How To Celebrate Pride Month: Embracing Diversity

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May 10, 2024 8 minutes read
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Attention all: Pride is approaching! As the colorful flowers twinkle with anticipation and the open-minded atmosphere comes to life, it’s time to celebrate Pride Month. Are you new to the celebrations? Or are you seeking some inspiration for this year’s? 

Do you want some ideas on how to get the celebrations going and how to celebrate Pride Month? We’ve got you! We have some fun, respectful, and thoughtful ideas. Ready to find out more? Let’s get into it! 

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What Is Pride?

Pride Month is right around the corner, but what is Pride? Pride Month, clue in the name, runs for the whole month of June! It’s all about celebrating gender identity and people in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a month dedicated to this community and is full of parades, festivals, and marches to show acceptance and appreciation. 

Pride Month is in June every year and lasts the whole course of the month. How did it all begin? An event at the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village is the reason for the yearly celebrations. In 1969, the police raided this popular gay bar. This was purely due to the sexual orientation of people there. Naturally, this caught the attention of bypassers as they watched the police violently push people into police vans. 

Before this event, bypassers might’ve turned a blind eye to this kind of commotion. However, they actually began to riot and turn on the police instead. They threw items and bottles at them and managed to push the police into the bar. After some time, more police arrived and broke up the crowds and riots. However, it led to six days of protests. This support encouraged more people to join in! 

A whole year later, on June 29th, a march was held as the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. According to the Library of Congress, “Thousands of LGBT+ people gathered to commemorate Stonewall and demonstrate for equal rights.”

People haven’t looked back since. Furthermore, you might know of the rainbow flag. This famous flag acts as a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. The colors stand for:

Red – Life

Orange – Healing 

Yellow – Sunlight 

Green – Nature 

Blue – Harmony 

Violet – Spirit

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What Do You Do at Pride?

Are you learning about Pride for the first time and the celebrations throughout June? You might be wondering, “What do you do at Pride?” Here are some ideas:

  • Walk in a Pride parade. 
  • Go to the Pride concerts and festivals near you. 
  • Take part in or attend community events, seminars, and panels to offer and receive more information. 
  • Attend social events that celebrate Pride. 
  • Take part in Pride celebrations at work. 
  • Hold your own Pride party. 
  • Take part in activism by joining marches, signing petitions, and supporting campaigns. 

Pride Month has so much to offer, so don’t feel you have to stick to just one activity! There really is so much to celebrate, so embrace it with open arms and dive right in. 

How To Celebrate Pride Month 

There are lots of ways to celebrate Pride Month and dive into the fun to show your support. The LGBTQ+ community has such a rich history that’s so interesting to explore. Looking for some ideas about how to join in with the event? We have some great ones! How do you celebrate Pride Month? Here’s some inspiration:

1. Go to Pride Events 

Going to Pride events is the most popular way to celebrate. The whole month of June is often full of exciting events for everyone to attend.  Do you want to walk in a parade or a march to show support? Or, you could go to a Pride festival that’s on. Or, go to a concert with your friends.

By joining in with these events, you’re showing your appreciation and celebrating your individual preferences. Not to mention the support you’re showing the community. You’ll have a great time, and it’s a fun opportunity to mingle and connect with like-minded people. 

2. Educate Yourself on What Pride Means 

Another way you can celebrate in June is by looking into the history and the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. You can educate yourself by just reading about the history of Pride Month and the reasons why it happens. You can read books about it, have a look online, or watch documentaries.

3. Participate in Activism 

Near you, there’ll be lots of LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts that you can contribute to. You could volunteer in local organizations or take part in community meetings and get email signatures for petitions. This keeps the movement going and shows your commitment to equality and peace.

4. Host a Pride Celebration of Your Own 

Why not organize a Pride celebration at home and invite people to come and celebrate?

Put up those flags and have food and drinks. This welcoming and inclusive space you’ll create is an ideal way to show support and appreciation for Pride Month! 

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How To Celebrate Pride Month at Work

During June, you can celebrate Pride at work! Doing this will foster a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Wondering how to celebrate Pride Month at work? Here are some ideas:

1. Organize Diversity Workshops 

At work, you can host or organize diversity workshops! These can focus on LGBTQ+ awareness and will foster a welcoming, inclusive environment. You can also hold sensitivity and inclusivity training to keep everyone up to date on recognizing and understanding different identities. 

2. Decorate the Workspace

During June, why don’t you put up some Pride flags in your workspace? You could hang up some flags or put some banners or posters up. This will help to create an inclusive workplace that shows support and appreciation for Pride. 

3. Host Events 

You can host Pride Month events in your workspace to keep spirits high and show your support for the event. For example, you could ask an LGBTQ+ speaker to come in. Or, you could have a screening of a Pride documentary.

These are some excellent ways that you can celebrate Pride at work. For LGBTQ+ staff and people just learning about Pride, it’s always nice to show support.  

How To Celebrate Pride Month as an Ally

You might be a straight ally and advocate for the well-being of the members of the LGBTQ+ community. If you want to know how to celebrate Pride month as an Ally, you can totally still get involved! Here are some ideas:

1. Educate Yourself on Pride

If you want to celebrate Pride, it’s super important to learn about it. Take the time to learn about the history and the reasons for Pride Month in the present time. As an ally, you can try to understand the feelings of the queer communities and the LGBTQ+ history. 

2. Have an Open Mind 

Pride Month is all about having an open mind and feeling liberated. Open your mind and embrace everything from stories to fun events. There’s always a buzz of excitement following Pride Month, so go for it! Be open to learning new things, meeting new people, and getting the celebrations started! 

3. Speak Up 

Speaking up is always important for the role of an ally. You might overhear someone being homophobic or making someone in the queer community feel bad, not OK! Don’t be afraid to step in and say something! You can use the advantage of your voice to make a statement, and this isn’t strictly for Pride Month! 

Are you ready to celebrate Pride month as an ally? You can totally join in with the celebrations and further your knowledge and understanding, too. By taking time to learn more, you’ll broaden your horizons. Plus, you’ll really enjoy the celebrations!

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Pride Month Celebration Ideas: Celebrate From Home 

If you’re feeling like hosting a few get-togethers to celebrate in June, we have some ideas! Here are some Pride Month celebration ideas: 

  • Have a Pride picnic. Invite people over for a Pride-themed picnic. Enjoy colorful, rainbow-decorated foods, put some fun music on, and enjoy your day!
  • Plan a Pride-themed book club. Get some friends together and get reading!  Book clubs are really good places to discuss things, which is great for the openness of Pride. Read books by LGBTQ+ authors, deepen your understanding, and discuss them at the book club!
  • Hold a Pride-themed trivia night. Get competitive with your friends and family on the history of Pride Month. This is a great way to celebrate achievements and have fun, too! 

Feeling excited to get the celebrations going? We feel you! Pride month is all about openness and embracing individuality, so don’t hold back. Deepen your knowledge, broaden your mindset, and throw yourself into the fun and celebrations! Happy Pride! 

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