Sexual Kinks – The Sexiest Way To Spice Up The Bedroom

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May 7, 2023 9 minutes read
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BDSM, bondage, knife play, and praise; sexual kinks are a way to explore your fiery side. Sexual kinks come more naturally to some than others. Regardless of whether you’re new to exploring kinks, they’re a fun way to spice up the bedroom.

No matter your reason for exploring kinks, there are options to suit everyone’s deepest desires.

What Are Sexual Kinks?

One study found that 74% of men and 67% of women said they had a ‘kinky’ side and enjoyed exploring sexual kinks.

With sexual twists on the rise, more people are asking the question, “What are sexual kinks?”

Many people are stepping out of society’s idea of conventional sex and being more adventurous with exploring what turns them on. But with so many sexual bends becoming more mainstream, you may be a little confused about where to start with it all.

So, let’s explore sexual twists in more depth below.

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Sexual Kinks: Explained 

A kink is a ‘bend or twist in something,’ Similarly, a sexual kink is a ‘bend or twist’ in ‘normal’ sex.

Sexual kinks are most commonly known as sexual activities outside the typical idea of sex as we know it. Sexual twists can range from enjoying BDSM to dirty talk to voyeurism and many, many more.

Adding kinks to your sex life can spice things up while fostering more intimacy and satisfaction between sexual partners.

Not every person will have or enjoy sexual kinks, and another person may have many kinks. Just like every person is different, every sexual kink is distinct. What one person finds kinky may not be what the other person enjoys.

Open communication between you and your partner is important to avoid any kinky mishaps.

Sexual Kinks vs Sexual Fetishes – The Difference

One common question that perplexes many people is the difference between sexual kinks and sexual fetishes. 

Sexual fetishes involve objects or actions that a person needs to become sexually aroused or to climax. A kink is an object or action that enhances sexual arousal, but you don’t need it for arousal or climax. 

A common sexual fetish is a foot fetish. It’s a body part that some people do not see as sexual. But those with this fetish often need feet involved in some way or another to get aroused or climax.

Where Do Sexual Kinks Stem From?

Sexual kinks are commonly misunderstood and people sometimes look at them in a bad light.

Theories surrounding sexual twists used to have a link to childhood trauma or sexual trauma.

However, many researchers, including psychologist Samuel Hughes, have begun studying the psychology behind sexual kinks and where they stem from. 

Throughout his research, Samuel has discovered that the vast majority of people who have sex in their adult life discovered these kinks in childhood. But sexual bends can stem from many places.

For some, it comes from a fundamental desire to recreate intimacy between partners. For those with trauma, it may involve recreating scenes to gain control over a situation where they felt powerless.

Wherever your kinks stem from, it’s important to practice them in a safe space with a partner who you’re comfortable exploring and being open with. 

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Lists of Sexual Kinks

When it comes to sexual kinks, the sky’s the limit. The wide variety of kinks is readily available to be explored by everyone and anyone.

Some kinks are much more common than you may think. For example, YouGov research found that 36% of Americans have had sex in a public place.

There are also less common sexual kinks. One survey found that 10% of men were interested in exploring pain in the bedroom.

Whether your sexual bend is common or unusual, kinks are a personal preference that you can always explore in a safe and consenting sexual relationship.

Below is a list of sexual kinks, some of which you may be familiar with. If not, the list may inspire you to try something new.

6 Common Sexual Kinks – Time To Explore Your Kinky Side

Feeling unsure about what kinks you can introduce to the bedroom? This list is a great starting point that includes the most common kinks and what they entail.

  1. Bondage: Bondage is a common sexual kink that falls under the BDSM umbrella. It involves restraining or being restrained before and during sex. You can explore the bondage kink using scarves, ties, belts, zip ties, or handcuffs.

  2. Voyeurism: Does the idea of others watching others turn you on? Then you might have a voyeurism kink!

    Voyeurism involves becoming sexually aroused by watching people have sex.

    It pairs well with those who have an exhibition kink, which is for those who enjoy people watching them have sex.

