CBT Kink Explained: Experiencing Pleasure From Pain

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December 4, 2023 9 minutes read
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When thinking about ways to explore your sexuality, a CBT kink may not be at the top of your list. However, a surprising number of people have a CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) kink. 

Just like some people enjoy spanking pain, others enjoy penis and ball torture. 

This  kink is not for everyone. However, if the sound of experiencing intense pleasure from pain entices you, a CBT kink might be worth exploring. 

Whether you have just stumbled across CBT kinks or have experience – DoubleList has the lowdown on all things CBT. 

What Is CBT Kink? – Understanding Penis Pain and Pleasure 

If you have never heard of a CBT kink, don’t be surprised: this kinky practice is not super common. Whether you have stumbled across the article by chance or are researching CBT kinks, you may be wondering, ‘What is a CBT kink’? 

A CBT kink, otherwise known as cock and ball torture, is a type of pain activity. It consists of applying pain to the penis and testicles to receive pleasure. 

These kinks fall under the BDSM umbrella. People who enjoy masochism often enjoy this kink. Moreover, this kink is a great way to humiliate someone who’s into that. 

The dominant partner may also enjoy how domineering it feels to inflict pain on the submissive. 

The idea behind this kink is to completely give up control. Allowing another person to apply pain to your genitals is submissive.

How To Introduce Pain to the Bedroom

If we’ve piqued your interest, you may wonder how to implement this kink into the bedroom. Well, let’s get right into it. 

Cucumber Whip

Common Forms of Sexual Torture

These options may be a good place to start before moving on to the more ‘extreme’ options. 

  • Stamping/ Trampling: Does the idea of someone stamping or trampling on your genitals turn you on? 

If so, you are in the majority of people with a CBT kink who favor this type of cock and ball torture.

This type of CBT torture consists of the dominant partner using their feet or shoes to apply pressure to the genitals. The pressure is up to both parties; everyone enjoys different pain levels.

  • Bondage: A slightly milder form of cock and ball torture. Bondage also falls under the BDSM umbrella. This is a milder kink and a great one to explore if you are just starting! 

You can try out cock bondage and ball bondage using bondage tools. For many people, bondage can result in intense orgasms.

More Intense Forms of Sexual Torture

More pain means more pleasure. 

Here are some more extreme ways to practice the CBT kink.

  • Ball stretching: You can explore ball stretching by using a specific sex toy. This toy lengthens the scrotum and creates a pulling sensation. 

The weight on the scrotum can prevent them from scrunching during the climax. Doing this can make an orgasm longer and more intense for the wearer.

You can find ball stretchers in leather or steel rings. 

Fun fact: you can also use ball stretchers to help balls hang lower. If you use them consistently, they can make the balls hang low permanently.

  • Penis Harness: A penis harness is a type of penis torture device. Most people use a penis harness as a form of intense BDSM. 

It encompasses the penis and balls and functions similarly to cock rings.

Standard penis harnesses include the Gates of Hell device. This device is a chastity device that contains multiple cock rings. 

Other devices, like Kali’s Teeth, have spikes inside a metal bracket that can inflict pain if you get an erection. 

  • Ball Crusher: A self-explanatory tool – you can use ball crushers to crush the scrotum sack. Place your testicles into the metal or plastic device, so your partner can tighten it with screws.

  • Humbler: The humbler is a specific CBT device. It is a type of restraint commonly used on a submissive during BDSM. The idea behind this device is that you cannot move. 

Any movement will cause pain in the testicles and penis.

You clamp the device around the base of the scrotum. You can place the bar around the back of your legs, just underneath the butt. 

Any pulling or movement will cause the cuff to tighten around the balls and cause pain. 

handcuffed woman

Why Does Cock and Ball Torture Turn People On?

A CBT kink is an acquired taste – like many sexual pain activities. If CBT sounds appealing to you or way off your sexual interests, you might be wondering why this kink gets someone going. 

Having this kink means handing over total control. It is a very submissive role and allows you to let go, which can be a relief. 

Having a respectful and open-minded dominant is vital to enjoying CBT. 

Many people who enjoy CBT kinks start in similar BDSM roles. The person receiving CBT typically enjoys pain, humiliation, and submission. The person inflicting the pain may enjoy dominance and sadism.

Everyone can enjoy CBT kinks! Woman to man, man to man; CBT kinks only require one person to have a penis. 

Exploring a CBT Kink With Your Sexual Partner

If this article excites you, it may be time to indulge. 

If you don’t have a partner, CBT can be enjoyed entirely independently with the right tools!

Discovering your limits, likes, and interests in a safe space can be incredibly satisfying.

However, if you are in a sexual relationship or are looking to play with a partner, bringing up CBT kinks can feel a little awkward. 

Depending on your comfort and spice level, this may be no surprise to your partner. 

  • Choose your partner wisely: CBT kinks work by dominance and submission. If both parties are submissive, providing pain to you may not be arousing for your partner.

    Choosing a dominant partner would be best if you want to receive CBT. Similarly, if you are interested in giving CBT, finding a submissive partner is ideal. 

  • Communication: Like all kinky activities, communication is vital. Consent is the sexiest thing you can bring to the bedroom. Ensure you have an open, honest conversation with your partner about what spice is about to go down.

    Likewise, discussing what kind of CBT kink you are into can be helpful. Discovering what turns you on and what is a big no-no ensures a pleasurable experience for everyone! 

  • Research time: When we think of sex, research is not usually something we would associate with. However, in the world of kink, research is often critical. Deciding on different types of CBT kink is one aspect of research.

    Tools and toys are often used during CBT too. Save yourself the frustration (and dollars) of purchasing ineffective toys by doing adequate research beforehand. Research is also a great way to involve your partner and foster communication! 

Top Tips When Practicing CBT Kink

Here at DoubleList, we want everyone to explore their kinky side! If you want to introduce CBT kinks to your sex life, here are some of our top tips for indulging in this kink.

  • Slow and steady: We have all heard the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Well, in the kink world, this is especially true. 

Before jumping into the deep end of any kink, take it slow and steady.

If this is a new kink for you or your partner, allow time and practice for everyone to get comfortable. 

Your partner may feel nervous about inflicting pain on you, and you may be worried about receiving pain. Taking it slow and steady is an excellent way to build up to both of your limits.

  • Be cautious: As sexy and fun as CBT kinks are, it is best to be careful. If you are ill-experienced in giving CBT, researching beforehand is helpful.

    Most CBT kink methods are perfectly safe when down correctly. However, it is essential to know that some ways can suffocate the penis or damage the testicles if not done correctly. If you are ever unsure, stop and research first! 

  • Safe words: If you have engaged in kinky activities or BDSM before, you have probably encountered safe words. 

Safe words are words or phrases you can use during sex if things get too intense. You need a clear and fast way to stop what’s happening. 

Using a safe word instead of ‘stop’ is a great way to enjoy CBT. Safe words are preferred as your partner instantly realizes you have hit a hard limit. 

Sex needs to be enjoyable for everyone involved- safe words are a way for you to feel safer and more comfortable. 

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