USA Adultclassifieds Explained and What To Use Instead

Are you looking for a hookup dating service, outcall service, or any other type of adult activity? Are you in the United States? If any or all of the above apply to you, you’ve probably searched “USA AdultClassifieds” before. 

Maybe you were winding down after another great weekend and wanted some company. Or perhaps you were feeling a bit lonely and browsing adult ads for a way to end your night.

Whatever brought you here doesn’t matter. The bottom line is you’re looking for some sexy fun. But there’s a better way to find the hot women and men you yearn for. Keep reading for our explainer of US Adult Classified sites and what to use instead.

Defining Adult Classified Sites

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Before we get into the weeds of USA AdultClassifieds, we need to cover the basics: what are adult classifieds? If you’ve ever picked up a newspaper, you know that the back page houses local ads and messages. There’s no breaking news or pressing headlines on these final pages. It’s all local matters. Here you’d see folks selling a couch or asking for help painting the side of a house.

These newspaper sections weren’t just for innocent manual labor, however. Over time, the back page became littered with adult content ads. Instead of advertising products, folks started marketing themselves.

They’d write up descriptions, talking about their looks and interests in a brief, concise manner. Then they’d add what they wanted in a partner. Some searchers kept it simple with lines like “Horney women only” or “Married woman looking for a third.”

Other lovers of adult personal ads would pen brief but endearing prose about their dream relationship.

Eventually, however, the newspaper classified section gave way to the internet age. No more papers with set pages and sections. Now, the world of adult personal ads and classifieds could reign free.

Personal ads arose on the web as a top dating service. Why? For one, all the sites were simple and easy to use. No flashy graphics or hard-to-follow interface. For another, they were anonymous.

Unlike a traditional dating service, you didn’t have to tie your personal life to your sexual searches. All you had to do was describe what kind of adult activities you wanted to participate in. Then, you’d sit back and wait for someone to bite.

Today, loads of folks still use adult classifieds to:

  • Find women and men to spend time with at a cheap rate.

  • Cultivate friendships and connections.

  • Hook up with and rate sexy single women and men.

Understanding USA Adultclassifieds

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Now that you understand personal ads let’s talk about what “USA AdultClassifieds” refers to. In short, this was one of a slew of hookup sites for US-based daters.

This webpage specializes in adult activities. Make no mistake. USA AC was not safe for work. This wasn’t the kind of page you’d visit on a public computer. It featured explicit photos, videos, and text. It also was the perfect forum for sexual services, paid or otherwise. If you sought a more serious or committed relationship, this wasn’t your hang-out. For anything love related, you’d go to a traditional dating site or app.

But if you wanted a fling or something dirty, that was your corner of the internet.

What do we mean by “something dirty”? Basically, anything your consenting adult heart desires from another consenting adult. If you wanted a virtual striptease, you’d find it. If you thirst for a threesome, look no further. If you are into a degradation kink, this service has you covered. You get the picture.

You might even be able to find information about escort women and men at a cheap rate. Of course, these and other offerings depended on your location and legality.

USA AdultClassifieds Safety Concerns


If you love all things sexy and salacious, USA AdultClassifieds probably sounds just your speed. But is it safe?

Well, you may have noticed that in the last section, we talked about the website in the past tense. That’s because it no longer exists, possibly due to safety issues. Currently, there are no concrete data on why the old USA AC page shut down. However, one possible explanation is the prevalence of scams.

Bad actors often plague casual encounter sites. Why? They have an easy way to entice victims. They dangle the carrot of sexual pleasure to fool people into sharing personal or financial information that they usually wouldn’t.

Another potential reason that you can’t use this site anymore is due to illegal activity. We touched on this earlier, but any paid sex solicitation is illegal in the US. The only exception to this is a select county in Nevada. While we don’t know for sure that sex work definitely happened on USA AC, it’s not out of the question.

But there’s one more kind of illegal activity that could have been found on the platform and caused its demise. Craigslist personals closed in 2018 for the same reason. Sometimes, due to the style in which these pages operate, they don’t have enough safeguards against traffickers. If any sort of trafficking operation used one of these sites, the webpage itself would be held liable.

Are There Alternatives to USA Adult Classifieds?

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Yes, plenty of alternatives to USA AdultClassifieds exist. Online sex and mature content are alive and well; don’t you worry. Here are the three main alternative options to use:

  1. Dating Apps. Join the 21st century and take your sexscapades to an app. If you want to find a hookup or exchange nudes, try an app like Grindr or Tinder. Or if you’re after an app that solely focuses on the X-rated, there’s Be Naughty and AdultFriendFinder. AFF used to only function as a website, but now they’ve gone mobile as well.

  2. Dating and Hookup Sites. Much like with dating apps, not every dating site is for romantic, committed relationships. You can find plenty of raunch on domains like MenNation, which is an ideal free gay dating site. Or, if you’re straight, you can also check out Ashley Madison. Just be aware of the company’s reputation and security breach track record.

  3. Personal Ad Sites. Last but not least, lovers of the original Adult Classifieds format should check out other personal ad sites. Just because USA AC and Craigs List personals disappeared doesn’t mean all adult ad sites went with them. You can still go online and write an ad laying out exactly what you want in a partner or encounter. You can be explicit as you want or keep it coy.

The Best Replacement for USA Adultclassifieds

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DoubleList is the best replacement for USA AdultClassifieds (if we do say so ourselves). Here’s why:

  • Just like USA AC, DoubleList is a personal ad site. Here, you don’t waste time building out a profile, answering endless personality questions, or dealing with a spammy interface. We keep it simple and easy to navigate.

  • We’re a US adult classifieds website with forums for over 240 locations nationwide. All you have to do is click on your city’s section to discover local singles.

  • You can find all the erotic content you love from USA AC here. Whether you’re into camming, chatting, dating, friends with benefits, orgies, one-night stands, etc., we’ve got you covered.

  • DoubleList welcomes all adults, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, or kink. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, you’ll find other daters just like you.

  • We value anonymity. Here, you don’t have to enter a long list of personal information that might come back to haunt you. You choose what you share on our website. The only thing we require for an account is an email address, which we never share with other users. Then you create a secure password and username.

  • It’s 100% free. While other services require subscriptions or paywall “premium” content, DoubleList is entirely free. We’ll never ask for your credit card.

Ready to explore your wildest fantasies? Sign up for a free account today!