What is 'phishing for information'?

Phishing is the act of trying to collect your personal and / or account information. Scammers use many variations of phishing in order to bait you into giving them your information. They do this so that they can use your account to post fake ads on the site.

One of the most popular phishing tactics is sending you emails that pretend to be from us. These emails will ask you to click a link or login to your account. THESE ARE SCAMS. The websites they ask you to visit will look similar to ours, and they will try to collect your login information from you. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TRAPS. WE will NEVER ask you to login to your account or ask for your login credentials.

Another type of scam is a promotional email telling you you've won something, and you need to fill out a form to claim your prize. DO NOT fill out and send that form.

Another type of scam involves an email that says you need to verify your account before it gets deleted or banned. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THIS EMAIL.

Another type of scam is someone who is not on our site telling you they will send you a doublelist code in order to verify who you are real. DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT CODE.

Finally, if someone is trying to collect any kind of information off of you, be very very suspicious. Always err on the safe side.

If you suspect a violation or you see any of the above activity, please report it to us