How To Use a Sex Swing: A Guide To Zero-Gravity Sex!

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September 15, 2023 9 minutes read
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If you and your partner just bought a sex swing, it’s not as simple as just strapping it on. It takes some fitness to figure out how to use a sex swing. In today’s post, we’ll learn how to master the art of using a sex swing.

34% of Americans rated their sex life as unsatisfying. Sex swings can be a fun and relatively low-risk way to spice up your love life. You can fix them to your ceilings or attach them to your door.

Here’s how it works: One partner suspends themselves mid-air while the other moves freely on the ground. This allows you to try fun and creative sex swing positions that you otherwise would have only dreamed of!

So why would you want to invest in sex swings? Well, they can be a life-changer for overweight people and people with disabilities. Additionally, you can adjust the swing until you hit the sweet angle for maximum pleasure.

Are you ready to explore the erotic world of sex swings? Let’s defy gravity and take your sexual pleasures to a whole new level!


How To Use a Sex Swing: 11 Must Positions To Try Today!

There are endless possibilities of how to use a sex swing, which is going to amaze you! It all comes down to your wildest fantasies and how creative you get at it!

In 2023, there is a wide range of sex swings available in the market. Below, you’ll find the most popular types of sex swings and how to use them for the ultimate sexual pleasure!

How To Use a Door Sex Swing: 3 Best Positions

An over-the-door sex swing is the most user-friendly option. All you need is a sturdy door to hang them from. You can also easily pack them when you’re done with the business. Many people face confusion over how to use a door sex swing since it offers a limited range of motion. However, they are a haven for pleasure seekers looking for deep penetrative sex!

Most over-the-door sex swings rely on weighted barbells found at the straps’ end. These barbells hang over the opposite side of the door, effectively anchoring the swing in place. Below, you’ll find three over-the-door sex swing positions.

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Reclining Missionary”

Have one partner lay back on the swing. The penetrating partner can position themselves on the ground and go for deep penetration. For added stability, the partner on the swing can hold on to the straps. Reclining Missionary is fantastic for clitoral stimulation and if you want to go deep inside!


How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Doggy Style”

Doggy style is the perfect position for ass lovers. To try this, have the penetrative partner lay face down on the swing. Next, put a strap around their chest and belly for support. And voila! The top can do their thing from behind. Want to spice up? Try using a sex toy on the receiving partner’s genitalia!

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “The Superhero”

This position is perfect for rear entry, whether vaginal or anal, offering the pleasure of weightless penetration and movement.

Here’s how to get into it: Adjust the swing seat and backrest to comfortably align with your upper body and pelvis. This positioning should match the height of your partner’s penetrating parts while they are standing.

Next, lie on your stomach with your legs spread. Your partner can then effortlessly glide you up and down, creating a delightful sensation!

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How To Use Sex Slings: 4 Best Oral Sex Swing Positions

Sex slings resemble hammocks and allow the partner in the sling to recline almost horizontally, similar to lying down. These slings offer the chance to explore entirely new sensations, like “zero gravity sex.” Plus, they’re amazing for oral sex.

Unlike the door-hanging approach, sex slings generally feature a robust carabiner clip that connects the straps. Sex slings can clip onto a sex swing frame or hang from a secure household beam, depending on the type. Always see the instructions to set it up securely.

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “The Flying Kicker”

The Flying Kicker is among the most fun oral sex swing positions. To try this, the person receiving oral pleasure reclines in the swing, utilizing both the seat and backrest. The other partner kneels or sits on the floor and begins the oral delights! This setup allows you to move your legs freely and spread them as wide as you want!

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Dinner for Two”

“Dinner for Two” is exactly what it sounds like. It offers mutual pleasure and more body contact.

First, ensure the swing’s backrest perfectly aligns with your partner’s genitals. Then, lay down in the swing, using the seat under your rear and the backrest supporting your upper back.

Now, gently tilt your head backward until you can comfortably take your partner’s “D” into your mouth. At the same time, your partner leans forward, accessing your genitals while balancing themselves on you and the swing.

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How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Open Up”

This position is, by far, the easiest to try and perfect for beginners. In this setup, one partner puts arm and leg straps in the swing and leans back. The other partner kneels, creating an oral sex scenario. And, of course, you can “open up” those legs as wide as you like!

This position is not only fantastic for oral pleasures but also provides a seamless transition from oral activities to penetration!

Queen Her up With This “Queening” Position (Pun Intended)

Queening will have her moaning wild! To practice this, have your male partner lay back on the swing. She will either lie down or kneel underneath her partner’s mouth. And boom! You have successfully hit the sweet spot and also made her feel like your queen!

How To Use Traditional Sex Swings: 4 Hot Positions To Try

This classic style of sex swing offers the highest degree of flexibility for experimenting with a wide range of positions.

Typically, traditional sex swings come equipped with two straps and two stirrups. They commonly come as ceiling swings with some screws. It’s essential to carefully review the weight limit specified in the instructions and follow the guidelines for safe installation.

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How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Cowgirl Swingin'”

If you want to get her fully turned on, try the cowgirl swingin”. It prioritizes a rhythmic and undulating motion rather than traditional in-and-out thrusting, which brings ultimate satisfaction down there!

In this position, the penetrating partner sits in the swing while their partner straddles them in the cowgirl position. The person on top can hold the straps for support while moving their body. Additionally, you can manually stimulate your partner’s clitoris for even more profound pleasure!

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “The Flying V”

The Flying V is a sex swing position that grants your partner complete access to your vulva. Here’s how to get into it: Start by adjusting the swing seat height to match your partner’s standing position and genitals.

Following that, tweak the backrest for your comfort level. You can opt for a slightly leaning forward position or a more upright seating. It can also serve as an effective ab workout!

Next, your partner holds your legs, extending them to form a V shape. Alternatively, if you’re more flexible, you can wrap your legs around the straps to secure them in place.

With everything set up, your partner takes hold and initiates the motion by swinging you forward and backward.

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “The Air Rider”

This position is definitely for the more advanced folks, as both you and your partner will be in mid-air. To begin, the male partner has to recline on the swing. The female straddles and rides on top. This position is fantastic for deep penetration. It also allows for intimate eye contact, which adds a touch of romance to your pleasurable journey!

How To Use a Sex Swing To Do “Flying Missionary”

Are you craving intimate skin-to-skin contact? Consider the flying missionary position. This position works wonders only if you have ceiling swings.

Begin by adjusting the swing’s height to match your partner’s genitals while they’re standing or on their knees. Then, recline comfortably, utilizing the backrest, seat, and optional stirrups for added support.

Next, your partner enters you, leaning down and wrapping their arms around your body. This positioning fosters full-body contact, minus the potential strain that you sometimes feel with a traditional missionary position.


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