Dating Security ID: Your Guide To Unlocking Love Safely

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September 29, 2023 10 minutes read
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It is no secret that online dating apps widen romantic possibilities. These possibilities, however, come with several risks. Many dating site users have fallen victim to online dating scams like catfishing and fraud. So, to protect users from scammers, many online dating platforms now require every user to have a dating security ID. By verifying that you are legitimate, you can earn the trust of potential matches.

This article will explore dating sites’ security IDs in detail. We will discuss how they work and why it is important to verify your identity. You will also learn how to verify your identity without running into scams. 

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What Is a Dating Security ID, and How Does It Work?

If you use social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, you must have heard of identity verification before. Many users, especially celebrities, have a blue tick beside their usernames. This identity badge is to prove that the account owner is who they say they are. It helps other users decide which account is real and which is fake.

But what is a dating security ID? Does it work like a social media verification badge?

A dating site security ID, aka hookup ID or verification badge, is similar to a social media verification badge. It is an online identity confirmation used by online dating sites and apps to help users avoid scams. It lets dating platform users know which profile belongs to a real person. Dating ID verifies that your profile picture and personal details like your name, age and location are accurate. Simply put, it helps you prove to potential matches that you’re legit.

So, how does it work?

Many online dating platforms offer security IDs through third-party verification processes. These third parties run background checks using various verification techniques. Some of the techniques are as follows:

  • They verify your personal information against public records and other data sources.

  • They confirm your pictures by scanning your driver’s license or passport.

  • They cross-check your social media accounts. This ensures that your profile photos match those on your Instagram or Facebook.

  • They compare your selfies to your profile pictures using facial recognition technology.  

Once you complete the ID verification process, the verification service issues a verification badge or mark for your dating profile. This flags you as a real, authenticated person versus someone using fake photos and info.

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Is Dating Security ID Real? Why You Need To Verify Your Identity Online

Yes, it’s real and it helps to identify genuine users from fake profiles. With over 50 million Americans using online dating sites, verifying your identity has become crucial for finding real relationships online. Taking the simple step of verifying your identity can help foster a safe dating experience for other online daters.

Dating security ID is real, and it has many benefits. Identity verification protects both you and your matches against common dating app risks, including the following:

  • Catfishing: One of the risks commonly associated with online dating services is falling victim to catfishers. Many people create fake profiles and trick others into emotional relationships under pretenses. However, the identity verification process can help online daters avoid catfishers. Confirming users’ photos and details ensures they truthfully represent themselves.

  • Romance scams: Fraudsters use dating sites to manipulate people into giving them money. They often claim they want to visit or need funds for an emergency. Romance scammers often come from foreign countries, so identity verification prevents them from hiding their location or creating fake profiles.

  • Stalkers and sex offenders: Many people, especially women, have reported experiencing sexual harassment on online dating sites. But with dating site security IDs, it is harder for risky people to remain anonymous. Users can report sex offenders with verified identities and get them arrested. This enhances safety for all users. 

  • Trust: Having a verification badge allows your matches to trust that you are who you claim to be on your profile. Similarly, knowing your matches are real people with authentic identities gives you confidence in online dating.

  • Underage users: Minors sometimes lie about their age on 18+ apps. Verification helps keep underage users off these platforms. 

With many people meeting online now, verifying identities reduces risks and improves the dating experience. Once you’ve verified your ID, you can search for online dates near you; you are good to go!

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How To Get a Dating Security ID: The Safe and Simple Steps

There are two ways you can verify your identity on dating apps. The first option is to use the verification tools within your online dating platform. The other option is to use a third-party verification service. The verification process for both options is quick and easy. You just need to upload a few photos and enter some basic info.

How To Get Verified on a Dating App or Site

Most major dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge now offer ID verifications within the app. The process of getting verified on a dating site is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open your dating app or site and go to the verification menu.

  2. Provide personal details like your full name, date of birth, email, and phone number.

  3. Upload your pictures and a government-issued ID. You can use your driver’s license or passport.

  4. Some dating platforms may require linking your social media accounts for further verification.

  5. If your details check out, your profile will get a dating site security ID showing other users you are real.

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How To Get Verified Through a Third-Party Verification Service

Identity verification companies do a more thorough check than dating platforms. They’ll verify your name, age and photo and run a quick background check. Once cleared, you get a verified dating pass ID. This works across multiple apps since it’s not tied to just one. Some reputable third-party ID verification companies are Shufti Pro, Veriff and DateID.

