. Yet, plenty of married people are still active on these sites. So why would dating sites for married people continue to be prominent?

Dating Sites for Married People – An Affair Hotspot

Why does anyone use a dating site? For some, true love could be the result. However, for many, dating sites offer a perfect hookup platform. Are you married but searching for a quick hookup with a random person?

Dating sites can be an ideal place to meet someone new. They have plenty of active users, with sites like Tinder reporting around 30% of their users being married. Dating sites for married people can make having an affair easy.

Is Polyamory the New Monogamy?

Affairs are not the only reason a married person would be on a dating site. Polyamory relationships are becoming more mainstream, with around 4-5% of the population identifying as polyamorous. Could polyamory quickly overcome monogamy?

Polyamorous couples can use dating sites for married people to find others interested in polyamory. Inviting another person into your life can be nerve-wracking. This is especially true when it has been the two of you for so long. Dating sites offer a way to get to know the other person in a less formal setting. If things go well, you can start organizing to meet.

Dating Sites for Married People: Open Relationships

People mistake polyamory and open relationships with each other frequently. However, there are key differences between these types of relationships.

Where a polyamorous relationship includes involving a third person as an equal participant or mutual partner, open relationships differ. An open relationship generally means that both parties are free to date or have sex with others.

Open marriages exist too, but only around 1% of the population is in an open marriage. Married couples in an open marriage can find their other partners on dating sites for married people. Dating sites can be a great space to get to know a girlfriend or boyfriend better. You can even let your marital partner get to know them, too, if that is something you both want.

cuckolding fetish 2

Cuckold Kinks – A Surefire Way to Spice up Your Marriage

Cuckold kinks are an exciting way a married couple could use dating sites for married people. Whether you already have a cuckold kink or want to explore one, it can be challenging to know where to start.

A cuckold kink usually involves a married man watching his wife have sex with another man. Most people don’t feel comfortable asking random people to have sex with their wives. Dating sites for married people offer a space where couples can meet someone interested in having sex with their wives.

This prevents any awkwardness of a stranger not understanding the kink. You can message people on dating sites and be upfront about what you want. You might find it surprising how many people know about the kink and want to participate.

Traditionally, people don’t ask others to have sex with their wives whilst they watch. You should also be willing to answer some questions for people who are new to the concept.


How Do the Top Dating Sites for Married People Work?

Dating sites are popular today, with approximately 366 million people using dating sites. You may have never used one before, or you could have met your husband or wife on one! Depending on why you are using dating sites for married people, the experience may be different than before. So, how do the top dating sites for married people work?

Dating sites for married people operate the same as standard dating sites. You sign up, enter your information and unlock a world of horny people. You may sign up alone and anonymously if you are searching for a kinky hookup. You can also sign up as a couple and advertise precisely what you are searching for.

Many dating websites operate similarly. But, as a married person, your overall experience may be different. Finding someone that suits you both will be a top priority if you are searching as a couple. Anonymity is your top priority if you are having an affair!

The Very Best Dating Sites for Married People

Are you interested in dating sites for married people but need help figuring out where to start? Whatever your reason for being on a dating site, the experience should be fun. So we are here to help!

We want your online dating experience to be fun. With that in mind, we have compiled some of the best dating sites for married people.

adult finder

Dating Sites for Married People – Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a worldwide dating site. AFF works best as a kinky hookup site. AFF can be a great way to find other people to have sex with as a couple or to have affairs.

What makes Adult Friend Finder one of the best dating sites for married people?

  • AFF has one of the biggest and most active user bases on dating sites for married people. Plenty of users are also searching for a quick and kinky hookup.
  • If you want a few quick hookups, you don’t want to invest much money into a dating site. AFF has an excellent free service where you can browse personal ads and interact with users. There is also a paid subscription for those wanting to post, message, and connect more.
  • Many of AFF’s users consider it an easy-to-use dating site. Personal ads are easy to see with a simple interface. Commenting on posts and messaging users is also effortless.

Affair Dating Sites for Married People: Ashley Madison

If you have ever used dating sites for married people, you may have encountered Ashley Madison. It’s one of the most popular dating sites for married people. Ashley Madison has an active user base of over 60 million people.

Ashley Madison is a dating site designed entirely with affairs in mind. It connects bored married men with lonely housewives. Single people can also use the site, but this is the hub for having sex with other married people.

One of the biggest draws to Ashley Madison is its privacy and discretion. The last thing you want when having an affair is a string of receipts. That is why Ashley Madison allows users to sign up anonymously. In addition, users can sign up for discreet billing and payment methods. This ensures that no one besides you knows what you’re up to.

Not everyone is tech-savvy, and many dating sites can be challenging to navigate. However, many users agree that Ashley Madison has an easy-to-use interface. The site has personal ads that are easy to browse until you find the right person. Messaging them directly is also easy.


Dating Sites for Married People – Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is ideal if you’re searching for a more high-class affair. You can precisely define what you’re after using the detailed search functions. Seeking Arrangement is also widely known as a high-end dating site. Only a few dating sites for married people cater to the higher-end market, so Seeking Arrangement is a popular choice.

What makes Seeking Arrangement one of the best dating sites for married people?

  • It has an active user base with over 40 million members. Unlike other sites, Seeking Arrangement does not match you with users based on location. This site encourages users to define exactly what they’re searching for. With that information, Seeking Arrangement will pair you with people who have similar interests. This can be particularly useful for couples searching for another sexual partner.
  • Safety and privacy are top priorities at Seeking Arrangement. Users use IDs to verify accounts. This ensures that others you speak with are genuine. You can also upload private photo albums that you can share at your will.
  • Wishlists and gifting are two available features that make the site fun. You can show someone you’re interested by gifting them on the site or getting them something from their wishlist. Seize the opportunity and tell them exactly what you want by gifting them something kinky.

wrap around a man

Free Dating Sites for Married People: Introducing DoubleList

Are you and your partner looking for one of the best dating sites for married people or any other type of dating? Then look no further because DoubleList has you covered. DoubleList combines some of the best features of several dating sites into one.

Why is DoubleList one of the best free dating sites for married people?

  • DoubleList has an incredibly vast user base with more than 3 million users. Therefore, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no kink-shaming here. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find other like-minded people to connect with online maybe in person.
  • DoubleList celebrates all things kink – and so do our users. Are you searching for another man to have sex with your wife? Do both you and your partner have specific kinks you want to try with a third person? Or maybe you need someone to try a kink your partner won’t. You can better explore the world of kinks and fetishes with DoubleList.
  • Our platform is one of the easiest-to-use dating sites for married people. Our simple interface shows thousands of ads you can scroll through. You can comment on other users’ ads and privately message a person you’re interested in.
  • We have a completely anonymous sign-up that only takes seconds. You can use DoubleList as a free site for as long as you want. However, when you’re ready for extra benefits, we have paid plans to enhance your experience.

Whatever you or your spouse are searching for on a dating site, DoubleList will fit the bill. Don’t wait any longer; join DoubleList today and fulfill your sexual dreams.

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