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M4M classified ads: Navigate your way like a pro

If you’re looking for an easy m4m hookup, nothing more than a one-night stand, or whatever type of men 4 men encounter to get you off, navigating your way through m4m classifieds guarantees higher chances of success than prowling clubs and bars does. When you’re on DoubleList, it’s anybody’s game — and everybody wins.


What does m4m mean?

In the world of online dating, the adult personals niche may seem complicated to someone who’s not familiar with dating and sex slang. But the term m4m is as straightforward as it can get. It simply means “men for men,” “guys for guys,” “a male seeking a male, “man looking for another man," or “male for male.”

M4m doesn’t automatically require two gay men, single men, or even the number 2. Whatever your gender identity, as long as you’re packing a rod and are interested in male-for-male action, then you’re more than welcome to participate!

What happened to m4m on Craigslist?

M4m on Craigslist, alongside the entire personals section on this widely popular classifieds portal, was officially taken out of circulation in 2018. The company took down its personals section to comply with the government’s anti-online sex trafficking act. Unfortunately for the countless people who were relying on the high success rate of Craigslist personals, the site was also often misused for criminal activity, which eventually led to its demise.

How to write an m4m ad?

Here’s a simple guide for how to write an m4m ad, plus a few m4m ad examples. Remember that for hookups and casual encounters, keep your ad simple and direct — uncomplicated and exactly like what you’re looking for.

  • Write an eye-catching headline. Your listing will be among many others, so it’s important that your headline or the first line immediately grabs the attention of readers. “Fork me hard” or “Bottom looking for top” are great examples. 

  • List basic facts about yourself: gender identity, age, and location. You may also indicate your height, marital status, and the length and girth of what you’re packing if you think it’ll help. 

  • Describe what you’re looking for. Say exactly what you want to make sure that the replies you get are from men who are game. Set your expectations from the get-go to make your encounter go smoothly (or as rough as you want). 

For online adult personals portals like DoubleList, other DoubleListers can simply reply to your listing to communicate their interest and readiness. The details of your actual hookup can be discussed in a private chat. On other classified ads, you may have to provide some contact information to let interested individuals reach you. You may also indicate if you welcome someone who’s still in the closet, bi-curious, or only strictly gay men.

Here are a few examples of m4m ads:

  1. I am MWM, 55, and 5.9, 260 looking for a guy who wants to get his **** sucked. Any size, any…

  2. Looking for top. I want to serve and please. Never been ****, but want to. I enjoy sucking **** on the dl. I am a MWM, 5.9, 260. 

  3. Bottom looking for top. Looking to try bottom for the first time. I am MWM, 55, 5 foot 8, 220, smooth, and curious. Nothing dramatic...

M4M on DoubleList adult personals

Guys for guys hookups and casual encounters on DoubleList are always a sure bet! DoubleList welcomes all demographics, and gender identities and preferences. The m4m category welcomes all males: hetero, out-of-the-closet gays, in-the-closet gays or curious, bisexuals, twinks, singles, etc.

For fast, no-questions-asked, uncomplicated m4m hookups, DoubleList adult personals always deliver. Signing up for an account is free and easy; all you need is an email address. Your identity is kept private and you can search for exciting opportunities within your specified location. Whatever you’re into, DoubleList always aims to please.