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Casual Encounters: Where to Find Them and How to Make Them Work

There are so many relationship labels being thrown around these days that it can be tricky for some to get themselves properly oriented when dating. Casual encounters, in particular, can mean different things to different people. How are they different from casual dating? Are casual encounters a one-time thing? How does a casual encounter work? Let’s take a closer look at what such encounters entail and where you can find the best and surest opportunities for something casual.

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What Does a Casual Encounter Mean?

Casual encounters can occur between friends, acquaintances, or colleagues. You can also find your casual encounter at a party, a bar, a concert, the gym, via a dating app, or online — practically anywhere and everywhere as long as (at least) two people are game. You can be actively looking for it, or it can happen when you least expect it. Thanks to Craigslist, finding and engaging in casual encounters became more convenient. And the wildly popular but now extinct personals listing platform spawned countless varieties of similar platforms, from matchmaking sites to dating apps and hookup websites. But if you’re actively on the prowl for casual encounters, no more and no less, then you’ll find people looking for the same thing on DoubleList.

Casual Encounter Craigslist Replacement

Craigslist was the go-to place for anybody who was up for hot and exciting casual encounters. The platform offered so many tempting listings and was frequently visited by those looking for casual sex. These days, there’s practically an orgy of casual encounter Craigslist replacement choices online — there are so many options that you’d think you can score a hookup in a snap.

You’d be right to think that if you know exactly where to look. But you can easily get lost amidst the multitude of matchmaking sites and dating apps which only entangle you in the demanding and tiring exercise of dating. Where does one have to go to get laid these days? You can try your luck at a crowded club or bar. Or you can go where you’ve already gone before and hit up an ex who’s usually game (although there’s always the risk that your encounter will be anything but casual). If only there’s a place where people who want nothing more than easy but satisfying casual encounters gather and match up with no fuss. Lucky for you, there’s such a place where you can always get lucky — DoubleList!

What do people use instead of Craigslist for casual encounters?

DoubleList is the best Craigslist alternative out there for anybody who’s looking for hot, fun, and safe casual encounters. DoubleListers are all looking for the same thing: uncomplicated and pleasurable connections online or in the real world. Whether you want to get out there and get some or just need a stimulating chat online; whether you’re in the mood for casual encounters, hookups, one-night stands, or any specific fantasy or kink you’ll find fulfillment on DoubleList.

What happened to Craigslist personals US?

Craigslist made the decision to shut down its personals section back in 2018 in response to the US senate’s anti-sex trafficking bill.

Where can I post a hookup ad to find casual encounters?

DoubleList offers the best odds for finding casual encounters. Posting an ad or listing for a hookup is easy peasy after you sign up for an account. Or you can also simply browse through the tons of tempting listings already posted and you’ll definitely find one or a few that will get you deliciously hot and excited. Whether you post an ad or reply to a listing, you’ll definitely find the satisfaction you’re looking for on DoubleList.

What happened to the casual encounters Backpage website?

Just like Craigslist personals, the Backpage website was also shut down in 2018 as it violated anti-sex trafficking laws.

What site is similar to Backpage for casual encounters?

DoubleList is your best bet if you’re hoping to find exciting and safe casual encounters. If you’re into no-frills sex or in the mood for something naughty or kinky, somebody who’s into the same thing is waiting for you on DoubleList. You can forget swiping on dating apps or getting turned down time and time again in bars or at parties or by your ex, because DoubleList always delivers.

What is DoubleList used for?

DoubleList is the next best thing since Craigslist personals, and many would say it’s even better if you’re looking for casual encounters and hookups — no fuss, strings, or complications. DoubleList provides a convenient and secure place for people to connect, flirt, and find individuals with the same needs, preferences, kinks, or fantasies. All you have to do is sign up for an account and you can post your own ad/listing or browse through the wide and wild variety of categories that can ultimately lead to the fulfillment of whatever pleasure you seek. DoubleList offers w4m, m4w, w4w, m4m, c4w, c4m, fwb, and so much more within your local area and beyond. You’ll find DoubleList in every major city in the US, so wherever you are and whatever type of encounter and pairing you’re in the mood for, you’ll feel right at home on DoubleList.

Is it okay to casually hook up?

Casually hooking up, or engaging in casual sex, is okay and can actually be a healthy sexual outlet. Having sexual needs is normal and getting them fulfilled is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Hooking up with someone you already know is typically the most convenient option, but it comes with the risk of complicating your relationship. Casual encounters with a random person can be more exciting and almost always guarantee that your encounter will be nothing but, well, casual. Practicing safe sex especially when engaging in casual encounters is extremely important, of course. You should also always ensure your personal safety by choosing a site that’s trustworthy and taking precautionary measures before and when meeting up with a person for the first time.

How do you get a casual hookup or casual encounter?

The fastest way to get a casual hookup or casual encounter is by signing up to become a DoubleLister. DoubleList is a convenient and secure platform for making uncomplicated sexual connections online and in the real world. If you’re simply looking to flirt and engage in dirty talk, or want to explore a wild fantasy as far as it can go, you can easily find a match in your area or beyond on DoubleList!