Suspicious activity and changes on DL

Hi and welcome to doublelist. This is a community for adults that want to express their sexuality freely and connect with others. We aim to make this a great community where you are welcomed with open arms and are not judged by your appearances or your sexual orientation.

That being said, we also believe that no such activity should ever be illegal or hurt, harm, offend other persons or yourself. Not only do we not seek to promote such activity, we work 24/7 around the clock to ban it permanently from this site.

We have recently seen an influx of illegal posters. We are here to let them know that they are NOT WELCOMED on our site. Because of these recent events, we will be rolling out changes to the site to make it more secure, and to stop such illegal activity. These are the changes we will be making and they may include the following :

This is a free service, and we don't make any profit on it. We need your help to improve this service. Please contact us with any suspicious activity, and flag the ads that are in violation!

If you have questions, concern, or FUTURE IDEAS for us about all this, we want to know! Please contact us here and tell us.