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Woman Seeking Woman: Adult Personals That Welcome All Women

Women for women personals are not exclusive to gays/lesbians. You can be hetero and curious, bisexual, queer, or trans. Of course, finding your match will depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in dating, romance, a relationship, and a deep, emotional connection, there are plenty of dating apps and matchmaking sites you can try. If your needs are purely sexual in nature and all you need is a one-night stand, a sexy casual encounter, or exciting hookups, then checkout DoubleList w4w personals!


What does w4w mean?

The acronym “w4w” stands for the same thing when posted on dating sites and personal ads: women seeking women, woman looking for woman, or woman for woman.

If you’re a woman who’s looking for a woman to date or as a long-term romantic partner, make sure the w4w tag on a person’s dating profile is accompanied by similar goals and intentions. You might also find women on these sites who just want to hook up, but actually hooking up is often just as tricky as serious dating. W4W ads on adult personals are a different story. And you’ll find the most sizzling narratives of women seeking pleasure from another woman on DoubleList w4w classifieds!

Women seeking women classifieds for hookups and casual encounters

No drama. No expectations. No complicated strings. No swiping involved. W4W ads on adult personals are exclusively for sexy hookups and casual encounters! Don’t bother with those dating and matchmaking apps. You can also skip the obligatory drinking and mingling at clubs and bars. Forget the awkward and embarrassing call or text to an ex-girlfriend. When all you need is someone to set you on fire, get you wet, and satisfyingly put you out; if you’re looking for nothing more than a meteoric and mind-numbing orgasm, you’ll have better odds on w4w classifieds!

There’s no one better to pleasure you in all the right places and unlock all your erotic secrets than someone who’s also an expert on the female anatomy. Get ready to ride wave after wave of bliss with the skillful and enticing strokes of another woman.

If you’re new to the w4w hookups scene, don’t worry and don’t overthink it. Hookups and casual encounters between two women should be fun, exciting, and pleasurable. But first things first, you should know how to speak the language of w4w ads for casual encounters.

How to write a w4w adult personals ad?

There’s nothing hotter than a confident woman who knows what she wants and asks for it. Keep this in mind and the following tips when writing your w4w ad.

  1. Introduce yourself. Height, age, ethnicity/skin color, and specific gender identity are the usual personal details provided in w4w ads. If you’re a dominatrix or have a specific fetish, you can mention that, too. Just remember to be straight to the point.

  2. Be specific about what you’re looking for, but don’t overdo it. Depending on how many characters you’re allowed for your listing, it’s always better to stick to your essential preferences: height, age range, body type. Avoid negatives, such as “No fatties,” or singling out specific groups, such as “white women only.” Even if you have such preferences, you can just eliminate those who don’t meet your “standards” later.

  3. Describe what you want. This is often preceded by “Looking for…” and followed by an explicit description of what you want to happen. “Looking for a hookup” is too vague. “Looking for someone to eat me” or “I wanna devour you and make you *** on my face” is more like it.

Here are a few examples of how to describe what you’re looking for when you create your w4w ad:

  • Younger looking for older woman who needs some attention.

  • Seeking petite submissive girl/woman.

  • Shy latina looking for play.

  • Any ladies want to play with a hot blonde?

  • Breast play and maybe more.

  • Pregnant and wanting to play.

  • Touch starved alt black girl.

  • Unabashed plastic doll seeking switchy/dominant female fwb.

  • Let's grab some drinks and play with each other.

  • Looking for something discreet but ongoing.

Women for women on DoubleList classifieds?

Women for women listings on DoubleList personals are not your run-of-the-mill w4w classifieds! The w4w category on DoubleList welcomes all women: curious heteros, out-of-the-closet lesbians, in-the-closet gays, bisexuals, queers, singles, etc. If you’re looking for hot girl-on-girl bliss and mind-blowing satisfaction with no strings attached, sign up for a DoubleList account now!

Posting an ad is easy, secure, and free on DoubleList. All you need is an email address to create an account, and get immediate access to the site’s full features and tens of thousands of DoubleList profiles in your area. Select a category, browse through listings, reply to those that get you deliciously tingly and excited, and get hooked up in no time! Enjoy 100% privacy as you won’t have to post a photo or provide your real name when you create your profile. Don’t be shy — be a DoubleLister now and take your hookup game to the next level!