    These sexual kinks pair up well together and you can experience them at sex parties, clubs, and other kinky events.

  3. Dominance/submission: Dominance and submission also fall under BDSM and were made more mainstream by the 50 Shades of Grey books and movies. Typically one person will be the dominant partner while the other is submissive.

    However, a person can be dominant and submissive (known as a switch). The turn-on behind dominance and submission is the power-sharing element, where the dominant is in control, and the submissive partner relents control.

  4. Asphyxiation: A.K.A choking. Breathe control and limiting oxygen during sex is a common kink for some people. The act of choking can heighten sexual arousal and intensify orgasms making asphyxiation a fun little kink for both parties involved.

  5. Spanking: Hands, whips, paddles – Many people indulge in spanking without realizing that it’s considered a kink. If you get turned on by spanking someone or being spanked, you likely have a spanking kink.

    It can include small, light slaps on the butt and thighs or heavier-duty spanking involving whips or flogs.

  6. Praise: Praise kinks are one of the more commonly spoken about sexual kinks. If you enjoy hearing things like “good girl” or “good boy”, you probably have a praise kink.

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Weird Sexual Kinks – Don’t Worry, You’re Not Actually Weird If You Have These Kinks!

If none of the common kinks above excited you enough, the ones below should do the trick. More people are into these “weirder” kinks than you might think.

  1. Humiliation: Humiliation can fall under the BDSM umbrella. It involves one partner humiliating the other in various ways. Derogatory language is often used during humiliation.

  2. Age Play: Age play is a role-play where you act a different age than you truly are. This can involve light role-play, such as calling your partner ‘Daddy’ or ‘Mommy’ in bed. It can also be more intense and involve dressing up and acting like a baby.

  3. Food Play: Have you ever covered your partner in whipped cream and licked it up? If the answer is yes, you might have a food play kink. Food play kinks simply refer to bringing some food into your sex.

    Food Play can vary from being turned on by certain foods used for penetration to covering your partner in food and licking them clean!

  4. Masochism: Masochism involves experiencing pleasure from pain. Masochism is the M in BDSM, and it includes physical or emotional pain.

    Masochism can include milder forms, such as degradation or spitting, to more intense forms, such as spanking or the master-slave relationship, sometimes seen in BDSM relationships.

More Extreme Kinks

Now, if the “weird” sexual kinks above didn’t quite do it for you, maybe one of these more extreme kinks is what you’re into.

  1. Urophilia: Urophilia includes one party experiencing sexual arousal from receiving a golden shower while the other party experiences sexual arousal from giving a golden shower.

    It can be grouped with humiliation or degradation where the partner giving would be ‘owning’ the receiving person’s body.

  2. Blood play: Blood play is a more intense sexual kink that requires open communication before participation. Blood play kinks involve one or both partners experiencing sexual arousal by the sight, smell, feel, or taste of blood – usually from their partner.

    This kink involves a lot of trust on both partners’ sides but can create an intense sexual experience for everyone involved! 

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Sexual Kinks: How To Introduce Them Into the Bedroom

If this kinky stuff sounds right up your street, it may be time to introduce some sexual kinks to your sex life. Whether you are with a sexual partner or seeking a sexual partner, you can add sexual kinks to the bedroom to foster intimacy and sexual desire.

For those with current sexual partners, exploring kinks together can be a thrilling and bonding experience. Spicing up your sex life together requires open communication and honesty.

Sexual Kinks Conclusion

After reading through our post, it’s clear that there are many sexual bends to explore, and most couples find one or a few that suit them both. 

The main thing to remember is: consent is sexy! Before testing out any new sexual twists in the bedroom, make sure your sexual partner is informed about what is happening and on board. This will make for a much better sexual experience for everyone involved and might introduce you both to kinky sex.

If you don’t currently have a sexual partner but this article on sexual kinks got you in the mood, there are plenty of ways to meet like-minded kinky individuals. DoubleList is a fantastic way to connect with others and explore the world of sexual kinks. If this sounds enticing, you can sign up for a free and anonymous account on DoubleList today.

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