Chat With Men: How To Make Real Connections Online

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September 6, 2023 11 minutes read
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Are you looking for romance online or just a casual chat with men? With the emergence of dating platforms, sometimes it’s hard to filter the legit ones. In this guideline, we’ll give you the best sites where you’ll find meaningful connections with men online.  

We’ll even provide you with an option to make chatting with men your side hustle! 

Chat With Men: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations

Whether you chat with men for money or looking for love, there’s an art to win their hearts. You need to show off your personality and stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways you can engage with men online to make sure the conversation flows effortlessly:

  • Talk about something that he mentions on his profile. This shows that you’re attentive and interested. 

  • Give him compliments based on his profile, such as his hobbies or personality. 

  • Ask him to give you some recommendations. Men love it when you value their opinions.

  • Use fun question games to break the ice. 

  • Make him laugh by throwing in some jokes or a cheesy pickup line.

  • Show your personality and tell him about your hobbies. They might share the same interests, which could keep the conversation going. 

Can You Get Paid To Chat With Men? Platforms To Earn Money

Can you get paid to chat with men? The short answer is yes! These chat companies offer you a chance to chat with men and make money. Chat platforms pay hourly or per message. Hourly rates range from $10 to $50, and message rates range from $0.10 to $0.20. Each platform has its pricing and plan; pick one that suits your schedule and target. 

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Get Paid To Chat With Men: Make Meete Your Side Hustle

At first glance, Meete looks just like another dating site. The difference between Meete and a normal dating app is that women can chat with men for money. It works just like any other dating app. You’ll create a profile, send likes, match, and start conversations. Most men on Meete are looking for companionships instead of romantic relationships. You’ll find men talking about jobs, hobbies, or pets. 

The app is free for women, but men need to pay gems to match and message women. Men can also pay for gifts to show their affection. The more interactions, the more money you can earn. Your points from chats, gifts, voice notes, and calls will determine the amount of money you earn. Women can directly withdraw and transfer their money into their bank accounts.  

Get Paid To Chat With Men: Make Money With Flirt Bucks

Flirt Bucks is a flirtatious text and video conversation platform that pays you as you chat with men. The platform serves only straight men, and only a woman can become a chat hostess on Flirt Bucks. The site offers two adult chat services: text and video chatting. The rate goes from $0.10 to $0.15 per minute for text and from $0.40 to $0.50 for video chat. The longer you work on Flirt Bucks, the higher your rate.  

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Get Paid To Chat With Men: Get Flirty With Phrendly 

Phrendly has a different format and is less traditional than other chat platforms. The platform pays you according to popularity, much like influencers on social media. You can also get payments when you receive requests to chat with men. Phrendly doesn’t have a specific rate because it calculates earnings from several factors. 

Phrendly has an algorithm that lets popular accounts have priority and earn more money. It also has a tier system that gives you higher income when you get more requests or sustain chats longer. You can sign up for free on Phrendly because they earn money from commissions. When you receive your payments, Phrendly will take a percentage of your earnings. 

Get Paid To Chat With Men:  Quality Chatters at Lip Service

Lip Service is an online marketplace that connects you to chat agencies. It’s a good way to start when you’re still struggling to decide which platform suits your needs. The marketplace is more inclusive than others. Not only does it pay women who chat with men, but it also pays attractive men to chat with women. On Lip Service, you can earn up to $18 per hour as a chat operator. 

To sign up, fill in the application form and submit it. Lip Service will review your profile and determine whether or not you will get approval. At the moment, the platform only accepts women from the US and Canada. Stay tuned to find out if they have more chat recruits. 

Chat With Gay Men: Platforms for Online Queer Dating

With various gay dating platforms available, it’s hard to make a choice. The best ones will give you a balance of safety and fun when you chat with gay men. These platforms have diverse users who’ll welcome you to their community. Find out which gay dating sites are the best places to chat with men!

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Best Gay Sites To Chat With Men: Join the Popular Grindr

Almost everyone in the gay community knows Grindr. The app has similar features to Tinder, such as location-based matching. The app will give you 100 potential matches in your area every day. You can swipe right or left according to your taste. When you find a match, the app will open a conversation, and you can start to chat with men. 

