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Couples Seeking Men for Hot Hookups or Something More

So you and your partner agree that inviting a third participant into your bedroom or relationship is something that both of you want. Whether a c4m arrangement is a shared fantasy or something that fulfills a real need in your relationship, exploring the thrilling opportunities on sites for couples seeking men is the answer to your wish!


C4M meaning

If you and your partner are adventurous and bold enough, you may be eager to explore the excitement of threesomes or triads. And you’ll encounter the acronym “c4m” on your explorations online, which simply stands for “couples looking for man,” “couple seeking man,” or its other derivatives, “couple looking for guy,” “couple for him”, or even “couples for men” (the more the merrier, right?).

The concept sounds exciting, especially for couples new to the polyamory culture. For those who are more than familiar with the lay of the land, so to speak, c4m online classifieds and adult personals portals are their go-to playground.

C4m tags on dating profiles and the c4m category on adult personals indicate that a couple — who may be hetero male and female, gays, lesbians, or any other pairing of gender identities — is looking to invite a man into their relationship, either for a casual sexual encounter or for something more. On DoubleList classifieds, you’ll find c4m listings that cater to all needs, kinks, and fantasies. You and your partner definitely won’t be wanting for c4m fun, excitement, and satisfaction when you sign up to become a DoubleLister!

Is it allowed to join dating sites as a couple?

Most definitely! You’ll have to find the right dating site to join, of course. A dating site that allows couples will have the “Couple” option as an identifier when you’re creating your profile. You and your partner may then be asked to also specify which gender identities you’re interested in. On DoubleList, creating an account is quick, easy, and secure. You only need an email address to sign up. Just select the “Couple” option when prompted, complete the sign-up process, and you’ll have immediate access to all categories, sub-categories, and listings on the site! This means you can browse through the c4m ads if that’s what you and your partner are in the mood for, post a c4m listing, or explore the c4w category and listings, too, to see what other tempting opportunities are out there!

Can couple hookup relationships be sustainable or serious?

Couples hooking up with a third often involves nothing more than sex; the threesome setup may also be something more, such as an ongoing but uncomplicated and no-strings-attached companionship or an actual polyamorous romantic relationship. As long as you and your partner want the same thing out of the c4m setup, and both of you understand that inviting a third as a serious participant in your relationship will not create issues of infidelity and pose any threat to your relationship, then your c4m casual encounter or a more serious threesome relationship can be sustainable. Whichever direction you take, it may even make your bond with your partner stronger — which will be the cherry on top of your deliciously hotter sex life.

How to choose the best sites for couples seeking men for sex?

Sites that cater to the needs of couples seeking men for sex should be, first and foremost, safe and secure. As much as possible, you should be given the choice to remain anonymous — not only to other members of the site, but during the actual sign-up process, as well. A great site should also offer plenty of c4m hookup opportunities wherever you are. The site should be inclusive, and have no-fuss and convenient features to ensure that your search for a match is nothing but fun and exciting. DoubleList classifieds offer all these and more! Signing up to become a DoubleLister is completely free, and you’ll get immediate full access to all categories, sub-categories, and listings near you.

Is it safe to use couples seeking men sites?

You should always trust your gut and know what to watch out for to avoid becoming victims of scammers when using sites for couples seeking men. Even the most secure sites can be infiltrated by individuals with ill intentions. On DoubleList, you can be assured of safety and discretion. You will only be asked to provide an email when creating your account, and you can always create a new email account just for this purpose. You will also be prompted to provide your phone number, but this will only be used to send you a verification code. And then you’ll use an anonymous chat name for your profile, so you’ll remain anonymous when you post a c4m listing or reply to one.

Are there any completely free couples seeking men sites?

Most couple seeking men sites offer a free membership with access to basic features. These free features may be enough to give you a taste of the tempting opportunities for c4m hookups out there, but you often have to be a paying member to access advanced features that guarantee greater success of finding a good match for you and your partner. When you become a DoubleLister, everything is free from the get-go! Post a c4m ad for free, browse c4m listings and other categories and sub-categories for free, reply to listings that interest you for free — you get the picture.

How to be anonymous on couples seeking men sites?

Unless you’re required to provide proof of identification and/or credit card information (if you’re willing to pay for exclusive site privileges), then it’s often easy enough to remain anonymous on couples seeking men sites. You can create a profile using an alias, use an email address solely created for the site, and use photos that don’t reveal your identity. Needless to say, using another person’s identity is illegal. If you’re looking for guaranteed anonymity, join DoubleList! Just have an email address and anonymous chat name ready, and you’ll be good to go!