Best Affair Apps: The Ultimate Guide To Discreet Encounters

Sometimes, our partners just don’t do it for us anymore. When we feel dissatisfied in our relationships, it’s normal to seek more. There are some situations where leaving your partner isn’t an option. If that’s the case, an affair might be on the horizon. People cheat for all kinds of reasons, and some apps help … Read more

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Best Tinder Bios for Girls: Swipe Right Material

When you first create your Tinder profile, the emphasis is always on the photos you choose. This is only natural; it’s a very photo-orientated app! But are you finding yourself drawing a blank as you stare at your bio? Sometimes, the words just don’t come to you! Whether you’re new to the app or looking … Read more

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Older Women Seeking Younger Men: Age Is Just a Number

Are the men in your age bracket just not making the cut? Let’s face it: we women don’t need to settle for men who feel way too old for us. The best option? Finding a younger man! If you’re a mature woman and you want to enjoy the company of a young stud, we get … Read more

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Hinge vs Bumble: Find Your Perfect Match

Have you recently had your heart broken? Or are you sick of spending your weekends alone and date-less? You might feel like exploring the world of online dating and putting yourself out there that way instead. As you switch on your phone or click to search on a desktop, you’re likely filled with that dreaded … Read more

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1-Night Stand Dating Sites: Fast Track to a Flirty Fling

You sit and stare at the clock on your office wall. Five minutes to five on a Friday evening. Your plans? Getting takeout and watching a movie, most likely. The Friday feeling is nowhere to be seen. As you gaze in a trance of boredom at the ticking clock, you imagine yourself making out with … Read more

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Best Tinder Bios for Guys: Level Up Your Tinder Game

Have you recently signed up for Tinder? If so, we totally know why you’re here—the dreaded bio. When you’re trying to attract potential partners, giving off a great first impression is vital. But we know just how hard it is to actually craft a bio that’ll get you the attention you deserve.  The best Tinder … Read more

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Dating After Divorce: Re-Enter the Dating Scene

“Do I even know how to ask someone on a date?” “Do I miss my ex too much to sit here on this date?” Dating again after a divorce is hard; we get it! These are all questions you might have if you’re getting back into dating. Divorcing someone you once loved is never easy. … Read more

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Dating Anxiety: Managing Worries for Stress-Free Connections

Is anxiety part of your daily routine? Anxiety is, unfortunately, a very common experience for lots of people. Plus, it can impact so many parts of life! One aspect of life that it can negatively affect is dating. Of course, going on first dates is always nerve-racking. But at what point is it dating anxiety?  … Read more

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Dating Apps for Gamers: Find Your Player 2

When you picture your first date with someone, does a sophisticated dinner and drinks set-up spring to mind? Or, would you rather get competitive with a computer or video game? If you’re a passionate gamer, a gaming-themed date will probably appeal to you more. Whatever kind of gaming you’re into, there’ll be someone who’s into … Read more

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