Below are the typical steps to follow in a third-party ID check:

  1. Select a trusted ID verification service that integrates with your dating app(s).

  2. Download the verification app and connect your dating profile(s). 

  3. Upload a photo ID, like a driver’s license or passport, to confirm your identity.

  4. Provide additional personal details, like your legal name, birthdate, phone number, or address.

  5. Pass biometric checks like facial recognition scans, video selfies, or voice recordings saying a unique phrase.

  6. Wait for verification. Approval times range from minutes to days, depending on the depth of authentication required. 

  7. Display your hookup badge or trust mark on your dating profile!

Note that the steps differ across dating apps and third-party platforms. However, most verification processes mirror the steps listed above. Follow the steps in your dating app or a third-party platform to get your verification done. Be patient for ID approval, which may take a few hours or days. Avoid any site asking for financial information; it could be a scam. 


Is Dating Security ID Free? Affordable Ways To Confirm You’re Legit

Many popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid offer free dating site security IDs. Some dating apps offer “verified member” upgrades with perks like profile badges and boosted visibility. In these cases, verification remains free; you only pay for the additional features.

The free verification process on dating sites isn’t always as thorough as you’d hope. They usually just entail verifying users’ passports and cross-checking their social media. You may need a third-party platform for rigorous authentication methods, like biometric screening. Many third-party verifications require monthly fees between $5 to $20.

The good news is there are ways to get a low-cost or free dating security ID. You can try the following tips:

  • Use a dating app that offers free photo prompts and social media verification.

  • Opt for basic verification like linking Facebook rather than deep background checks.

  • Take advantage of the free trial periods many verification services offer. 

  • Choose a site with a free basic membership, then pay to upgrade your ID check when you’re ready.

  • Use promo codes and cashback rewards to reduce costs.

  • Split fees by getting a joint dating verification membership with your BFF or as a couple.

Swipe Right, Stay Safe: How To Avoid Dating Verification Scams

Scammers are always inventing new ways to exploit people. Unfortunately, they have caught onto the appeal of dating site security IDs. Many fake ID verification services exploit these safety measures to steal people’s personal information or money.

Here are tips for avoiding dating security ID scam techniques: 

  • Research: Research the online dating site/app you’re interested in before signing up. Search for reviews and complaints about the company. Look on sites like the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and social media for feedback from other users. 

  • Stay vigilant: Some telltale signs often point out a scam. You can catch onto those signs if you’re vigilant. For instance, real verification services won’t promise or “guarantee” 100% safety. You should also beware of phony badges. Scammers often mimic real verification badges from big companies. Double-check that logos match legitimate services like DateID.

  • Guard your money: Never pay for ID verification through wire transfers, gift cards, cryptocurrency, or other hard-to-trace methods. Stick to secure credit card payments on trusted sites. Avoid any service asking for financial account details like your credit card number or requests for money transfers via apps. Real companies won’t ask for this info upfront.

  • Don’t send compromising photos: A legitimate verification service won’t request inappropriate images like suggestive or nude selfies. Scammers often request compromising photos to blackmail online daters. Only provide requested ID photos and selfies for facial matching.  

  • Look for secure checkout and data encryption: Reputable sites should have HTTPS websites and encrypt your data. 

Stay vigilant and trust your gut. You can enjoy online dating if you stay cautious. Beware of shady services claiming to provide verified dating IDs and background checks. Report any suspected dating security ID scams to your dating platform and even local law enforcement. Don’t let scammers sabotage your search for love.

Find Real Love With Confidence: Online Dating Platforms That Verify Identity

You can avoid online dating scams by signing up with a dating site that verifies identities. Below are top-rated dating apps and sites with identity verification:

Finding love online starts with building trust. Building trust on dating sites goes a long way, even if you’re just looking for a hookup. When online daters verify their identities, they assure potential partners of finding relationships built on honesty – not lies. So, verify your identity to experience the connections and safe online dating you deserve. After verifying your identity, ensure you see a dating security ID on potential matches’ profiles before engaging. This helps steer you towards genuine people looking for real relationships. 

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