Grindr also offers fun features like photo sharing and favorites. The app is free to use if you want to stick with the basic features. If you want unlimited potential chat partners, you need to upgrade to GrindrX. The premium account allows you to go incognito and send multiple photos. 

Best Gay Sites To Chat With Men: Find Connections at Scruff

If you’re looking for a more diverse selection of gay men, Scruff will be perfect for you. Scruff has a unique system where you’ll find grids of attractive people to choose from. It’s more similar to social media platforms than a dating app. You can click on a profile you like and “woof” them. The “woof” allows you to open a conversation where you can chat with men.  

If you’re ready to take your chats to the next level, Scruff has a handy box you can tick. The box means that you’re willing to meet the person you’re chatting with. If your partner also ticks the box, Scruff will notify you. You can also join communities in Scruff to find like-minded crowds. Choose from their extensive categories, from bear to transgender. Scruff will use this information to create a custom user grid when you open the app. 

Chat With Older Men: Best Sites To Find Mature Dates

Do you want to chat with men who are more mature? These platforms offer a unique space to chat with older men who are more successful and engaging. You’ll find them here whether you’re looking for your sugar daddy or a wise-minded partner!

Best Sites To Chat With Men: Mature Silver Singles

Silver Singles is the perfect platform to chat with men who are more mature. The site caters for singles that are 50+, both men and women. After signing up, the site will ask you to fill in a personality test. They will use it to pair you with the best matches on the platform. 

Unlike other dating sites, you can’t browse profiles on Silver Singles. The platform will give you a list of candidates instead. Their free version offers three to seven matches a day. If you want to widen your options, you should opt for the premium version. You’ll get an unlimited number of matches per day, giving you more chances of interactions.   

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Best Sites To Chat With Men: Try Seeking Arrangements

If you want a platform that lets you chat with successful older men, try Seeking. The site changed its name from Seeking Arrangements in 2022 to rebrand. Today, Seeking doesn’t just cater to sugar dating but age gap dating in general. But their main target markets are still sugar daddies and babies.  

On Seeking, you can chat with men and exchange financial benefits for your companionship. So it’s the right place for younger women who want to improve their lifestyle. Seeking is free for women, but men need to pay to initiate and respond to chats. The platform has over 40 million users worldwide, making it one of the best platforms for sugar dating. 

Free Chat With Men: Best Free Platforms To Connect Online

Online dating doesn’t have to be expensive. Free chat platforms mean you can explore options without committing to a subscription. These are the best free chat with men platforms that let you connect without spending a dime. Whether you’re looking for hookups or a casual chat with men, we’ve got it all!

Free Chat With Men Platform: Meet Singles With Chatib

Chatib is a free site where you can chat with men from all over the world. The platform has a quick registration process without email verification. The platform is for people who want to find instant connections by going through small chat rooms. To find the best matches, Chatib allows you to search for keywords that correspond with your preferences. Their simple interface is perfect for users who are trying to fill in their spare time.  


Free Chat With Men Platform: Try Mingle2 for Hookups

True to their name, Mingle2 lets you connect with multiple people at the same time. Mingle2 has a search feature that lets you find potential partners. If you trust the algorithm, you can also use their MutualMatch to find like-minded people. Mingle has helpful user testimonials to let you know which profiles are worth chatting with. You can also use their forum or add friends sections to find online friends. When you find the right person, don’t hesitate to initiate the conversation and chat with men online. 

Free Chat With Men Platform: Be in Control With Bumble

Do you want a platform that lets you take charge when you chat with men? 

Try using Bumble. The app is a popular women-friendly platform with over 100 million users worldwide. Bumble has a 50:50 gender split between men and women users. The even range lets you have more chances of matching with the ideal partner. 

Sign up for free on their app to go through profiles to find matches within an hour. Bumble has a unique system where women have to message first and open the conversation. When the match happens, both parties have 24 hours to respond until the chat expires. Check your phone periodically if you don’t want to miss your chance to chat with people. Bumble also has incognito mode, video chats, ice-breaking games, and profile verifications. 

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Do you want to chat with men who are more adventurous? You should try DoubleList. DoubleList is the best classifieds, dating, and personal site for casual daters. The site works like Craigslist for free personal classifieds. We welcome everyone, from gay, straight, singles, couples, or transgenders. 

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