Doublelist Not Free Anymore: What’s the Truth

We’re living in the golden age of online dating. That doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and butterflies. It just means that daters have more options now than ever. From online dating sites to dating apps, you have your pick. Among that long list is the free sex-positive community site, However, recently, folks wondered, “Is DoubleList not free anymore?”

If you’re concerned about this, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Instead of sifting through DoubleList review forums or Reddit threads, we have all the facts right here. We’ve assembled all the questions and answers on this subject so you can rest easy.

Read on for everything we know about DoubleList’s free and paid options and what it means for account holders.

Doublelist Not Free Anymore: What Is Doublelist?

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DoubleList is one of the more well-known personal sites. For the uninitiated, personals were once on the back page of a newspaper. Here, folks would list messages meant for individuals, also known as personal ads.

These ads either involved dating and romance or more adult content. One of the appeals of the personal section was anonymity. You didn’t have to put your photo or name. Instead, if someone liked your ad, they’d call the listed number.

So what’s that got to do with DoubleList? Well, I’m sure we don’t have to be the ones to tell you that newspapers aren’t that popular anymore. With the dawn of the internet age came online dating. From here, online personal ads and adult classifieds took over.

Craigslist dominated the online classifieds world for a while but eventually shut down. That’s where DoubleList swooped in as a Craigslist personals alternative. It’s a casual dating, sex, and relationship site for adults only. The site is for people of all races, sexualities, genders, backgrounds, etc.

It works by splitting up the site between different city domains. After making an account, you select the site corresponding to your home. From there, you can post ads, respond to others, and chat online. You can exchange photos, videos, and other content. (As long as it follows the website’s guidelines.) Now that you know what the site is like, let’s return to everyone’s “Is DoubleList not free anymore?” question.

Does Doublelist Cost Money?

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No, for all those wondering, “Does DoubleList cost money?” it does not. You can rest easy and get back to enjoying salacious message exchanges and naughty pictures. DoubleList does not charge users unless you want it to.

You can use the site 100% for free. If you stick with the free version, you can still access the following:

  • An ad-supported version of the site.

  • All posted ads.

  • Limited live posts, messages sent per day, and page views per day.

This version of DoubleList does not cost money and will always be free. This gives you all the great features you know and love and shouldn’t change your experience with the site. You can still find steamy local hookups and chat with singles near you. However, if you’re interested in something more, you can opt into one of DL’s subscription plans. DoubleList uses a “Freemium” model like almost every adult dating service. This means that there’s a free tier offering basic features. However, if you want to upgrade to a “premium” account with more bells and whistles, you can pay for them.

This is the same structure top hookup apps like Hinge or Tinder use. Both those apps are free to download and free to make an account. You can still swipe yes or no on matches. But it comes at a price if you want the full range of features, including unlimited swipes and matches. Is DoubleList not free anymore? No. It’s still free. And it’s still a fantastic personal alternative site with an active community and a high consumer rating. But if you want to use it as a paid service, you can.

Why Is Doublelist Not Free Anymore?

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If you’re wondering, “Why is DoubleList not free anymore?” you don’t have to worry. It is still free, as we explained above. But maybe you’re questioning why the move to a freemium model.

DL states that the company moved to this standard practice to provide a better customer experience. With this setup, users can pick how they use the site. If they want to use the site more sparingly or casually, they can do so. They can get that if they wish to have unlimited use.

DoubleList allows customers to enhance their account features by offering subscriptions to those who want them. (We will explain those enhancements later in this post.) Another benefit of this new structure is that it deters bots and scammers. No dating site is completely immune to bad actors, but offering certain content behind a paywall helps.

As mentioned previously, however, there will always be a free version of the site. That won’t change. Another thing that won’t change is the site’s privacy and anonymity policies. No matter what plan you go with, your information remains private. You still never have to provide any information except for your email. Additionally, all members of the DoubleList community must follow community guidelines. These guidelines include the following:

  • Not posting harmful, abusive, or violent content.

  • Not positing sensitive personal information.

  • Not escorting or soliciting sex work.

  • Not offering massage services.

  • Not posting content about or referencing minors in any way.

Basically, no breaking the law. The site doesn’t make exceptions for any account, regardless of your subscription status. One last thing before we move on. Even if you sign up for a subscription, you can switch to the unpaid option anytime.

As of When Is Doublelist Not Free Anymore?

We bet you know what we’re going to say to this question. As of when is DoubleList not free anymore? Never. It is free and will always be free. If you or your friends are worried about this, pass on the good news about DL.

But if you’re curious about when the subscription options became available, that’s a different story. The rollout started in July 2022. According to DoubleList, it’s been a gradual process. So much so that not all users know about the subscription options yet.

Don’t sweat it if you’re interested in one of DoubleList’s paid plans and haven’t seen any information about them yet. The rollout is still in progress, and your account may not have the notification yet. You can always visit the billing page to join in. Eventually, DL will make plans available to all members. Again, signing up for one remains completely optional.

After all this talk about DoubleList’s subscription plans, we bet you’re eager to know more about them. For the remainder of this article, we will walk you through the different tiers and pricing options. We’ll also help you decide which option is best for you.

Doublelist Not Free Anymore: Available Plans

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Let’s dig into the meat and potatoes of the “Is DoubleList not free anymore?” concerns: the subscription tiers. There are two options: the Hookup tier and the Hardocre tier.

The Hookup tier is your basic plan. We recommend it for people who like the free experience but want to upgrade their game. This one gives you access to the site ad-free. Another feature of the Hookup plan is the ability to filter posts by age and location. Talk about a time saver! You can skip through the posts that don’t correspond to your age brackets or are out of your preferred radius.

Regarding site activity, you get to send 30 messages per day, 250 page views, and six live posts. What do live posts mean? It refers to how many personal ads you can post at one time. The benefit of being able to put up more posts simultaneously is that you can turn into a sexual multitasker.

Here’s an example of what we mean. You could put up a post looking for a one-night stand and another for a Dom/sub relationship. Or let’s say you’re bisexual. You could post one ad describing the type of woman you’re interested in and another for a man.

With the Hardcore premium plan, you get some of the same features plus extras. You still have an ad-free site experience and age and location filters. On top of that, you receive a premium badge on your profile.

Finally, your live post count goes up to ten, and you have unlimited message sends and page views per day. We recommend this plan for avid, active, and serious users looking for uncut adult content and interactions.

Doublelist Not Free Anymore: Payment Options

If you’re still thinking, “Is DoubleList not free anymore” this is the section where we have a different answer. Because while the site is free, the subscriptions are not. Here comes our price breakdown for the Hookup and Hardocre plan options.

You can purchase the Hookup plan for either $10 a month if you pay monthly or $45 per year. The Hardcore plan is $20 per month or $90 annually. We recommend going with the yearly plan for either tier to save money. This sets you up with a whole year of scintillating adult interactions. And at a fraction of what you would pay if you go per month.

If you’re ready to find same-minded people (real people, not bots) looking for a good time, join the DoubleList community. Whether you’re into gay dating or looking for straight partners, a long-term thing, or a one-night stand, it’s all here. The best part is we protect your information and prioritize your anonymity. That way, you can stop worrying about keeping your private life private. Sign up for your free account today!