Scams / someone is asking for money

There are many scams on the internet. But they all eventually involve someone wanting you to pay/send money or sign up for something.

Many of them are very sophisticated. Some of the most popular ones involve blackmailing, fake car accidents, fake underage users, 'angry parents', and so on.

The most common scam going around all internet dating sites is this: You will contact or get contacted by a user. After talking for a little while and exchancing information, the user will admit they lied and they are infact 15 years old, or underage in general. After that you will get a call or a text from a fake angry 'father' telling you he is going to report you to the police unless you send him money. He might say the teen was in a car accident, or needs a health bill payed, or some other variation. Do not be alarmed, and DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. Report this scam to us, and report it to the special team at the FBI that deals with these scammers :

Do not fall for these scams.

DO NOT SHARE your financial information with anyone. Any attempt to get it from you is a scam.

DO NOT PAY for anyones time or services

DO NOT PAY to get 'verified'

DO NOT SIGN UP for another site or follow any links that someone sends you

DO NOT WIRE anyone any money

Above all, use your judgement. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Real users don't need you to pay.

Report all violations to us