Exhibitionism Kink: The Naked Truth

Do you enjoy getting naked and the rush of excitement it gives you? Does taking your clothes off make you feel amazing and free? Do you fantasize about someone watching you during sexual activity? Well, you might be into exhibitionism! In the world of kinks, preferences vary. What turns on one person might do the … Read more

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Casual Dating Rules: The Unspoken Guidelines To Follow

You’re sitting at your desk in your office, staring into space. So far, your day’s been pretty rough. You missed your bus and spilled your coffee, which was all before 9 AM. As a little glimmer of hope, your phone lights up, accompanied by that familiar buzz. You reach for your phone. A text comes … Read more

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Signs a Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

Are you in the midst of a flirty, fun, and exciting casual relationship? But at what point do they transition into something more? It’s sometimes hard to tell when things start to get a bit more intense and a long-term relationship begins. What are the signs a casual relationship is getting serious? When we like … Read more

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Online Personals: How They’ve Shaped the Dating World

If you’re familiar with the dating world, you’ve probably heard of online personals before. Personals are quite different from traditional ways of finding dates, and their direct approach takes some getting used to! If you’re looking for a modern-day romance, it’s worth trying them out. But how different are they from other ways of online … Read more

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The Best Hookup Apps: Your Ticket To Casual Flings

Have you ever been in a bar sipping your drink when you noticed an attractive stranger glancing at you? You lift your hand up to fix your hair, fluttering your eyelashes to try and keep their attention. Without breaking eye contact, they stand up from their chair and begin to walk over.  This is it, … Read more

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What Does “Something Casual” Mean on Bumble?

We all know the feeling of relentlessly scrolling through options on Bumble and having no luck. Not my type, lives too far away, and I went to school with him. It gets pretty disheartening! But hang on, this handsome stranger looks like a catch! My type, lives around the corner and knows no one I … Read more

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How To Celebrate Pride Month: Embracing Diversity

Attention all: Pride is approaching! As the colorful flowers twinkle with anticipation and the open-minded atmosphere comes to life, it’s time to celebrate Pride Month. Are you new to the celebrations? Or are you seeking some inspiration for this year’s?  Do you want some ideas on how to get the celebrations going and how to … Read more

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A Male-To-Male Relationship: Following the Sparks

We all know the excitement that dating brings. Do they fancy me? Did they mean to touch my leg? The beginning stages of a relationship bring just as much energy, too. It’s all about romantic date nights and passionate kisses; what’s not to like? If you’re entering or thinking of entering a male-to-male relationship, you … Read more

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DoubleList Messages Not Working: The Sound of Silence

If you’re a regular DoubleList user, you’ll know that feeling of excitement when you receive a message. Although, of course, playing it cool is important, there’s nothing wrong with a little buzz! But have you been missing this feeling recently? Are you constantly checking your messages and faced with disappointment? Are your DoubleList messages not … Read more

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