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Couples Seeking Women for Casual Encounter

“Couple seeking woman” is a common tag in adult personals and may indicate that a couple is looking for a woman to join them for a casual encounter or for a romantic relationship. This threesome setup is a form of polyamory, which occurs more commonly than you think. Keeping your sex life healthy and exciting is good for any relationship, and if you’re looking for thrilling c4w hookup opportunities, DoubleList is the perfect place for your and your partner!


What does “c4w” mean on adult personals?

On adult personals or similar adult-natured classifieds and dating portals, “c4w” stands for “couple for woman,” “couple seeking woman,” or its other derivatives, “couple for her,” “couple seeking female,” or “couple looking for unicorn.”

A c4w ad is basically a listing for a threesome hookup, where the couple looking for a woman may be hetero partners, gays, lesbians, or any other sexual orientation pairings. Typically, the couple is also looking for a hetero female, unless otherwise specified. Couples-for-her listings are an invitation for a one-time only sexual encounter, although repeat hookups may also occur if the initial experience was a blissful success.

How to find couples seeking woman ads

Unless you and your partner have a tried-and-true booty-call friend who’s always ready to be the third in a hot and wild roughhousing in the bedroom, you’ll have to try your luck on an adult personals portal. These adult-natured classifieds are often categorized according to pairing selections, e.g., m4w, w4m, m4m, w4w, c4c, or c4w among many others.

Just go directly to the “Couples seeking woman” or “c4w” section, and start browsing! Sounds easy enough, right? Well, yes and no. For online classifieds, you’ll be required to sign up/subscribe, which means creating an account or profile. Most adult personals portals and matchmaking sites (that cater exclusively to hookups) offer a free subscription with limited use of their features; advanced features, which open up better and more guaranteed opportunities for casual encounters, are only accessible to paying subscribers.

Additionally, you may be required to provide personal information when creating your account. Of course, if you and your partner prefer to be discreet about your search for a female third, these sites are not the best option for you. Head on over to DoubleList classifieds, instead!

Signing up for a DoubleList account is safe and easy, and completely free. All you need is an email address (you can even open a new email account just for this purpose) and you can remain incognito as you will only be asked for an anonymous chat name. You’ll also be required to input your zip code and select the nearest location to you so that you can be shown listings within your preferred area.

Once you become a DoubleLister, you’ll get immediate access to the c4w category and start browsing the tons of tempting listings available near you! You can also post your own ad for free.

How do couples find a girlfriend for a c4w hookup?

There are dating sites where couples can freely seek a third for an on-going fwb setup, weekend or holiday threesome flings, or one-time hookups. Much like many popular dating sites, however, the match suggestions are determined by an algorithm based on the personal details you provided. If you and your partner are just looking for a c4w classifieds that doesn't require a lot of brouhaha and gives you full control over your options, then you’ll feel right at home on DoubleList adult personals’ couple-seeking-woman category!

If you’re a couple seeking a woman, what’s the right choice for you and your partner?

It’s important, of course, that you and your partner are on the same page regarding your c4w hookup. Before starting your search for potential matches on couples seeking women classifieds or dating apps, it’s better to sit down and talk about your expectations, what your ideal “third” is, the specifics of the hookup itself, and some ground rules. You must be in complete agreement about what you want to get out of the experience, individually and as a couple. This will be helpful in making the right choice for both of you, i.e., to ensure that everyone involved will get the most out of the c4w experience. If both of you are completely clueless about how to get started, you can sign up for a DoubleList account and browse through the many, tempting c4w listings to get an idea of what’s waiting out there and some inspiration for your exciting hookup.

How to find a c4w threesome or triad on dating apps

Knowing the right dating apps or adult personals portal to use is key to successfully finding a good match for a c4w threesome or triad. During sign up, you should be given the “Couple,” “We,” or “Couple seeking a woman” option as an identification when creating your profile. If this option is available, then you should be able to specify that you and your partner are looking for a woman for your threesome. When you create a DoubleList account, for example, you’ll be creating a profile as a couple — but don’t worry; you won’t be asked to provide personal details like other dating apps do. Once you complete the sign-up process, you can browse through any category you like, including the c4w listings. On DoubleList, you’ll have complete access to all available listings under all categories and sub-categories, which means you can enjoy a wider selection of hookup opportunities depending on what you’re in the mood for!

What is a unicorn?

The broad definition of a “unicorn” is a person who is willing to be the legitimate third in an existing relationship. A woman who defines herself as a “unicorn” may also mean that she identiries as a bisexual and is willing to join a heterosexual couple. The unicorn presents no threat to the existing relationship. She may join the couple only for sex, or may become more involved and also provide constant companionship to both partners, individually and together. “Looking for a unicorn” is often used in c4w hookup ads because a unicorn is a mythical and rare creature.

What is unicorn polyamory?

Polyamory means engaging in multiple romantic and/or sexual relationships, with the consent of everyone involved. Unicorn polyamory is more specific as it involves an existing couple inviting a third person to join them for a sexual encounter or something more, such as what you’ll find on couples seeking women ads. The couple may invite different people to become their third, or just settle on one if they want their unicorn polyamory to be “exclusive.” Whether it’s a c4w setup or any other pairing (involving any combination of sexual identities), the unicorn or polyamours relationship does not present any threat of infidelity or emotional burden to either one of the partners.

What does the term "unicorn hunting" mean in couples seeking women ads?

“Unicorn hunting” is often used in c4w classifieds and indicates that a couple — which can be hetero male and female, gays, lesbians, or any mix of gender identities — is looking for a woman to invite into their relationship for sex, companionship, or romantic relationship.